We Break It Down: The Best Replacement Windows On The Market

Kenneth Wilson

There could be a multitude of reasons why you've decided to replace the windows in your home. However, one thing is for sure - finding the best replacement windows is not a straightforward task. You've probably asked yourself, 'what are the best replacement windows?'. We've been through the market, and we've discovered the best replacement windows to secure your home for a generation to come.

How do you Know when you Need Replacement Windows?

If you're on this page, you are likely considering getting your windows replaced. Some may be on the cusp of whether it's necessary to purchase and install replacement windows when your current ones are generally functional.

If your answer is yes to any of the below, replacement windows are worth the investment:

  • Are your windows damaged?
  • Do you find your windows tricky to operate?
  • Is the energy efficiency in your home low?
  • Do you feel the aesthetics of your windows are an outdated style?
  • Are you hearing a lot of noise trickle in your home from the outside?

It may be time to look for replacement windows.

What Makes the Best Replacement Windows?

If you've begun your search for replacement windows for your home, you'll already understand that there are near endless possibilities. The number of choices can be overwhelming, especially with all the unique and extraordinary features windows have in the present day. So, how do you know a brand of replacement window offers some of the best selections?

There are numerous aspects to consider in your search for the best replacement windows. Mainly what will bring the most comfort, protection and are the most visually pleasing to your family home? Some of the factors behind the best replacement window vendors are seen below:

  • The quality of the available materials
  • The range of different materials for the windows
  • The energy efficiency of the replacement windows
  • The various window styles available
  • The affordability of the replacement window range
  • The company's reputation
  • The post-sale services such as upgrades, warranties, and installation

We know there could be more significant qualities over others in your search for the best replacement window. That's why we've defined the best replacement window brands in 2021 and the product that may tickle your fancy.

7 of the Best Replacement Windows in 2021

Has the time finally come to get some replacement windows for your family home? Knowing where to start in finding the best replacement windows can be a challenge. (Related: 13 Types of Windows And How Much They Cost) However, we've compiled a list to lay the groundwork in finding the perfect replacement window. All listed below feature the best brands of replacement windows and a breakdown of what product line is best addresses a need in the collection.

1. Andersen Windows

Andersen windows are universally acclaimed as the best replacement window manufacturer. Their long-standing of over 120 years in building windows ensure quality materials and several available variations for your home. The most enticing aspects of Andersen replacement windows are they are affordable and come with a customer-dedicated warranty. Homeowners can find a spectrum of different framing materials, including aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. Not to mention there are plenty of options for energy efficiency.

Top of the Line - 400 Series

Anyone purchasing Andersen replacement windows know they are getting the top of the range. However, the creme de la creme of the brand comes in the 400 series. The perfect pairing of performance and style resonates through every product in this range. Homeowners will find quality vinyl and wood materials with a broad range of color and glass options available. Every window style you could want for your home is available - including casement, awning, double-hung, sliding, picture, bays, and bows. Luxury beats within every fiber of the 400 series and preferred replacement windows if you really want to make an impact on your home.

2. Pella Windows

Pella is another brand revered as one of the top builders of home windows. While they are more expensive than their counterparts, the quality and craftsmanship make them well worth the price. Pella windows have garnered a reputation as some of the most visually beautiful windows of the bunch. But they are just as durable, functional, and customizable, with lines coming in aluminum, wood, argon-filled, and low-E. Pella is the best replacement window if you are looking for broad choice and quality.

Best for Energy Efficiency - Pella Impervia

Pella's Impervia series was designed with a strong replacement window in mind. The core feature of this durable product is energy efficiency. Five layers of fiberglass material offer resistance to both ends of the adverse weather spectrum - extreme cold and heat. There are multiple styles available but only a few options for finish. Homeowners looking for more comfort in their home against weather anomalies would definitely prefer Impervia as replacement windows for their home.

3. Milgard Windows

If you're on a tighter budget, Milgard is an excellent option for a replacement window. The range features 4-tiers that differ in price and quality, spanning from budget-friendly to the more luxurious selection. You'll find the frames are thinner than some of its competitors, but all are built to withstand adverse weather conditions. Materials present in Midgard windows include vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum, offering a few various types like horizontal sliders and single and double-hung.

