What Are The Advantages Of Getting Custom-Made Replacement Windows?

Kenneth Wilson

What Are The Advantages Of Getting Custom-Made Replacement Windows?

For window replacement projects, the first decision that we often need to make when choosing the type of window is whether to go for pre-made windows from a hardware store or get custom ones from a manufacturer. 

Whether you’ve seen my post about the different types of replacement windows and the cost of each one or not, you probably know or can guess that custom-made windows are more expensive than pre-made ones.

While pre-made windows are more affordable and readily available, custom-made ones are built to suit your home’s needs. There are other advantages to it, so if you’re wondering if custom-made windows are worth the price, here are the benefits of getting one. Find out if this type of window is the best fit for your home so that you can get your money’s worth on your new windows.

Customizable And More Design Options

When you look for pre-made windows, you’ll probably notice that there are limited designs and color options when you check the hardware and online store or lumber yard. Chances are, you weren’t able to find the right style for your home. 

Why search for more designs and color options for pre-made windows, when your choices for the style of a custom-made window are limitless? And this is without having to look around. It’s not only more flexible with the shape, size, pattern, color, material, and hardware, but you can also make endless combinations to find the perfect design for your home. Unlike with pre-made windows, where what you see is what you get. 

Custom-made windows also have different add-ons such as locking mechanisms, screen type, glass style, and other functional features. Basically, all the details of your window can be customized. From decorative and divided lite patterns to additional grids, your window will be unique to your home. 

Can Match Existing Windows

One of the reasons homeowners prefer custom-made windows is to match their existing windows - whether they plan to replace all of them or just a few. For old homes, the vintage design of their windows is part of its charm and value, when maintained properly. Unfortunately, windows have a lifespan. Wooden windows, for one, have a shorter lifespan compared to vinyl or aluminum windows. 

Sometimes, the original windows are beyond repair and need to be replaced. If you want to maintain the style of your existing units, then you can only achieve it with custom-made windows.

If you don’t mind having mix and match windows, a custom-window can be built to complement the new decoration and theme of your home’s exterior. It is often difficult to find a replacement window that will match both the exterior and interior of a home. With custom-made windows, you can easily create unique designs for different areas of your home which will still go well together.

Measured To Fit The Opening

Some homeowners think that most have standard-sized windows. However, the sizes usually vary, depending on the manufacturer and demand from architects and builders. While pre-made windows come in all shapes and sizes, it can still be difficult to find the right size for your window opening.

Even if you did find one that you could fit your window opening, usually, it won’t fit it perfectly, unless you alter the structure. You could also use moulding or drywall mud to fill the gap, but you will need to cover it with a patch or paint, which can look unsightly. If you leave it as is, then it could become an issue in the long-run. Most likely, the window will not be sealed properly and will provide poor insulation, causing air leaks and your indoor temperature to fluctuate.

If you want to create an airtight seal, custom-made windows are made to fit each opening. Basically, you can get the exact size you need. This way, you won’t have to retrofit or alter your window opening for the replacement windows - not needing to compromise the aesthetic of your home.

You also won’t have to deal with getting the wrong standard-sized window. Not only is it costly and time-consuming to find the right size for your window opening, but you will also have to spend more on the prep work and the post-installation needs to make the pre-made window more airtight. Eliminate the need to remedy drafts and gaps by getting a custom-made window.

Suited For Your Climate

Some windows are not built for cold or warm climates. If you live in an area that gets really hot during the summer or cold during the winter, you can get a custom-made window with triple panes for better insulation. 

So no matter what type of climate you live in, custom-made windows can help make your home more comfortable. If installed all over your home help regulate the temperature across the rooms in your home.

Easier To Install

Not only is it more energy-efficient, but custom-made windows are also easier to install. Since these made-to-order windows are measured down to the millimeter and built based on your window opening, it will fit perfectly. The crew won’t have to struggle to install your new windows, making the process faster and more efficient.

Even if you will spend more on the window unit, you will at least save on labor hours and prep work. Because they are made to fit the opening, there will also be no need to alter the structure, retrofit, or fill in gaps. Overall, this will make the process more efficient, better yet, allow the project to run more smoothly and quickly.

Can Be More Energy Efficient

Unlike pre-made windows, which may still have gaps between the unit and opening, custom-made windows are made to fit the opening perfectly. Since it provides an airtight seal and better insulation, this makes it more energy-efficient - no matter the climate or season.

It’s beneficial both in the short-term and long-term. When windows are replaced, it often causes a change in the indoor temperature due to the hot or cool air from outside getting in. Not only will it make the home feel uncomfortable, but it will place a heavy burden on the cooling and heating systems. 

Because custom-made windows are easier to install, the process will be much quicker, which will lessen the time that the HVAC system needs to run the double to regulate the sudden change in temperature.

With the ability to customize almost everything with your new windows, you can also make tweaks to improve its energy efficiency. The windows can be customized to have more airspace between the panes for better insulation or be filled with insulation gas such as krypton, argon, or a mixture of these two gases.

Don’t forget to check with your local municipality if you can get rebates or a discount on property taxes or personal income taxes for using energy-efficient windows. This way, even if you spend more upfront, you get a little back, well that, and from your energy savings.

High Quality and Durable

Because custom-windows are made-to-order, homeowners get them as soon as they are manufactured. This means that they receive the replacement window when it is new, unlike with pre-made windows, which often have been made months prior. Unlike with pre-made ones, you won’t know if the window you are checking out from the hardware store has been stored for months at the back or in the warehouse.

Custom-windows are often more durable as well because the manufacturer has more control over the quality. They would be more strict with the inspection and most likely to notice any imperfection. With pre-made windows, these are usually mass-produced and not as thoroughly inspected. 

Mass production will also not ensure the quality of each window. It is probably going to vary per unit. They can also get easily damaged when transported from the factory to the warehouse to the store. 

Not only do custom-made windows last longer, but it usually comes with better manufacturer warranties. You should also keep in mind if you are planning to get a less expensive standard-sized triple-pane window with gas fill instead of the same type of a custom-made one. The effectiveness of the insulating gas has probably decreased from the time it was built and stored, especially if it gets a small crack or bent. You might be spending less, but the lifespan is shorter and the overall efficiency has been compromised.

Boost Your Home’s Value and Increase Its Curb Appeal

When designed properly, these new windows can help boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. Most often, homes with well-designed custom windows have a higher value. This is because pre-made windows are often more unsightly with the alterations and don’t have the same look and quality as custom-made ones. As mentioned before, they are mass-produced and are usually not given the same level of inspection and care.

On the other hand, custom-made windows are carefully inspected by the manufacturer and the design is often well-thought-out by the homeowner. Not to mention how perfectly it would fit, especially when installed by a professional.

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Kenneth Wilson
January 19, 2021
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