Best Bathroom Sink Ideas for Every Kind of Home

Kenneth Wilson

Your bathroom sink can turn into the focal point of the space, as it is often the first thing you set eyes on as you enter the bathroom.

So, a word to the wise, do not underestimate the transformative power of creative bathroom sinks. It also provides ample space to put decorations or other bathroom essentials in most cases. With plenty of different sink ideas for bathrooms, here are some decor inspo to carefully consider.

17 Bathroom Sink Ideas to Consider

Here we go....

1. Washstands

One top trend to look out for is using washstands for your bathroom sink. It blends old styles with contemporary designs, which will surely add elegance to your bathroom. A washstand consisted of a simple pitcher and bowl on a wooden frame in the old days. Now, it's one trend you may want to consider for your next sink!

2. Give It an Edge

This next bathroom sink inspo features floating concrete, which is a fantastic addition if you'd ask us. Homeowners looking for a contemporary edge may take note of this inspiration. We love the matte black details and sharp edges to keep the edgy vibe of the space. The bright white tile and woven baskets are added to keep the bathroom feeling light.

3. Surrealist

Are you a major Salvador Dali fan? Art enthusiasts can infuse their bathrooms with surrealistic design, depending on their liking. The sky's the limit! Take a closer look at the master bath with round vessel sinks and tile work, mixing standard white squares and tiles from Mispelaere.

4. Stylish Storage

Take it from us– you can never have too much storage for your bathroom. Instead of choosing a stand-alone sink unit, why not choose something that provides you with an under basin storage simultaneously?

For instance, you can combine the basin with a vanity unit counterpart. This will be an excellent addition for busy families. You'll also have several sizes and styles, including minimalist to traditional shaker styles.

5. Marble-ize It

Putting marble on marble is a sleek approach to making your new sink as fabulous as possible!

It is essential for your bathroom to feel clean and pristine all the time, and marble can help you achieve this. You can use repeated marble from the sink, shower, and floor, providing a luxurious vibe. Add in some light wood vanity and minimalist decor, and it will tone down the space somehow. (Related: The Best Sunroom Flooring Options & Ideas To Consider)

6. Feminine Decor

(Source: Roger Davies)

We are big fans of this feminine master bath with the main focus on a classic pedestal sink. The wall treatment for this bathroom decor is printed on billboard vinyl, with a custom-made painting for that unique flair.

7. Skip the Classic White

(Source: Amy Bartlam)

White bathrooms are considered a standard, down to the classic white sink. But you may want to choose something more unique such as peach vessel sinks. Adding a wooden vanity will tone down the playfulness of the peach-colored sinks, with the rest of the room covered in shades of beige. The result is a truly stunning, warm bathroom!

Pro tip: If you want to give the space some extra chicness, add matte black finishes.

8. Mix and Match the Materials

You must pay close attention to the details when selecting finishes for your bathroom. If the faucet is polished chrome, it will match your chrome vanity legs and sconces.

It's not a combination you'd expect with a classic marble vanity top and rustic leather wall details. However, it somehow works! Don't be afraid to mix and match unconventional combinations– as you may just get a beautiful outcome.

9. Trendy Concrete Sinks

Concrete basins are durable, practical, and trendy. The utilitarian style gives your bathroom a robust and industrial appeal– which is an excellent consideration if you're a big fan of bold bathroom colors and detail.

There are also several textured concrete basin options to choose from today. Fluted basins prove to be a crowd-favorite choice, with the contours in the concrete giving a tactile element. If you pair it with gold brassware, the fluted basins add style and a modern twist to your overall bathroom design.

10. Glam It Up

(Source: Studio Peake)

If you prefer a bit more sparkle, a metallic sink is your best bet! It's highly durable and visually attractive. Bathrooms that need a little makeover may benefit from the dash of personality this sink type offers.

The same goes for bold bathrooms with so much flair, such as in this next bathroom inspo. The bold, tropical-inspired wallpaper adds drama to the space– so the metallic sink serves as the finishing touch you need. Consider adding accessories, light fixtures, and other decors for the extra bling.

11. Luxurious Black and White Marble Sink

(Source: Lusso Stone)

Marble has a foolproof way of making any bathroom appear more luxurious, as is observed in this marble trough-style basin.

Today, more homeowners are choosing a marble basin for their bathroom as the sought-after natural stone serves as a striking masterpiece. Lucky for you, you can choose from a wide variety of stylish marble finishes to achieve that luxurious bathroom look.

12. Keep it Classy

(Source: William Waldron)

The washbasin is 19th-century, and the tiles are Original Style, in a bright Bordeaux, France bathroom designed by Michael Coorengel and Jean-Pierre Calvagrac.

13. Go with a Theme

(Source: White Sands)

Perhaps the blue-and-white color scheme, or the rope-wrapped mirror, makes us want to go sailing. Whatever it is, we're digging this nautical-inspired bathroom. Don't be afraid to add a subtle theme into your space, but be careful to avoid going overboard.

14. Fluted Surface Sinks

Fluted finishes have been hailed as one of the top bathroom trends for 2022, and we're not complaining. Adding textured surfaces to a bathroom is a simple way to give it more depth and aesthetic appeal. The basins are brought to life by a fluted surface pattern, creating a striking interplay of light and shadow.

3D finishes are a fan favorite as of late. Fortunately, there are many bathroom sinks with fluted finishes to choose from.

15. Double Vanity

Who doesn't appreciate the convenience of a double vanity? This innovative take on the double-wide makes advantage of perfect symmetry to achieve a high-end look. The addition of black and gold finishes and an extra-large round mirror elevate this area from majestic to luxurious.

16. Go for the Gold

To breathe some new life into your bathroom, you don't have to purchase a new sink. Changing your taps and storage may do. This isn't just a quick fix, and it's also a little more cost-effective.

Opt for gold themes and fill your bathroom with brassware. It will not only give a touch of sparkle to your sink, but it will also look stunning.

17. All-black Ensemble

(Source: Maite Granda)

A cosmopolitan atmosphere is established in this sleek black bathroom. Any bathroom would be striking with the beautiful monochromatic vanity, inky black walls, and fancy gold touches.

Final Thoughts

Consider the bathroom sink as the unsung hero of the space. Since it's one of the most-used features aside from the toilet itself, its design may just influence your bathroom's overall aesthetic.

Don't neglect your bathroom sink design and style as you give your bathroom a well-deserved makeover. Gone are the days you were limited to the standard bland and dull sink. Today, plenty of contemporary sink designs await!

Kenneth Wilson
April 18, 2022
Bathroom Remodeling, Ideas & Inspiration, Interior

Kenneth Wilson

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