What are the Different Types of Security Lighting? Home Safety 101

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Locking the doors and covering your windows is a tale as old as time when improving your home security. But, you may want to look into additional measures to make your home as safe as possible, especially with current property crime rates.

Installing security lights in your home is one of the most excellent methods to deter many would-be intruders. You can count on these outdoor lights to keep your family and house safe, particularly at night. (Related: The Best Plug-in Outdoor Security Lights to Keep Your Home Safe)

So if you want to learn more about outdoor security lighting or decide which is the best type of outdoor security lighting to buy, we're here to help.

What is Security Lighting?

One simplest yet most effective method of deterring crime (and potential break-ins) is installing security lighting. This allows you to improve your natural surveillance efforts in private and public spaces.

Home security lights, in particular, are designed to improve the security of your property. It casts enough light to help see people entering or leaving the area. If you have several areas with no lights on at night, your home's security can be drastically improved by lighting those locations.

Always remember that proper lighting inside and outside can prevent criminals from breaking in. Not only that, but security lighting also has benefits aside from being a significant deterrent to theft. It improves your property's aesthetics or curb appeal.

9 Types of Security Lights

Let's break down the different types of security lighting so you can decide which is best for your needs.

1. Motion-activated Lights

One popular type of outdoor security lighting is motion-activated lights. Keeping the lights on all night can reduce crime, but it is often not the best approach. Intruders may be startled (and caught off-guard) by motion-activated lights, which can deter them from breaking inside your home.

Additionally, motion-activated lights only turn on when motion is detected. This makes them energy-efficient, reducing energy use without sacrificing any security advantages. While the possibility of motion-activated lights turning on during the day raises some anxiety, we are confident that this will not occur. Built-in light sensors in motion-triggered lights ensure they are only activated between dusk and dawn.

2. Floodlights

Floodlights are a fantastic additional choice for your home security lighting needs. You may quickly improve the illumination in your backyard by installing LED floodlights on your property. When using LEDs, less energy is used than when using incandescent light. To avoid bothering your neighbors, install them in the ideal location.

3. Timed Security Lighting

Install timed security lighting to provide adequate illumination outside your home throughout the night. This security lighting works well at night to cast directional light and deter burglars from entering your home. Additionally, you can change the operating hours because the length of the night varies depending on the season.

4. High-intensity Discharge (HIG) Security Lights

HID lights may be the best outdoor security light for you if you own a sizable property, such as a farm, ranch, or open fields. This kind of security lighting is usually used in commercial buildings and is designed with high quality.

5. Solar Lights

In recent years, solar lights have become a more popular security light bulb, all thanks to their eco-friendly and energy-saving features. Since most solar lights are cordless, any intruder simply cannot cut or disconnect them. They are also a great addition to paths since they offer ambient lighting.

6. Exterior Soffit Lights

Soffit lights provide additional lighting where standard porch lights cannot, so they are usually mounted on the overhang in front of your home's door. This eliminates the shadows around your door and deters unlawful intruders from trying to break in. Additionally, these security light bulbs allow you, your family, and visitors to see the entrance more clearly.

7. Continuous Lighting

Continuous lighting is among the most popular security lighting types available today. It has fixed lighting intended to illuminate a space continuously. Here are the two main ways to use this kind of outdoor security light:

  • Security from Glare Projection: Being unable to see what's inside the space (due to the lighting) is a significant deterrent to potential intruders.
  • Programmable Security LightsThis is a perfect application for limiting the width of the lighted strip outside boundaries, such as near highways.

Additionally, the LED strip's width can also be adjusted to meet a specific requirement. A person or object can be illuminated by it.

8. Standby Lighting

Standby lights, AKA crash lighting, are built similarly to continuous security lighting. Since it doesn't support constant lighting, that's where the main distinction lies. Instead, they are activated when any shady activity is found.

9. Movable Lighting

Lastly, we have movable security light bulbs. As the name implies, it is a kind of lighting that uses flexible lights that are manually controlled. These lights may be turned on throughout the night or only when necessary.

Why Should You Get Security Lights?

We've compiled the top benefits below why security lights are an excellent addition to your home.

  • Clearing the shadows. Dark shadows where intruders may hide can be cleared with the help of home security lighting. You will be able to see anyone on your property at night due to the clear visibility it can provide. On top of that, potential thieves can be startled by the sudden illumination of motion-activated lighting, making them believe that they've already been found and causing them to leave.
  • Neighborhood watch. If you live in the same neighborhood with a family or friend, you can help monitor your family's safety and theirs. It will allow you to determine if someone is lurking around your or someone else's property so you can quickly warn them of potential trouble.
  • Increased property value. Security lighting is a feature that helps your property stand out. It may cost you upfront, but in the long run, this investment will increase the value of your home. If you have plans on selling your property in the future, potential buyers will surely be enticed to have a house with added home security, making it easier to sell.

Is Security Lighting the Most Effective Technique to Prevent Property Crime?

You can take several other precautions to lessen the likelihood that your property will be targeted, even though outdoor lighting might help deter crime. It's crucial to remember that thieves and intruders will target your home when they believe no one is home. The most efficient way to prevent crime is to use lighting to simulate activity inside or around your property.

  • When you're not home, use interior lighting to mimic activity. This works during the day, but it works best at night.
  • Motion-sensor lights can surprise burglars. Bright lights can frighten potential intruders and warn you and your neighbors of strange activities.
  • To prevent shadows from developing in hard-to-see areas, such as near the sides of your home, use floodlights and downlighting.

Potential intruders and ill-wishers are deterred by home security lighting because they are taken aback by it, which gives them nowhere to hide. So, if you're away from home for quite some time, motion sensors can do the job of protecting your property despite your absence. Aside from the offered protection, outdoor security lights also improve your curb appeal. The warm ambiance they offer also makes the space feel cozier.

All that combined, it's best to consider adding outdoor security lighting to your property. Now is the right time to ensure your house is well-lit and secure 24/7.

Kenneth Wilson
September 13, 2022
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Kenneth Wilson

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