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The Best Places to Buy Kitchen Cabinets

Kenneth Wilson

Whether you're moving into a new home or redesigning the kitchen area, you definitely need some great cabinets. And not just fashionable either. They must include high functionality as well. So, where to buy kitchen cabinets that suit your needs perfectly?

If you're looking to buy some amazing kitchen cabinets, you need to check out cabinet companies like MasterBrand Cabinets, Masco Corp., etc. Sure, you can just search up kitchen cabinets in the amazon search bar and roll with that. But that isn't going to work if you have your eyes on quality cabinets for your kitchen remodeling. 

But hey, you don't have to take my word for it. In this article, I'll attempt to cover quite a few companies that will redirect you to the best kitchen cabinets. Hopefully, by the end, you too will come to appreciate that you got hold of such amazing sources out there. So, without further ado, let's have a look at all the best places to buy kitchen cabinets.

11 Best Places to Buy Kitchen Cabinets

You'll find several top-of-the-line brands in this brief list for kitchen cabinet manufacturers. So, what about the durability and quality of the cabinets? That's a given with reputable brands like these. So, let’s take a look at the 11 best places to buy kitchen cabinets. 

  1. MasterBrand Cabinets

Right off the bat, I can't help but talk about MasterBrand Cabinets due to their amazing assortment of kitchen cabinets. Their product quality and design both can fetch a good price and loyal customer base in the market.

They have various cabinet lines that cover different price ranges. So, you can actually choose the line straight away after deciding on a specific budget. Aristokraft is probably the most value-level brand for commoners among these lines. And Homecrest slides in swiftly after. 

If you're raising the budget a little higher, you can check out the Diamond and Schrock brands. And I guess the Kemper one falls in this category too since they have semi-customizable servicing features. 

And finally, if there's no restrictions budget-wise, feel free to look through the Decorá and Omega brand lines. You'll find an exquisite assortment of decorated cabinets with durability worth fawning over for months. 

Better yet, you get to custom them however you want to with high-priced brands like these. So, if you have a vision for how you want your kitchen to look, you have to try them out!

  1. American Woodmark Corp.

Next up on the list, comes American Woodmark Corp. and their amazing cabinets. After looking through their online profile, I feel like they're one of the best places to visit for cabinets. 

If you're looking to get a modern yet rustic outlook for your kitchen, they have a great mindset for that. Based on user experience and subsequent reviews, it seems like that they really understood the assignment.

They also seemed to value the customer needs over everything else, and that's another plus point. From modern apartments to old cabins, they always came up with something equally fascinating and impressive. 

While checking out the signature American Woodmark samples, you'll come across several other promising brands. Such as - the Shenandoah Cabinetry, Professional Cabinet Solutions, Timberlake Cabinetry, Villa Bath, Waypoint Living Spaces, and so on. 

They all have amazing designs at their disposal and you can try out any of them without hesitation. You'll find the best deals with them.

  1. Masco Corp.

With Masco Corp., you'll pretty much hit a jackpot and not just for kitchen cabinets. They're an esteemed corporation that deals with all sorts of home improvement products. They can help you out with the building materials as well.

So, in addition to cabinets, if you're looking for full home improvement, they're the ones you should go for. You'll find several packages for all sorts of cabinets with them. And you'll get to check out some of the exclusive brands such as Axor, BrassCraft, Behr, Cascade, Ginger, etc. 

  1. Elkay Wood Products Co.

You can't browse for home improvement items and not hear Elkay's name pass by. It feels like they have been around for ages and their popularity just keeps on rising even now. In addition to kitchen cabinetry products, they specialize in bath cabinetry as well. 

The best thing about the Elkay products? They really think about the commoners out there. Not everyone can afford a thousand-dollar cabinet system for their kitchen in this economy. And Elkay understands that too.

So, while browsing through their cabinets, you'll see that they are pretty affordable. Sure they won't have the same quality as the high-priced ones. But they are just enough to get by and make your kitchen look all pretty.

