Sunroom Decor Ideas: Best Designs for a Bright, Relaxing Space

Kenneth Wilson

You can create your slice of paradise in your home's sunroom! While many commonly overlook this space, you can convert it into any room you want and need. That said, the design ideas are endless. You are free to go wild with your creativity, from traditional, bright color palettes to darker, moody hues!

If you're looking to build the sunroom of your dreams, we've rounded up some of the best inspo you can use as a reference.

25 Sunroom Decor Ideas

Here we go....

1. Floral Sunroom

(Source: David A. Land)

In this Wisconsin farmhouse, the sunroom is made cozier with the addition of colorful throw pillows. All the chairs are also dressed up, even the mini rocker. The fundamental appeal of this sunroom is the handcrafted decors, as observed in the light fixture and a reclaimed wicker basket.

2. Cozy Sunroom Vibes

(Source: Nathan Kirkman)

Sunrooms give you an ample living space to entertain and socialize with guests. As such, it's best to turn it into a comfortable area for everyone. You can add a large, upholstered sectional with multiple seats, making sharing a conversation with others easier. Make the space more inviting using plush throw pillows, plants, and a coffee table with magazines and books.

3. Plant-Filled Sunroom

(Source: David A. Land)

Plants are your best friend in giving any space a quick makeover! This next sunroom inspo features conservatory vibes with French doors, hand-crank and clerestory-style windows, and brick floors. You may also include white slipcovered wingback chairs to tone down the array of branches and ferns. Under the iron coffee table, there are books for the guests to enjoy.

4. Sunroom Living Space

We adore the natural light in this sunroom coming from the large sliding doors and transom windows. If anything, the space breaks the barriers between the interior and exterior. Its modern farmhouse design comprises a cozy gray sofa, sleek leather chairs, and a wooden coffee table.

5. Use Existing Items at Home

You don't need to start your sunroom makeover from scratch in most cases. You can use existing items at home to fill the space with warmth. This next sunroom decor inspo features a vintage round table, charming wicker furniture, and a lovely old rug.

6. Modern Sunroom Decor

(Source: Kim Cornelison)

You don’t need to look far and wide for sunroom decorating inspo. Start by considering your home’s existing design and color scheme. If you want a contemporary sunroom, your best bet is to select sleek furnishings made from painted metal or blonde wood. We also recommend sticking with neutral shades of cream, gray, and black for that dash of sophistication.

7. Sunroom with Personality

Your sunroom makeover can be a testament to your creativity! With endless design options to consider, why not play with patterns to give it unique, one-of-a-kind vibes? You may also include a midcentury fireplace to tie the place together.

8. Bold Sunroom Decor

(Source: Kim Cornelison)

We love how this bright sunroom strikes a playful balance of patterns and bold colors. Upholstered rattan chairs strike a contrast to the white slipcovered sofa, but somehow it works! The eclectic textured pillows also add a nice touch.

This sunroom's creme de la creme is the bold geometric area rug, which adds color to the original dark floors.

9. Accent with Natural Materials

Neutral colors and nature-inspired decors are always a hit! Consider trendy contemporary designs to make the space worthy of a feature in lifestyle and architecture magazines for your next sunroom makeover. Some exciting decor additions will provide your sunroom with layered, easy-going vibes.

10. Include your Passions

(Source: Nina Nash Long)

The sunroom makes for a great living space to include all your passions in life. If you're a big fan of classical music, adding a piano will be the perfect decorative piece!

The black and white checkerboard flooring pattern also makes the piano piece pop, with the pale gray-green walls reflecting the outdoor greenery. There are other striking details to ponder: antiques, intricate details, and flowers in pretty vases.

11. Breezy Sunroom

(Source: Lanvin Label)

A sunroom needs to feel fresh and neat at all times, where you can relax with the comfort of natural lighting. If you want to maximize this relaxing feel, opt to add shades of blue and white to the space. Furniture in light-colored fabrics and adding some greenery will also do the trick!

12. Add a Skylight

(Source: David A. Land)

Open walls, generous flow of natural lighting… Why not take your sunroom to the next level by adding a skylight? This combination will surely maximize the natural light in your sunroom. Add a faux sheepskin throw on the floor to add some warmth to the area.

