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9 Signs That Your Florida House Need A Re-Roof

Kenneth Wilson

I have a very strong warning for you! When you buy your new home, check the roof.  And even when the roof looks fantastic and strong and sturdy, check it again.  Because Florida roofs are subject to a whole lot of hectic weather and that weather is causing damage.

When I bought my house the one thing I was delighted with was the roof.  It looked good and it felt good and there were no leaks. I was assured that it was super sturdy.  But after the first hurricane, I developed two leaks.  And while it was a hurricane and leaks are to be expected (well not really), my insurance did not pay out!  My roof was over twenty years old.  I was told my Florida house needs a re-reroof.  It most certainly did.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money on re-roofing and so I am completely vociferous about this topic.  Check your roof.  Maintain your roof.  Get a roofing professional to check your home on an annual basis. And if you need to replace your roof, do not delay!


Here are 9 signs that your Florida house needs a re-roof.  I wish someone had told me about them, a few years ago.

    1. The Shingles on your roof are curling.

      If your roof is old and the shingles appear to be uneven, then they are uneven.  End of story.  It’s not about the ‘quaint’ way they look.  Your roof is exposed to bad weather elements and is going to give way.  Check it out.  Have it fixed or replaced.  And if your roof is new and has curling shingles, then they've been put in badly.  Get them fixed too.

    2. Your roof has a few missing Shingles

      Florida can have some hectic storms.  If shingles get blown off your roof during one of them, you need to get them replaced straight away.  Don’t mess around, even if you don’t have the budget.  For a start, your insurance should pay and if they don’t (20-year-old roof, maybe), then fight it.  Either way, don’t wait for a few more to blow off so you can do it all at the same time.  Fix, replace and if necessary, re-roof.

    3. Your Shingles look a bit sick, i.e they have blisters.

      A blistering shingle is easy to recognize – it looks like it has blisters.  Blisters come from excessive sun damage, excessive moisture or a build-up of gas.  Shingles are pretty hardy and are designed to last a long time, but as mentioned, Florida weather can be extreme.  If you see these blisters start to form, take action.  If you don’t, the blisters get bigger, the damage gets bigger, you will have leaks and floods and damage that may or may not be covered.  Plus, why do you want the hassle?  Take action.  Fix.  Re-roof.

    4. Your roof is going bald

      Baldness and blisters, it sounds just like a person.  If your roof is ‘disappearing’ or ‘thinning’ it is not necessarily because a shingle or two has been blown off in a storm.  It could be excessive wear and tear and age.  Roof shingles get worn down over time and can literally disappear.  Take your roof seriously, honestly, I regret that I did not take mine seriously!  If you have a bald spot, deal with it.  Call a roofing professional, immediately.

    5. Your shingles are rotting, as you look at them

      This can happen from water, water, water.  It’s also why roofs in Florida don’t last as long as we expect them to, like a lifetime.  We have a ton of rain here, and sometimes we have excessive rain.  The rain, together with the humidity, can cause a type of fungus.  Your shingles are rotting, even on the sunny days.  Get them replaced and re-reroof, it’s not worth playing around.


    6. Roof Valleys are pretty to look at, aren't they?

      Nope, they are not.  A roof valley is when two slopes on your roof meet but if any of your shingles are missing, your valley will not do what it is supposed to do, i.e., drain the water.  Water will collect, your roof will rot, your roof will leak, you will open your wallet, you will be unhappy.  Never mind you will get wet!

    7. Bits of shingles in your gutter.

      Okay, panic, your shingles are crumbling!  They’re being worn down and you want to take action!  It sounds like your Florida house needs a re-roof.

    8. Pinholes of light coming through your roof ceiling

      You may find these rays of light totally charming, and they really are.  Until you realize what they are.  They signify holes or gaps in your roof and those holes are not going away unless you intervene.  And as they get bigger, you won’t just have light coming through your roof, you’ll have water too.  And damage.  And a whole lot of heartache.  And high bills. Fix your holes!

    9. Your roof is metal and it is rusting

      Once again, take action.  A rusting roof only means one thing.  Too much water, too much exposure to the elements and something is not right.  Don’t wait until you have leaks and an entire disaster.  Re-roof.  Or partially re-roof.

      So yes, I replaced my roof.  Yes, I was one of those home buyers who had to re-roof totally.  I don’t mind anymore as my roof and whole house looks fantastic, but – it did cost me a lot of money.  I am now pretty vigilant.  I can’t do anything about the weather but I make sure my gutters are always clean, I make sure that there are no piles of leaves on the roof and  I trim all overhanging tree branches.  I do not want any more issues.

I now feel a little like a re-roofing expert.  Ask me any questions, I genuinely love the subject!

Kenneth Wilson
November 10, 2017

Kenneth Wilson

Retired contractor. Currently residing in Southwest Florida. Now in semi-retirement, I write and manage this blog focused on helping home owners make savvy decisions when it comes to finding contractors and getting their projects done. I also operate remodeling design service for homeowners.

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