Plus, they do have some expensive options as well if that's more your style. All in all, they're the best fit for both commoners and rich guys.

  1. ACProducts, Inc.

ACProducts, Inc. is another big shot in the world of Kitchen Cabinets. The company itself is an integral part of the Household & Institutional Furniture & Cabinet Manufacturing Industry.

From what I observed, they are great at putting up a multidimensional effect with their kitchen cabinets. They look so well put together with the environment that it's hard to differentiate the aesthetics of it. While they do charge a bit more than other brands, I believe their cabinets surely live up to the hype. 

  1. Foremost Groups Inc.

Foremost Groups Inc. focuses on three different principles. First and 'foremost', they prioritize innovation in their cabinets. After that, it's quality and service consequently.

And all their products seem like a pretty great combo of all these fundamental values. As you can already imagine, you get to do fun customization projects with them. They will really value your opinion and try their best to make your vision come true.

You can also check out their many existing designs to get some ideas. After taking proper inspiration, you get to sit down with a designated designer and design your own cabinets. Imagine the bliss you'll feel after seeing the final results in your kitchen.

  1. Wood-Mode Inc.

Wood-Mode Inc. kitchen cabinets feature some of the most regal furnishing sets I've ever seen so far. They just look so elegant, royal and make you want to live in one of those Victoria Era mansions. Then again, not all of us can really afford to do so even in dreams.

Well, then it's a good thing that these cabinets can fill some of that void. With their illustrated and regal design, you'll feel like you're living in some fancy apartment or mansion. And they do have a comparatively nice enough price range, so there's that as well. 

  1. Wellborn Cabinet Inc.

Let's talk about Wellborn Cabinet Inc. next. You probably already have seen some of their cabinets around but just didn't see the face behind them. I mean, the brand they represent, that is. Imagine if cabinets had actual faces behind them. So creepy!

From frameless cabinetry to fully customizable cabinetry, they apparently do it all. However, it's a shame that some of their products have been receiving negative reviews lately. So, I would recommend thoroughly checking out the cabinets if you want to go with them. 

  1. W W Wood Products Inc.

The W W Wood Products Inc. has been around the cabinetry business for quite a few decades now. And surprisingly, they're still pumping out amazing designs. 

Plus, they have great customer support which people really appreciate nowadays. Despite being an old company, they still have a pretty short staff. So, it means a lot when they manage to do their best in this limited capacity.

And the fact that their cabinets stay in form for ages certainly takes away the cake. Like the company, their cabinets are also super durable and long-lasting. So, if you want some formidable cabinets for your personalized kitchen, you should definitely give them a call.

  1. Master Wood Craft Cabinetry LLC

Finally, today's list for the best cabinetry manufacturing company ends with Master WoodCraft Cabinetry LLC. The name already makes them sound like some big hotshot, no?

Well, in real life, they're still making progress on that front. However, even though they aren't as accomplished, they do have some nice designs on display. And apparently, their motto is 'a world apart in quality and price'. Now even though that sounds a little misguided, it probably means that they're different from other brands. 

As for the actual quality of the products, they're not as bad. But the pricing could really use some work from my perspective. 

  1. Home Depot

Home Depot is an American classic when it comes to buying furniture. There is not a single piece of furniture that you won’t find at Home Depot. So, you can be sure they’ll always have a collection of kitchen cabinets that you’ll like. 

The best thing about Home Depot is they are one of the widest spread furniture distributors in America. So, no matter where you are you most probably have a Home Depot store somewhere nearby. 

Besides selling premade kitchen cabinets they also offer custom designed furniture to give you the chance of getting the cabinet of your dreams. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to look for a kitchen cabinet. 

How To Buy The Right Cabinet For Your Kitchen?

Now that you have a list of all the amazing manufacturing companies, time to move on. As in, it's time to figure out how to choose the right cabinet for your kitchen space. So, here's a brief overview of all the factors you'll need to focus on. 