Best Bang for Buck - V250 Style Line Series

Milgard offers a whole host of replacement windows that range from the top-end down to very affordable price points. The brand is known for giving the best bang for your back, and nothing represents that better than the V250 Style Line Series. The windows use the same formula as the other vinyl windows in the brand - but include a thinner frame than the higher-tier series. There are fewer options to choose from in color and style. However, if you want the Milgard quality at fantastic prices, you won't get better than this range.

4. Simonton Windows

Simonton Windows only offer vinyl and wood replacement windows, but that shouldn't deter customers given the outstanding quality behind them. The incorporated glass in each window is treated to filter UV and infrared light, minimizing harmful and damaging rays from entering your home. They also help regulate the temperature of your room, controlling unwanted heat. If you're specifically looking for vinyl windows, Simonton will be your best choice.

Best for Money - Impressions 9800 Series

The overall prices of Simonton are generally fair, but what you receive for your money in the Impressions 9800 Series makes them one of the best replacement windows in the brand. The thermal performance makes the line one of the most energy-efficient windows while being elegantly designed to suit any family home. Let's not forget the plethora of styling options available and the lifetime-limited warranty on the products. It's quite the power-packed replacement windows for your money.

5. Preservation Windows

Should you be looking for better functionality in your replacement windows, there are none easier to operate than Preservation windows. The prices can vary and are typically higher than your average replacement window. However, the block balance features and beautiful design may justify that price. These replacement windows meet industry expectations valiantly. They've passed tests for air filtration, structural loads, and water resistance.

Best for Functionality - Preservation Vinyl Casement Windows

Not only are the Preservation Vinyl Casement windows stunningly beautiful. Their beveled exterior master frame and premium extruded vinyl - but it's also arguably the most straightforward window you could ever operate. Do you find yourself frequently opening and closing your windows? The stainless steel multiple-point locking and hardware seamlessly facilitate that task. The locking mechanism is easy-to-use, single-lever, and foldable so that it doesn't hinder the window's extraordinary beauty.

6. Thompson Creek Windows

For more than 40-years, Thompson Creek has proved that its offerings are ideal replacement windows. They meet the trifecta of being affordable, high quality, and low maintenance. These windows don't narrow down on the aesthetics and functionality either, looking great on your home and helping keep your energy bills down. Thompson Creeks get so many five-star reviews given its philosophy of cutting out the middleman. They can help find the best replacement windows for your home and complete the job by installing them.

Best for the Warranty - Thompson Creek Double Hung Windows

While the general warranty for Thompson Creek products is excellent, we've selected their best seller as one of the best replacement windows. The Double Hung window has been popular for homeowners during the brand's 40-year existence, given the quality materials, energy efficiency, and timeless aesthetics. Though these are fantastic features, the real winner is the 50-year warranty behind the product. It gives customers relief that their Double Hung windows will be taken care of for years to come.

7. Jeld-Wen Windows

Jeld-Wen doesn't have the most critical acclaim - but it's their global perspective that makes their offerings some of the best replacement windows. They manufacture windows worldwide using their vast resources, contributing to their knowledge about different home types and styles. Undoubtedly, you will find the precise window you need for your house. Jeld-Wen has one of the most extensive replacement window range available and should be perused if you can't seem to find a style that you like from the others.

Best for Variation - Premium Vinyl V-4500 Series

The most positive features of Jeld-Wen windows are highlighted in the Premium Vinyl V-4500 Series. It's popular with builders and homeowners alike, given the levels of variation available, making them easy to look great on any home. The series features single-hung, double-hung, sliding, casement, awning, bay, and bow styles. Not forgetting the customizable elements where customers can tinker with colors, glass packages, grilles, and hardware to their liking. Overall, The V-4500 offers homeowners the opportunity to get a replacement window style perfectly tailored to their home.


As a homeowner, you always want to make your property as secure, comfortable, and practical as possible for the future. We believe these 7 brands and corresponding lines serve as the best replacement windows on the market, ensuring that your family home will be textbook representations of these values. Ultimately, they are definitely worth the investment - so browse these companies to find the perfect replacement windows for you.

Kenneth Wilson
November 8, 2021
Window Replacement

Kenneth Wilson

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