SimpliSafe vs. Ring: Which Home Security System is Best Suited for Your Needs?

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Are you currently looking to secure your home? You might want to start considering installing comprehensive security packages. Gone are the days you were only limited to traditional, wired, and landline-based home security systems. As a modern homeowner, you can choose state-of-the-art residential security solutions.

And when it comes to the best residential security systems today– two frontrunners to consider are SimpliSafe vs. Ring. These are two of the best home security and alarm options to provide the best protection for your family and your property!

Going through the entire list of pros and cons of each option may take you long hours. So to save you the hassle, we'll take a closer look at these two well-known home security brand options to help you choose the best one to secure your home.

What is Ring Home Security System?

Considerably the first known brand of video doorbells, the Ring brand started in 2013. In 2018, Amazon bought the brand for a $1.2 billion deal. (Related: 9 of the Best Ring Security Cameras: Home Security 101)

Key features:

  • It has affordable DIY security equipment costs
  • It offers various indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras
  • Their professional monitoring services are not tied to a contract


  • You can choose from various available equipment
  • It has a variety of smart home integration options
  • Cost-effective monitoring solution to improve your home security


  • It has dealt with privacy issues in the past
  • Upfront equipment costs can be rather pricey

What is SimpliSafe Home Security System?

A relatively new name in the home security industry, SimpliSafe has one goal: to provide self-installable, portable security equipment that homeowners can use even while on the go. (Related: How Long Do SimpliSafe Camera Batteries Last?)

Key features:

  • Reasonable pricing
  • It is suitable for almost any size house or apartment
  • Professional monitoring services are available without a contract


  • There’s a 60-day trial period available
  • There are various options you can choose from


  • Limited camera options available
  • You will need a membership if you want a monitoring plan (remote monitoring and smart home integration)

SimpliSafe Packages and Plans

SimpliSafe offers the following packages for your home security needs:

  • A four-piece set called The Foundation is the best for tiny homes. It works well in studios or one-bedroom apartments with a single entryway.
  • The six-piece bundle (The Essentials) is considered its most popular system. It is best suited for average-sized houses with a front and rear door and a sizable window that might serve as an entryway.
  • The Hearth package is identical to the Essentials package, but it comes with an additional smoke detector, a key fob, and a 105dB siren as extra security measures.
  • The Knox is a 13-piece package with a siren, a smoke detector, two motion sensors, and six entry sensors.
  • The most premium kit is The Haven, which comprises 14 components. It substitutes the temperature sensor and a water sensor for two entrance sensors.

The final two choices are the most expensive and secure options from SimpliSafe. These are intended for sizable residences with numerous access points. Although almost everyone may find something they like in one of these packages, SimpliSafe also allows consumers to create their own package by starting with the goods they need and expanding from there.

Thanks to this customization, customers can easily create a system that matches their unique demands and circumstances without having to choose "unnecessary" components.

Ring Packages and Plans

Your home security options from Ring are more extensive. It covers every device combination imaginable, but there are also preset bundles if that’s what you prefer.

  • The Deluxe Pro Bundle's premium package includes the Video Doorbell Pro 2 with 3 Floodlight Cam Wired Pro.
  • The five-piece Ring Alarm Security Kit is perfect for a studio apartment. It's also suitable for adding security to an outside storage shed (or a disconnected home office). Large homes might use the kit's eight- or ten-piece version.
  • The 14-piece Alarm Pro Security Kit is an option for customers who live in considerably larger homes. Or, if you want to secure the main house and a downstairs in-law suite. This includes an Eero Wi-Fi 6 router for whole-home internet coverage and enough entry and motion sensors to keep the entire house secure.
  • Ring doorbells come with various add-ons, like the Ring Solar Charger and Ring Chime.

In short, SimpliSafe offers pre-built equipment bundles, but homeowners can customize these to avoid paying for extras. Keep in mind that the level of customization in Ring home security systems is lower.

Ring vs. SimpliSafe Pricing and Fees

Price-wise, Ring, and SimpliSafe are similar, with Ring's average monthly and package expenses slightly lower. You'll find that the upfront cost of SimpliSafe is often more significant than Ring's. Customers may feel pressured to buy more or choose higher-tier packages because basic packages are relatively limited.

SimpliSafe's equipment packages come with a 45 percent discount if clients choose professional monitoring at the time of purchase, despite their hefty price tags (beginning at $244.96 for The Foundation and going as high as $504.86 for The Haven). This effectively covers the expense of monitoring while reducing prices significantly.

SimpliSafe offers two main monitoring options: the Interactive Monitoring Plan, which costs $27.99 a month, and the Self-Monitoring with Camera Recording Plan, which costs $9.99 a month. A third, less popular plan, costing $17.99 a month, is also available.

The system's effectiveness is decreased, and the initial expenditures are increased if no monitoring is done. The daily cost of expert monitoring is approximately $0.93. SimpliSafe's monthly fee is reasonable given the benefits of the Interactive Monitoring plan that are added on top of it. On the other hand, Ring has slightly reduced upfront costs. The five-piece Alarm Security Kit costs $199.99, but the eight-piece and ten-piece kits cost $249.99 and $259.99, respectively.

Customers incur additional charges when they add video doorbells, each selling for at least $112.99 on their own. Ring products are frequently on sale, which further reduces the price. Unless consumers select the Pro plan, the Ring Protect plans do not offer expert monitoring. This costs $20 monthly or $200 annually, a little less than SimpliSafe's annual expenses. Ring's monitoring plan also gives users access to many other things, reducing the price.

That said, the expenses for Ring's home security system are more appealing for people on a tight budget because they are lower upfront and overall.

Ring vs. SimpliSafe Reputation and Customer Reviews

SimpliSafe and Ring are both trustworthy home security providers with A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)– but SimpliSafe seems to have more satisfied customers. Ring and SimpliSafe are both well-known businesses that have established reputations over time. Due to its extended existence over Ring (since 2006), you could say SimpliSafe has a slight advantage.

In 2018, several stories concerning compromised cameras surfaced, eroding consumer confidence in the brand and dealing a minor setback to Ring's reputation. Customers who have reviewed Ring on sites like Trustpilot have complained about poor customer service, and there have been multiple instances of products failing soon after purchase.

SimpliSafe, on the other hand, has a significantly better rating on review websites like Trustpilot. Even though users continue to report bugs and malfunctions, the product has received positive reviews for its performance.

What do Ring and SimpliSafe have in common?

Both companies were founded on the premise that renters and homeowners shouldn't be required to pay expensive fees or sign long contracts to benefit from the peace of mind provided by a home security system. Additionally, they offer the following:

  • Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Products that are easy to install even by yourself and are inexpensive
  • Feature security cameras, but neither company has them as part of its basic packages

How are Ring and SimpliSafe different?

Here are some of the few differences between these two home security providers:

  • Ring offers slightly more affordable monitoring and equipment.
  • SimpliSafe's sensors are more durable despite being smaller.
  • Ring offers many camera options, such as several outdoor cameras.
  • SimpliSafe provides a broader selection of smart home and security hardware.
  • Ring's system has been vulnerable to hacking, but additional security measures have been implemented recently.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Ring might be the best choice for your home security needs if you seek an affordable professional monitoring plan with various cameras. SimpliSafe, with its DIY home security system that is simple to install and flexibility to personalize security packages, can be the best option if cost isn't as critical to your decision.

Kenneth Wilson
October 11, 2022
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Kenneth Wilson

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