When Is The Best Season To Replace Your Windows?

Kenneth Wilson

When Is The Best Season To Replace Your Windows?

Did you suddenly realize that it’s time to replace your current windows? Are they underperforming or not up to the task anymore?

You’ve probably heard that you should not replace your windows during winter or summer since you wouldn’t want to deal with hot and humid or cold and freezing conditions. If you’re debating whether to replace them now or wait for a better time, the fact is, there’s no right season to replace your old windows. 

The best time to replace your windows will depend on your preference since each season has its own benefits and drawbacks. It’s up to you to decide which is better for your home and project. With today’s technology, professionals can also now replace your windows anytime while minimizing the disadvantages of the current season. 

To find out when is the best time of the year for you to replace your windows, learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of getting new windows for each season.

Spring and Fall

Spring and fall weather conditions seem like the best time of the year to get new windows. It’s ideal for window replacement projects since the temperatures are more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about snow or the scorching heat. You also wouldn’t have to worry about snow delaying your project. That’s why many homeowners wait for temperatures to drop, usually during fall, to get their windows replaced.

Unfortunately, the disadvantage with these seasons is that there is more demand - meaning more people wanting to get their windows replaced. It would probably be harder to schedule your project or it will take longer for your windows to get installed, especially if you’re getting a whole-house window replacement. 

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Another drawback is prolonging getting new windows, which will most likely be more energy-efficient, will affect your monthly energy bills. If you wait for spring or fall to come, and it’s still winter or summer, then it would mean months of high energy expenses. Not to mention the heavy burden it would place on your heating and cooling systems.


While having the scorching sun and humid temperatures are not the ideal weather conditions to get new windows installed, it’s probably still a better time than winter. As mentioned above, you won’t have to worry about snow postponing the installation or stopping the crew from getting to your house.

Another benefit of installing during the summer is that caulk adheres better in warm weather, which will allow for easy and quick installation. The speed of installation is an important factor since it will decrease the time that the air conditioner and fans run twice the effort to keep your home comfortable without any windows.

Best of all, the demand is lowest during hotter months, especially mid-summer. This means it is easier to get scheduled, quicker installation, and better deals. You would probably have more contractors to choose from, making it easier to find the best deal for your project. 

Lastly, you won’t have to wait, which is usually what happens during the summer. If you think about it, it’s better to have your old and outdated windows replaced as soon as possible instead of spending months on skyrocketing energy bills. You get to enjoy a more comfortable and energy-efficient home throughout the rest of the summer. This is also important if you have poorly functioning windows that are hard to close or open. If there’s a beautiful sunset or you want to let some breeze in towards the evening, you can quickly open the window and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.


Compared to other seasons, it seems that winter is the least ideal to replace windows. Homeowners would have to worry about the weather delaying their project or the installers getting stuck in the snow. Another is that the cold outside air can enter their home when the old windows are removed, putting a heavy burden on their heating systems.

But if you don’t get your underperforming and inefficient windows replaced, especially when your heating bill is already high, then that would mean months of increasing energy expenses. Replacing them earlier on can give you immediate energy savings as well as make your home more comfortable throughout the winter.

Some window installers are also capable of installing windows during the winter while making sure there is minimal discomfort for the homeowners. For one-room window replacement, they can seal it off to contain the cold outside air in the particular area. If it’s whole-house, they can minimize the temperature drop by draping heavy blankets on the window openings or using floor-to-ceiling plastic walls. 

If you’re worried about the caulk, since it adheres better during warmer weather, experienced window installers know which sealants can adhere during the winter, such as a silicone-based caulk or ones with a high joint movement capability.  

And similar to summer, you could also get great deals during the winter - maybe even better. While the demand is already low during the summer, expect it to get lower during the cold and frigid months. This will mean quicker installation, and for those who are planning to get custom windows manufactured, you can get your new window faster. And again, better deals since the installers may offer discounts or free upgrades since it is a slow season. 

Final Thoughts

Basically, you can replace your windows anytime you want. If you have minor issues or just want to replace them for aesthetic reasons, you can always wait during spring or fall.

But if you are having air leakage problems or skyrocketing bills, then the best time to get your windows replaced is now. Instead of having high energy expenses, get modern and energy-efficient windows to decrease the monthly heating and cooling bill. It’s going to be a burden on your HVAC system for some time but at least you’ll get a comfortable and energy-efficient home after.

Remember, even if it’s summer or winter, there are professionals that can install your new windows no matter the season. To be sure, make sure to discuss with them the measures they will take to minimize the temperature drop or how to make your home comfortable even during the humid and hot months.

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January 25, 2021
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