Wood Type

First of all, you need to figure out what type of wood you'll need for the cabinets. And this is a pretty important decision as it will determine the fact of all other factors. Such as - depending on the variety, you'll need to pay more or less for the cabinets. 

Not all wood types cost the same after all. In fact, I'd recommend that you don't make this decision in person. Unless you have really good knowledge about several wood types, that is. You see, different types of wood work in different ways. 

For instance - some may seem sturdier but they're actually hollow. Again, some may seem durable but then falls apart from the most minor inconveniences. So, if you get the type that has water issues, the cabinet can end up rotting from within. Over the years, it will slowly corrode the original framework and make it more and more fragile. And one of these days, it may just collapse on you while you're cooking a meal.

Okay, well, maybe I made that sound a little more dramatic. But that doesn't mean that it isn't a real concern. You have to thoroughly know a wood type before figuring out how to best take care of it. So, I highly recommend doing a one-on-one session with a professional cabinet designer before deciding on a certain type. 

Fortunately, you'll find many such designers if you decide to take up the services of the aforementioned companies. 


After you have finally decided on the right wood type, it's time to explore all the different designs. Needless to say, you can take inspiration from literally anything to come to that conclusion. 

However, it's best to keep the ideas limited to the overall ambiance of the kitchen. What if you ended up installing some plywood cabinets in a stainless-steel set-up? Well, it would certainly not look very good.

Considering that pretty cabinets make the kitchen itself pop up, you should really think about it before making the decision. You can try thinking about the cabinet door profiles first. Because once that's settled, the rest of the design will fall right into place. 

Here are a few ideas for cabinet door profiles:

  • Raised Arch

  • Recessed Miter

  • Recessed Square

  • Plain Slab

  • Modern Bohemian

There are so many more, of course. You should ask your designated designer to provide you with a sample for all of that. After going over the catalogs, I'm sure that you'll find something you just can't take your eyes off of. 


This one's pretty much an extension of the wood type one. The color will automatically play into the equation once you set your mind on a certain wood type. For instance - mahogany cabinets are the best way to incorporate a natural dark ombre shade.

But that doesn't mean you can't customize the colors either. Where do you think those marble white wood cabinets come from? However, many designers do argue that implementing an artificial shade takes away natural beauty.

And I have to say, I kind of agree. But then again, I'm not the one who has to make the ultimate decision. Natural or not, you should get the color that you most desire. 


Yep. Functionality matters a lot too in determining the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. What do you want the cabinet for? Is it store grocery products or utensils? Will it stay over the oven or by the dishwasher? 

Depending on the answer, the designer will have to come up with full-proof methods to tackle the issue. In fact, they may just change the wood type too. After all, cabinets aren't just there to sit pretty and make your kitchen look good. They need functionality as well. 


As for size, your designer should take care of all that in advance. That's another great thing about hiring companies like these. They will come and take the proper measurements to make sure they fit within the desired format.

And if they need any changes, they will work around that too.  So, if there are any sizing issues with your kitchen, don't order the cabinets from Amazon right away. Get the help of actual professionals who can resolve such issues.


Finally, the cost. Once you sign up for the services of a certain company, you'll get access to their proposal info as well. Depending on your budget, you can go for any of the packages that you deem fit. 

Now, remember that you aren't just paying for the cabinets. Customization and professional guidance - you're availing extra features like these as well. So, yes. The overall cost will increase by a lot. 

But keep in mind that you won't have to deal with all the hassles that come with getting new cabinets. Whichever company you go with, should generally take care of all of the servicing issues. Hence, at the end of the day, you'll find that they're well worth the investment.

Final Thoughts

So, where to buy kitchen cabinets after all? Turns out, there are plenty of well-established distributors out there you can check out. The ones from this list surely deserve to be on the top lists and they are recommended if you are in the market for a new kitchen cabinet. 

Hopefully, you will find exactly what you are looking for from one of these stores. Best of luck on your kitchen cabinet hunt. Thanks for reading and until next time, farewell. 

Kenneth Wilson
August 6, 2021
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