13. Take Advantage of the Shape of the Room

(Source: Gieves Anderson)

Most sunrooms do not provide many areas for you to work on, but some spaces are rather tall to make up for the limited room.

To brighten such a tight space, introduce candy-striped walls and lacquer-painted floors. Another highlight of this decor inspo is the elongated white floral motif chandelier, featuring perfect proportions. This addition leverages the shape of the room while toning the scale down.

14. Bohemian Sunroom

Most sunrooms are designed to feel free-spirited and make guests/homeowners feel light when they enter the space. That said, the bohemian-themed decor will work best for your sunroom. Start by browsing dream catchers or decors with unexpected patterns. If your sunroom has a fireplace, you can cover it with beautiful tiles.

15. Convert the Space into a Home Gym

(Source: William Waldron)

If you missed it, a sunroom provides an excellent workout space at home. You may let some fresh air inside as you exercise during the warm months, and you can enjoy the view as you do your workout routine in the winter. To add pops of color, you can include a stunning red punching bag and some nautical lights.

16. Sunroom Dining Area

(Source: Werner Straube)

Plenty of sunrooms has several points of entry. If an entry is seldom used, you may opt to steal some space to provide a divided zone where you can gather and socialize with your family or guests.

This next sunroom decor inspo maximizes the space for social gatherings with the addition of a gorgeous, classic-style table and chairs. You'll have the perfect spot for outdoor brunches on the weekend!

17. Use it as a Laundry Room

There’s no limit to sunroom decor design inspos, especially in terms of the actual use of the space. While converting your sunroom into a laundry room doesn’t sound too enticing (understandably so), it may just motivate you to fold and clean your clothes with vigor. The preppy blue aesthetic of the space is also a great way to uplift your mood.

18. Choose Understated Colors

(Source: Tamsin Johnson)

Arched windows and a skylight frame this sunroom beautifully. To allow the space to shine further, stick to an understated color palette and opt to add splashes with a few whimsical accents.

Notice how the furniture and lush plants emphasize the outdoor view. As such, choose your decorative pieces wisely!

19. Pink & Vintage-inspired Sunroom

(Source: Holland Avenue)

Pink is a cheerful color that inspires feelings of warmth and comfort, making it suitable for your next sunroom decor aesthetic. If you want to make this living space as sweet as possible, include delicate and dainty pink pillows, framed vintage prints, and a hanging swing (optional).

20. Go All White

(Source: AP Design House)

An all-white ensemble never fails to be ethereal, even when it comes to your sunroom theme. This next sunroom inspo quickly offers pristine and immaculate feels with its all-white theme. While the color palette is relatively simple, there are various layers of texture and shape to give the space more character.

21. Sunroom Next to Living Space

Consider your sunroom an extra space where your kids can play if it's right next to your living room. Set up a small table with some art materials and let your kiddies enjoy the sun.

22. Set Up a Spot to Watch Sunsets

(Source: GRT Architects)

This sunroom boasts a bold, rational design that foregrounds views and connects to the natural world outside. Two sling chairs face outward, creating a perfect sunset gazing spot.

23. Scandinavian Themed Sunroom

Consider a contemporary chair, trendy lighting, and plenty of greenery in your sunroom for a modern, Scandinavian look. We could easily spend an afternoon here reading.

24. Colorful Sunroom Decor

The slate floor and outside shingles perfectly connect this inner area to the outside of the house. (Related: The Best Sunroom Flooring Options & Ideas To Consider) The homeowners dressed up the dark wicker furniture with matching bright colors such as turquoise, orange, and yellow to add tremendous color interest. Bright colors contrast with the darker accents, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

25. White & Dreamy Sunroom

With light and cheerful colors like cream, white, pink, and sky blue, your sunroom can always remind you of spring and summer, even when it is cold outside.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, always start with how you plan to use your sunroom before decorating the space. Once you decide on the best accents and layout, it may just turn into a frequently-occupied living area in the home!

Bring your dream relaxation room to life– your newly renovated sunroom can be the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee or relax with a book in hand. The combination of natural light and stunning outdoor views will surely comfort the soul and warm the heart.

Kenneth Wilson
April 18, 2022
Ideas & Inspiration, Interior

Kenneth Wilson

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