What Are The Best Swim Spa Brands On The Market?

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If you found yourself on this page, chances are– you're most likely on the search for the best, high-quality Swim Spa brands to make the most bang out of your buck.

Well, even if that’s not the case, you might be browsing for potential options to consider once you decide it's time to make a purchase.

Best Swim Spa Brands on the Market

With over 40 registered swim spa manufacturers on the market today, there are overwhelming options on queries like "buy a swim spa" or "best swim spas" as you search the internet for answers.

Several brands claim they are the best among the rest– but don’t worry, we've narrowed down the list to make the process a bit easier on your end.

Catalina Swim Spas

Let’s start with the pioneering swim spa brand: Catalina Swim Spas. The brand introduced the very first swim spa sometime in the 80s, and fast forward to today– they continue in their quest to offer the best swim spa innovations in the market.

You can choose from a wide variety of Catalina Swim Spa one-piece models. Some are portable and above-ground units, while others are permanently installed in-ground units. (Related: Which Pool Should You Get: Type, Material and Features?) In short, they have various types of swim spas to meet different purposes and needs!

Some famous Catalina Swim Spa lines to check out are as follows:

  • Fitness 200 Series: Offering the ultimate aquatic workout experience all within the comfort of your home
  • Olympic 400 Series: Undoubtedly one of the best high-end swim spas in the market, which perfectly blends aquatic fitness and hydrotherapy with luxury.  
  • Catalina 600 Series: Perfect for homeowners who are big on aesthetic appeal, these swim spas are elegant and ensure easy access.
  • Pool 800 Series: Designed to ensure maximum endurance, strength, and speed. Available in portable or in-ground units, this line delivers high-quality swim spa performance.

PDC Spas Swim Spas

Are you looking for a swim spa with several customization features? PDC Spas are renowned for their wide selection of swim spa units with various current power and jet customization. customization.

In particular, they have 14 models for you to choose from– with different options to suit all ages and personal fitness levels. Optimize your swim spa’s swimming current with either dual prop propulsion or three jet system. The choice is all yours to make!

Check out PDC Spas’ offerings with four distinct lines:

  • TruSwim Propulsion Series: Designed to give an even, smooth fitness current. A great choice if your primary purpose in buying a swim spa is to achieve an excellent aquatic fitness experience.
  • Summit Premium Jetted Series: Are you up for a challenge? This PDC line offers a powerful jetted swim system that you can jog, swim, or walk against. It has fully customizable fitness sessions and multi-user programs that you can fine-tune to meet your fitness goals.
  • Synergy Jetted Series Swim Spas: The perfect choice for recreational swim spa use! Consider this line if your purpose is to ensure both a fun family bonding experience and wellness opportunities.
  • Vitality Fitness Swim Spas: If you’re working with a limited budget, this PDC line will meet your fitness goals without you breaking the bank. It is designed for optimal fitness and massaging therapy as well as complete body wellness.

For your reference, the official website also has a valuable product comparison chart to turn your swim spa shopping into a more direct and informative experience.

You can browse the available PDC swim spa models with detailed specifications, including jet type, filtration system, dimensions, and other important information.

Not only that, but you may also customize your PDC Spa swim spa model with LED lights and audio features– making it one-of-a-kind!

H2X Fitness Swim Spas

As the adage goes, health is wealth. Invest in your fitness journey by buying a swim spa that’s efficiently designed for health and wellness!

H2X Fitness swim spas (Master Spas-owned) are considered a popular option for exercise pools. The brand combines fitness and relaxation with excellent hydrotherapy features.

Let’s take a closer look at their three different swim spa lines:

  • Challenger Series: The brand’s latest models in the swim spa market. This line offers elite performance with an airless swim current and adjustable speed. It makes for a great choice if you’re a fitness enthusiast or a swimming athlete.
  • Trainer Series: Offering high performance and an air-injected swim current, the trainer series line also has the customizable speed to fit your needs and preference. If you’re seeking water therapy, this swim spa makes for an ideal pick!
  • Therapool: This is H2X’s entry-level range. It is suitable for fitness enthusiasts dealing with a small space on their property! The various compact sizes of these swim spa units offer aqua therapy at dual speed, with an air-injected flow stream.

The good news is, H2X Fitness Swim Spas also continue to receive positive reviews and high ratings among its customers. If you go with this route, you can count on a swim spa with a high-quality build and a wide range of exercise pools fit for both newbies and athletes!

The majority of their models are produced in the USA, with various stainless steel jets, shells, and skirting options available for your convenience. H2X is the choice if you prioritize general in-pool cardio exercise as well as strength training.

Hydropool Swim Spas

If you are looking for a swim spa with highly customizable jets and various designs to choose from, the Hydropool swim spa has you covered. Their swim spa lines provide options for relaxation, fitness, or even a combination of both, making your family's experience very enjoyable.

With 14 unique models that you can personalize, the brand undoubtedly has one of the largest selections you can choose from.

