Wasp Nest Problems? Here’s How Much You Should Expect Wasp Nest Removal To Cost

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While you can try to get rid of the wasp nest yourself, it’s better to hire a local pest control company to do the job for you effectively and safely. On average, professional wasp nest removal costs $115 to $1,495.

Fortunately, most wasp treatments are one-time visits. It’s still ideal to book follow-up visits to monitor any wasp activity recurrence, though. In some extreme cases, residential wasp control may be a long-term project.

It starts with an initial visit costing you $173 to $345. Next, monthly visits will run for $46 to $80, depending on the needed treatment type. 

Exact Quotes And Finding A Wasp Removal Professional.

While we do try to keep the pricing in our guides current and accurate, actual costs will depend on local market conditions and the scope of your wasp problems. Naturally, you may find it difficult or frustrating to contact a professional (sometimes it's like they don't want your business!).

That's why we recommend using a network of contractors that compete for your business. Contractors compete, you win.

Use the button above to submit your estimate request, and local professionals will call you. This puts you in the drivers seat!

Factors Affecting Wasp Nest Removal Cost

The wasp removal cost will depend on the on-site assessment results of your exterminator. Here are some factors to keep in mind that will determine the total project costs:


Simply put, hard-to-reach nests located in attics or in between walls will need demolition for easy access. Nests in high trees or under eaves may also require your exterminator to use additional special equipment, further driving up the costs.

Other equipment used for accessibility purposes, such as ladders and protective gear, will be calculated in the final expenses accordingly.

Type of Wasp

Given several wasp species, the extermination costs may depend on how aggressive and dangerous the ones are at your property. 

Let's discuss the most common types of wasps and their average removal costs with that in mind.

  • Paper Wasps - Generally, paper wasps are relatively common and docile. These wasps are known to build their nests in easily accessible areas, such as trees and overhangs. Accordingly, paper wasp removal costs are on the lower end of the range. It will only cost you somewhere between $115 and $460. Since paper wasps rarely attack people, exterminating them is only required if the nest is situated in a high-traffic area or you’re developing a specific allergic reaction.
  • Mud Daubers - Much like paper wasps, mud daubers are one wasp type that is easily removed. They are also unlikely to sting, placing the extermination costs at an acceptable price range between $345 and $690.
  • Bald-faced Hornets - Bald-faced hornets aren’t hornets per se. Instead, they are a unique wasp species that cost similarly to exterminating any other type of wasp. Though usually unaggressive, bald-faced hornets can sting quite painfully. These wasps may defend their nest aggressively, but they have no chance to attack once they are foraging for food somewhere. Their nests are also commonly located in hard-to-reach areas in trees, and exterminating them will cost $460 to $920.
  • Yellow Jackets - Yellow Jackets are known to be rather expensive wasps to exterminate. Higher expenses are primarily due to how they colonize underground burrows. Additionally, their aggressiveness poses a health risk to your exterminator. In some cases, they may swarm any intruder and relentlessly pursue them even up to a few hundred yards. Given that yellow jacket extermination can be rather challenging, this will cost you a minimum of $575. The total costs will increase according to the infestation severity.

Location of the Nest

If your exterminator can easily access the wasp nest, that means you’ll need less time and money to get rid of it.

Keep in mind that the location of most wasp nests depends on the specific wasp species. For instance, a hornet nest on a low tree branch will typically cost you less than a nest located on a second-story eave or inside the chimney in terms of professional exterminating costs.

While it can be tricky to come up with exact cost estimates based on wasp nest location, here’s a general range of the least to most expensive areas: 

  • Nests in the ground level
  • Nests in a tree or bush
  • Nests in the second story (or more)
  • Nests inside the attic
  • Nests inside the chimney
  • Nests in the underground
  • Nests inside the walls

The more wasp in your home, the more giant its nest would be. Large nests can be quite challenging to remove– increasing the total wasp extermination costs.


Walls prove to be the ideal hiding and nesting spot for wasps. It will cost $460 to $1,035 on average and an additional $575 to $1,610 for any construction repair. Your exterminator may need to drill the wall with tiny holes to push a pesticide, as it takes quite numerous methods to remove wasps once they are in between the walls.

Hence, it’s best to prepare your budget accordingly for possible drywall repair and painting expenses afterward. It is easy for wasps to build their nests inside walls, given adequate space, especially in uninsulated garage walls. That’s one area you need to pay close attention to.


Wasp nests are also commonly found in the attic’s interior soffits. As such, exterminating them can be pretty tricky. Your pro may need extra time and equipment to ensure total removal. In some cases, soffits may need to be removed for accessibility.

Attic wasp removal costs about $402. It may increase depending on the nest accessibility and the height of the floor up to the nest. Beyond the first 10 feet, you may need to shell out an additional $35.

Generally, the cost of attic wasp removal can be pretty cost-effective than other areas in the household. 


Outdoor wasp extermination costs begin at $340. The exact price will heavily depend on the nest’s location.

It is common to spot wasp nests high above the ground. As such, it will be dangerous for you (or any other occupants of your home) to walk near the nests.

