Reliabilt Windows: Product Line Overview & Review

Kenneth Wilson

When considering renovations for their homes, one of the first things people look into is changing their windows. This can be a cost-effective choice that has several benefits for your house. New windows can improve the appearance of the interior and the exterior of your home, improving its value from a visual standpoint.

Installing new windows can also stop drafts, improve noise levels, and help with temperature regulation throughout the year.

When deciding for your home, cost is often a factor. Which is why many of us look to get as much value as we can for as little as possible. This has led to consumers considering Reliabilt windows.

They claim to be quality replacement windows at a budget price. Are they excellent value for money? Or simply too good to be true? We’ll explore this and more in this article.

What are Reliabilt Windows?

Reliabilt windows are range of replacement windows manufactured by the U.S based company Atrium Windows. This brand of replacement windows is sold exclusively at Lowes and are considered a budget friendly option.

There are a few numbered variants available, with some aluminium options on offer. The majority of the product line is made from Vinyl. Vinyl has come into favor recently due to its low cost and insulation benefits.

Current Product Line Best Sellers

As we’ve mentioned, there are quite a few products in the Reliabilt line. The most popular of which are:

3201 Series

The 3201 is the base model of the Reliabilt range. They come in a variety of sizes, and are double pane, double hung replacement windows. They are made of vinyl, and are available in the following colors: Almond and White. As these are the baseline model, they are the most budget friendly option.

3301 Series

A level up from the previous 3201 model. The 3301 is also a double hung vinyl replacement window that features a more stylish design than its little brother. The frame is beveled, and it features slope spill. It is available in Almond and White. These are the midrange model and will cost you more than the 3201 variations.

3500 Series

This is at the higher end of the Reliabilt range. They feature a DP35 rating and come with a lifetime warranty on all it’s parts. This model contains alumium in the sash and is available in the following colors: Bronze, White, and Almond. The 3500 models are a less budget conscious option.

3900 Series

The 3900 model is another model at the higher end of the Reliabilt range. These are a double pane model, available in triple pane too, with a DPS60 rating. They also come with a lifetime warranty. The 3900 variants are available in a number of colors and have a price tag to reflect their quality.

Reliabilt Replacement Window Customer Reviews

Given the sheer number of variations in the Reliabilt built line, it can be hard to get a consistent view of their quality. They are a popular product and there a number of reviews online.

So how do customers feel about the Reliabuilt range?

The overall feedback is very mixed. Many customers are happy with the value of the products in the Reliabilt line. This is indeed, one of the major selling points. You can purchase some Reliabilt models for as little as $50. So, for those looking to make some changes in their home one a budget, Reliabilt presents a great solution.

Another benefit, especially when shopping from the mid to high range end of the Reliabilt line, is the lifetime warranty. This gives you the peace of mind should you have any issues with your replacement windows in future.

The general sentiment in customer reviews of the Reliabilt range is that you get what you pay for. Take this review website for example, majority of the reviews are 3 stars or less. On other review websites, many customers are sharing similar experiences. They are happy with the initial price, but disappointed with the longevity and quality of the product.

Individual reviews on the Lowes website of the various models paint a more flattering picture, but the response is still uneven.

Should You Buy Reliabuilt Replacement Windows? 

As with most decisions in your home, budget is a major factor. Whilst the initial price point of the Reliabilt range is very attractive, it’s worth taking a minute to consider what you’re getting for your money. The higher end models, such as the 3500 and the 3900 series have received better reviews, which is no surprise given their superior materials and construction. This does of course come with a higher price tag, but this may save you money and hassle later down the line.

Our advice is to do your research on other products within your price range to determine whether a Reliabilt model is the best choice for you.

Kenneth Wilson
November 10, 2021
Reviews, Window Replacement

Kenneth Wilson

Retired contractor. Currently residing in Southwest Florida. Now in semi-retirement, I write and manage this blog focused on helping home owners make savvy decisions when it comes to finding contractors and getting their projects done. I also operate remodeling design service for homeowners.

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  • Stay away from Lowes. They do not have the ability to deliver or follow through on window purchases. My windows don’t open. They are poorly constructed and misrepresented. Lowes has passed the responsibility from department to department while taking money upfront. The product is inferior but the service is nonexistent.

    • Did Lowes do the install and estimate? It is important to point out that Lowes offers many types of windows from the cheapest available, to the very high end. Possibly you chose inferior product.

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