Most importantly, here are the four lines of swim spas under its name:

  • Aquaplay: The Aquaplay line is designed to have more bench seating than others to maximize the seating area. It is also versatile to install due to its three-sided entrance.
  • Aqua Trainer: This particular line is an all-in-one tub, pool, and aquatic gym packed with many functions despite costing less than a conventional pool. Its notable features are the adjustable current stream, abductor jets, hydrotherapy massage seats, and variable resistance, genuinely making it worth the price.  
  • Executive Trainer: As the name implies, it is the perfect trainer to cater to your all-out body fitness needs with less maintenance due to its self-cleaning feature. It has easily adjustable levels for various types of exercise, making it suitable for kids to triathletes using the Exclusive Aquapro Control. Thanks to the underwater treadmill technology built for your convenience, it gives you the space you need for high-intensity core exercises to low-impact jogging and walking. It also comes with a fitness watch specialized for swim spas to keep track of your fitness journey to seal the deal.
  • Aqua Sport: The AquaSport is a product of many engineering innovations that bring you a new ergonomic swim tank design along with four Hydrotherapy seats containing Zone Therapy systems in each to bring out the best relaxation experience. For further enjoyment, a pair of AccuFlo jets are responsible for letting you swim smoothly with a less reflective wave effect due to the AquaStream jet with Dual Performance Flow.

Hydropool Swim Spas have self-cleaning spas, which can efficiently filter the water within 45 minutes. It saves you all the time and extra dollars for maintenance.

For people who love customizing, the Hydropool swim spa's steps, cover, internal shell, cabinets, and external siding all come in different colors and styles, ranging from the lightest to the darkest colors available.

SwimEx Swim Spas

Swim spas in sheer variety? The SwimEx swim spa makes for a popular choice among many homeowners. The models make for a perfect addition in residential areas.

Each SwimEx swim spa model can hold various amounts of water at different dimensions. Hence, there's a unit that will perfectly fit what you're looking for!

If you're wondering about their smallest swim spa size, they have one at 400 S Series– holding up to 2,600 gallons of water. Regardless of its limited size, the unit is large enough to accommodate several people together at a given time.

Should you need a larger unit, they have a 1000 S Series unit holding 7,700 gallons of water. It makes for a perfect choice if you're planning to invite several people over for parties, gatherings, and the like.

As the brand's largest model to date, some of its notable features include an underwater running pad (which resembles a treadmill), an exercise bench, and wells for weightlifting exercises. Be prepared to shell out a bit more since the high-end features also come at a premium price tag.

Other SwimEx swim spa lines you need to check out are:

  • Triton: This is the brand’s latest model at an affordable price tag. If you’re looking for a world-class swimming experience and aquatic experience– you will never go wrong with this SwimEx swim spa line.
  • 500 S Series: It is considered a highly versatile swim spa that can be used for your water exercise activities.
  • 600 S Series: Dubbed as the most powerful SwimEx swim spa line for residential use, enjoy a consistently strong and deep water current any time of the day. It makes for an excellent choice for aquatic exercise, swimming, and hydrotherapy.
  • 800 S Series: A flat bottom swim spa offers versatility in water exercises or hydrotherapy, with its various depths and an integrated treadmill. There’s also an option to customize it with a second-floor level.

Endless Pools Swim Spas

Endless Pools offer great value swim spas designed for leisure and fitness purposes. You may even opt to build your own model with your preferred features and see the running tab as you customize it. What's not to love?

This brand is among the oldest names in the industry today. They have built a great reputation for their units, earning the trust of consumers since then.

Choose your unique underwater fitness adventure with the following swim spa lines:

  • E-Series Endless Pools Fitness Systems: This swim spa is great for family bonding and water exercise, along with the addition of hydromassage seats. This line offers a premium aquatic experience that is claimed to be left unmatched.
  • X-Series Swim Cross Exercise Systems: Achieve your fitness goals with the help of this swim spa line! The airless 4-jet current ensures a smooth, variable resistance.
  • R-Series Recsport Recreation Systems: Offering a balance of relaxation, recreation, and resistance– the R-series helps you enjoy lifelong wellness at an affordable price. It is powered by three airless jets, and the current is designed for excellent aquatic workouts.

To select the best Endless Pools swim spa to fit your needs best, prioritize a model that will ensure comfort, convenience, and ease of access.

If you want to put yourself to a challenge, try the customizable multi-speed Underwater Treadmill or other optional strength-training exercises. After a successful session, relax and unwind with hydrotherapy.

The good thing about Endless Pools is they offer you a price quote almost immediately after you build your desired model. It gives you an idea of the total running costs that fit your swim spa budget. If it’s a few thousand dollars more, you may have to change other design features to lower the tab– such as water jets and lighting.

This brand’s swim spa models also have various sizes to fit different needs– from 1,200 to 2,400 gallons.


At some point, you may have wondered about questions such as: What is the best swim spa on the market? Who makes the best swim spas?

With 40 different brands claiming they’re the best– the crème de la crème boils down on a swim spa that fits your preference and needs.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the sales pitches and irresistible features, but ensure to research customer testimonials online to get your money's worth!

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August 24, 2021

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