Entire house

An entire house wasp extermination may reach up to $1,500. Additional preventive measures to ensure wasps won’t reappear any time soon translates to an additional $230 to $460.

Most professionals end up closing any path for wasps to enter the house before opening the fireplace. Pesticides are then commonly used to force the wasps to fly away outside your home.

Treatment Type

There are various ways to remove wasp nests in your home. Using an aerosol spray or a concentrated liquid application is perhaps the most common wasp treatment method.

It eradicates wasps upon contact, and the treatment continuously does so for several days. With some treatment methods using special equipment such as vacuum to suck insects from small crevices, this may only cost you more.

Additionally, if you opt for environmentally-friendly, less toxic insecticides to deal with wasps– prepare your budget for the increased costs. 

Wasp-Exterminating Chemicals

There are two main types of chemicals to exterminate wasps: either in spray or dust form. Sprays will cost you around $3 to $23. It uses a chemical solution to kill wasps and other insects upon contact.

It is usually used in a directed spray, shooting as far as 20 feet. The good news is, sprays can continuously exterminate returning wasps even after a few weeks. Meanwhile, wasp dust extermination starts at $6 to $29. Your exterminator will dust the entry points surrounding the ground-dwelling nests.

Doing so restricts any insects from entering or leaving the nest, eradicating it after a while entirely. 

Chemical Alternatives

Some homeowners aren’t simply fond of using harsh, toxic chemicals in their household. If you’re looking for chemical-free alternatives to exterminate wasps, here are some options you may consider.

  • Soap and Water - A simple combination of soap and water will only cost you around $2 to $23 in total. Simply combine soap to water on a 1:4 ratio, and put the mixture into a spray bottle to eradicate wasps upon contact. This alternative is safe to use even around pets. Not to mention, it is also effective on other insects.
  • Wasp Trap - A standard wasp trap costs somewhere between $6 to $23 on average. While it won’t kill the wasp nest, it will prevent them from infesting certain areas in your house. Consider this alternative in keeping high-traffic rooms safe from wasp presence while ignoring the nest. 

Professional Inspections

Most professional exterminators include an on-site inspection as a part of their standard wasp removal packages. A professional assessment will determine the wasp type present in your home, as well as the location and size of the nest.

It’s best to consult your exterminator about this matter to ensure both parties are on the same page.

Infestation Level

Let’s say you have a severe wasp infestation in your home. In that case, the wasp extermination costs may reach up to $1,500. It includes a traditional pesticide treatment (which may take on several sessions) and post-treatment.

Keep in mind that the cost to remove wasps will vary significantly on the infestation level. If your home has large nests with plenty of wasps, your exterminator will need to repeat the procedure more than once: As soon as you notice any wasp activity, it’s best to contact local pest control services at once.

If you wait any longer, this may only increase the risk of letting more insects thrive on your property. Note that these pests won’t magically disappear once they are done building their nests.

Wasp Prevention

Professional wasp prevention costs $250 to $345. A good way to skip paying pest control fees is to deal with the problem before your wasp problem goes out of control. (Related: Common Florida Yard Pests And How To Prevent Them)

Signing up for wasp prevention services is popular among homeowners who recently removed wasp nests in their property, unwilling to spot wasps in their homes again.

Wasp Damage Repair

Once wasps find their way inside the walls, they may leave holes in the process. After your professional wasp removal treatment, you may need to seal the holes to ensure the structural integrity of your home.

You may need to hire a carpenter to repair wasp damage, starting at an hourly rate of $80.

Should I Hire a Professional Wasp Exterminator?

If you’re dealing with a severe wasp infestation, doing simple DIY methods may not suffice. Your safest bet is to hire a professional to do the job for you– especially if you don’t want to deal with wasp stings or buy several expensive protective gears just for one project. 

Although you will need to shell out the costs of professional wasp extermination, hiring a pro ensures the task is done correctly and safely. Pros have the appropriate training, equipment, as well as insecticides to get rid of wasps fast.

Fortunately, finding a local pest control company won’t be difficult. A simple Google search on “wasp exterminator near me” will yield several results wherever you are in the country. There’s also no harm in asking for word-of-mouth recommendations. Talk to your loved ones or colleagues if they have pest exterminator suggestions in your area.

Always ask for relevant certifications before you sign up with a professional exterminator. You can also search for reviews and testimonials online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most common questions we get on wasp removal from homeowners:

How many wasps are in a nest?

A standard wasp nest (similar to a golf ball) contains 10 to 50 wasps on average. At the end of the year, an overlooked nest may easily hold up to 10,000 to 20,000 wasps.

How long does a wasp removal treatment take?

It will all depend on the nest's location in the house. Granted, it is easily accessible by your exterminator; it may only take a couple of minutes to complete. The duration will also depend on the expertise of your chosen local pest control company. After spraying insecticide, a wasp nest is expected to be destroyed within a few hours.

Can wasps return after professional treatment?

Unfortunately, wasps can make a comeback after professional treatment. It's why most homeowners sign for preventive measures to save themselves from this recurring problem. Professional pest control services can offer you preventative treatments to keep new wasps from occupying the same infested territories.

Kenneth Wilson
October 14, 2021
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