Roofers In Philadelphia: 6 Lessons Learned From The Best & Worst Reviews

Kenneth Wilson

There seems to be a goldmine of lessons learned from roofing projects in Philadelphia in the past few years. So, we've rounded up the best and worst reviews so you can leverage our expert advice as you choose a roofing company for your PA home roofing project.

The Good

If you're looking for reliable roofing companies for your next project, here are some 5-star reviews from happy customers who shared their experiences online.

Natural Slate Roofing Installation By EarthRise Roofing Company

There seem to be multiple satisfied customers who had their roofing project done by EarthRise Roofing and Siding Company. They loved shingle roof installation at a fair price, professional and expert knowledge, and excellent customer service. If you're looking to make the most bang out for your buck– this roofing company never disappoints. In one project, workers efficiently removed two layers of the old roofing material before installing a brand new, high-quality natural slate roof. The result had very high-quality installation work, and the workers even did a remarkable job cleaning up.

Lesson Learned: The best roofing installation projects see everything from start to finish, from removing the old roof to cleaning up the site afterward.

Natural Slate Roof Repair by Mosy Exterior, Inc.

This roof repair project involved loose and missing shingles, a vent pipe with a leaky seal, and water damage that destroyed the home's interior (plaster walls, ceiling, and wallpaper). The team at Mosy Exterior managed to complete the job in one day, with the place left sparkling clean afterward. Even during the winter months, the work proved to be excellent. There were no more leaks, the plaster is completely dry, and it was a great job well done overall.

Lesson Learned: Don't get excited about the roofing project results. Give it time and let your new roof go through a fair amount of wear and tear to discover if your roofers indeed did a remarkable job.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair by Domus Construction, Inc.

Even with a two-week layover from the contract signing to the actual installation, Domus Construction didn't fail to answer all concerns on several occasions.

The client stood out because the roofing crew arrived on time to get the job done– something he hadn't seen before in the industry. They also finished the roof repair project in a timely fashion, even when there were some unforeseen repairs needed after removing the old roofing material.

The cherry on top was that the crew cleaned up every scrap and fallen debris. Since the property had several fruit trees around– they were cautious not to damage them. The homeowner is happy with how the roof repair project turned out. They can sleep at night with the peace of mind that their roof is back in excellent condition, and they do not have anything to worry about!

Lesson Learned: Time is of the essence. Even with unforeseen repairs, the best roofing crew will manage to pull through and get the job done in a short amount of time.

The Worst

On the other side of the coin, many frustrated homeowners are warning other people about their poor roofing project experience. It would be best to do your homework diligently when dealing with the roofing companies listed below.

Roof Repair Nightmare by All Seasons Roofing

A frustrated PA homeowner called the crew from All Seasons Roofing a "bunch of con men." None of the workers know what they are doing– though they initially claimed to have roofing experts in their team. The work was haphazardly done and lacked impressive results for the amount of money paid. They didn't get an itemized breakdown of the cost for transparency.

Lesson Learned: Ask for a proper breakdown before signing any contract. Doing so will keep you informed about where your money goes and avoid the pitfall of overpaying for a roofing service.

Even with plenty of bad reviews online, a PA-based homeowner decided to give this company a chance. After all, they might have learned from their previous dissatisfied clients. But it turns out it was far from what he had hoped. The leading cause of their dissatisfaction was poor customer service (which should be the bare minimum if you're in the home service industry).

When the crew assessed the home's situation, they promised to start the repair the next day. Three days after that, they didn't hear back from the company. No updates whatsoever. Total radio silence. Even when they left several messages and voicemails– nothing, it's always frustrating to be ghosted, even when it's from a roofing company. The horrible customer experience only left the client agitated.

Lesson Learned: Be mindful of the bad reviews you read online. Frustrated homeowners went out of their way to warn other people of their bad experiences– and in most cases, you might want to heed the call.

Poor Roof Repair by Respectable Roofing LLC

This roofing repair project by Respectable Roofing came with a warranty… But when a homeowner discovered a leak on the porch roof and reported it back, the company went on to say it wasn't covered. During the initial roof assessment, the homeowner pointed out a leak on the porch roof, which the crew promised to fix. But it turns out– they didn't. The homeowner was told that the warranty does not cover the damage. They've been entirely unresponsive, too.

Lesson Learned: Don't hesitate to ask about what the warranty covers and get the specifics in writing. We know it's tempting to sign a contract that offers warranty coverage– but it's better that you know what is included in the warranty and what's not.

Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Before you hire roofers for your project, here are some expert-backed considerations to keep in mind. Remember, a roofing project is a significant investment. You will want to choose the right company to get the job done right!

  • Years in the business ─ One way to avoid wasting your time and money with unreliable contractors is to choose a company with long years of experience and a solid reputation in the industry. Aside from online reviews, ask for word-of-mouth recommendations from your loved ones and neighbors.
  • Proper licensing and insurance ─ A roofing project can be a dangerous, risky undertaking. We do not recommend homeowners attempt DIY approaches to save money. You will need to have the right tools and safety equipment to ensure a successful result. And expertise is always needed. You can count on trustworthy roofing contractors who can show the required permits and licenses.
  • Ask what happens if you’re unsatisfied with the result ─ Even if you plan your roofing project down to the minute details, there's always the likelihood of potential issues. So in the event, you're unsatisfied with the result of the project– ask how the company will handle it. This will give you peace of mind in case something unexpected happens.
  • Look at their previous work ─ For most service-oriented businesses, reputation is everything. People who have experienced a company's services in the past can provide unbiased, third-party reviews on the internet. 81% of the consumers claim that they do their research online before buying something. It pays to do your homework before you spend money.
  • Get financing agreements in writing ─ Every detail of your roofing installation should be thoroughly documented, but you should pay special attention to the financing arrangements. A reputable roofing company will assign a trained representative to guide you through the contract and answer any payment-related concerns you may have. There should be no parts of the agreement that are unclear or unexplained.
  • Ask about unplanned repairs ─ Unfortunately, unforeseen repairs and emergencies are more often the rules than the exception for home improvement projects. Roofs can function the same way. In some instances, decks are rotten or have moisture damage. If the crew detects water damage, it must be repaired before further moisture enters the property. Ask about how your roofing contractor manages unexpected repairs. Even if you're surprised, you'll know what to expect this way.
Kenneth Wilson
May 31, 2022
Reviews, Roofing

Kenneth Wilson

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