Top Bathroom Remodel Trends Of 2020

Kenneth Wilson

Do you ever wonder how people make their bathrooms look great? Considering that bathrooms are one of the most used yet looked-over rooms when it comes to the design. It’s either it was left untouched after one has moved in or there were comprises that needed to be made in the bathroom when the house was being built.

If you’ve always wanted to have a well-designed bathroom, one of the best sources of inspiration is the bathroom remodel trends of this year. From a simple upgrade to complete renovations with the latest styles, these trends can help make your bathroom look more aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

So if you’ve finally wanted to get rid of those old-looking tiles or don’t know where to start with your bathroom remodeling project, here are the top 2020 trends for different aspects of a bathroom - from mirrors to lighting and everything in between.

Open Showers (And Tubs, Too)

A popular trend before and now are open showers. Not only does it make the space look like a sprawling bathroom, but it is also practical for smaller bathrooms. It helps save space and makes it more convenient for users.

Simply separating the shower area with a glass wall can make the bathroom look more spacious as well. Another alternative for a glass wall is a black frame, which can make the bathroom look like a loft.

An open shower is a suitable design for those who want a minimalistic-looking bathroom, and it can also give off a modern vibe. But if you go for this style, just make sure you are comfortable with it since there is a lack of privacy and will required the drainage to be well-maintained. If your drain is not working properly, this can flood and expose the bathroom to water damage.

While some people trade their tubs for open showers, especially if they have a small bathroom, there are those who choose to have both. Bathtubs are seen as a seldom-used decorative feature that takes up space and can be dangerously slippery, but by introducing the open shower and tub area concept, it has become an option, permitted that the homeowners have space.

Having both the tub and shower in one space without separating them with barriers allows the bathroom to still look like a large and sprawling open area. The only problem with this design is that soap and water residue may build-up at the bottom of the tub and shower. So if you have space, it’s still better to have an open shower and separate bathtub.


Double vanities have come back this year! Besides the usual side-to-side design, another popular style is a vanity island, similar to a kitchen island. Unfortunately, the second one will require more space and won’t be suitable for smaller bathrooms. But if you do get double vanities, just think of it as having extra storage space. 

Speaking of storage, another vanity trend is the floating bathroom vanity. Not only does it look amazing, but you can utilize the space at the bottom for storage. If you want to make it still look stylish, you can use beautiful baskets or add more compartments into the cabinetry. 

Source: Birch Lane

If you have a small bathroom or just don’t have space, you can always opt for a single vanity. A popular trend this year is to make the vanity space more eye-catching. You can try adding a unique tile or wallpaper for the vanity space such as the mirror area.

Will his-and-her private vanity be worth it? Well, having two sinks and mirrors are better than just having one of each. As long as you have space, double vanities will allow you and your partner to be able to quickly prepare for the day and have space for your bathroom products and other personal items. 


Mirror, mirror on the wall, you don’t have to be rectangular or circular anymore.

This seems to be a popular phrase or thinking when it comes to bathroom remodeling this year. People are opting to replace straight-edged mirrors with non-traditional ones. From unique geometrical shapes to unusual asymmetrical styles, this small upgrade changes the way your bathroom looks.

While it may not be practical since you’d have less mirror space, with say for example a cloud-shaped mirror than a circular one, it can still be a valuable upgrade. If you prefer to maintain the traditional mirror, another trend is using frames. This way, it’s stylish as well as functional.


A very important aspect of a bathroom, which is often looked over, is the lighting. Aside from functionality, proper lighting also affects the aesthetics and spruces up the decor. While it is better if you have windows where natural light floods in, you can still make the room brighter and get a better ambiance with different lighting styles.

It’s not just single-source lighting anymore, you can use integrated lighting, light fixtures, LED strips, pendant lights, and more. You can now integrate lighting into different areas of rooms. One popular way is getting a mirror with integrated lighting. It is also an important feature of bathroom mirrors. You can opt for back-lit mirrors if you prefer more subtle lighting, but front lighting works as well. 

Another option is to install light fixtures such as small chandeliers, wall sconce, or hanging bulbs. But if you prefer keeping the fixtures to a minimum, a popular alternative is using light strips in between walls or on the ceiling.

One With Nature

Nature lover or not, you might want to try this biophilic design. Even if you don’t spend much time in the bathroom, why not convert it into a more relaxing space by integrating plans into the decor. From using simple potted plants to a green wall, the soothing tones of nature will make the room come more alive and convert it into a private oasis.

A nature-loving design doesn’t only revolve around greenery. You can also get tubs or sinks that were inspired by nature-based shapes or utilizing recycled materials and reclaimed wood. Going eco-friendly with lighting and finding ways to save water with different bathroom features are all part of the biophilic design trend.


A timeless design that can never go wrong for your bathroom remodel is the marble. It can be used on the flooring, walls, as a wallpaper, or a countertop material. This look is a staple, whether it comes in small tiles, big slabs, chevron pattern, or any other shape and design. 

While marble countertops are most commonly seen in the kitchen, it is now becoming a popular option in bathrooms as well. It gives off a classic yet upscale vibe, making the room look more regal. Some also use it for their vanities or go for the entire wall - the possibilities are endless. 

Vibrant Colors Here And There

While white is a common color for bathrooms to give it a clean and timeless look, adding pops of color or getting colored walls and flooring can give the space a more modern look.

Instead of white subway tiles, you can try high colored glossy tiles. Not only can it improve the aesthetics of the room, but it is also practical. The gloss makes it easier to clean as well as water-resistant. Try bold colors such as royal blue and other beautiful jewel tones.

Using bright colors doesn’t only apply to the flooring or walls; another option is getting colored sinks or tubs. By doing this, you’ll have a nice accent for the room, but you have to be careful not to have too many bright colors. To make sure that the colors won’t clash, choose one or two bathroom features you want to highlight and then adjust the rest, such as utilizing neutral tones, to complement it.

For a more affordable way of making the bathroom more vibrant, you can also just repaint the walls and floor. This way, you won’t have to replace or add colored sinks, tubs, cabinets, tiles, or wallpaper. 

Brass and Gold Accents

Another way to accentuate different bathroom features is by using brass and gold colors. This adds glamour and gives the room a vintage yet sleek look. For small accents, it can be used for the frame of a mirror, base of light fixtures, and more. 

You can also go bigger and use shades of brass and golf for sinks, toilets, fixtures such as faucets and pipes, hardware, or other features of your bathroom. Again, don’t go too overboard with brass and gold colors. It should be used as tones while the rest of your bathroom utilizes complementing colors to make sure that it would look gorgeous and not tacky.

Industrial Look

As mentioned above, you can use brass and gold tones on fixtures to accentuate them. Using these metallic colors on handles, knobs, taps, and more not only makes them stand out, but it gives the space a more industrial look. Compared to the classic white look, an industrial-styled bathroom makes gives a rustic yet classic vibe. 

Source: Bee Space

Compact and Hidden Storage

Compact and hidden storage can be used for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Not only will you have more space, but the bathroom will look so much better with less clutter and storage areas that stand out.

Aside from hidden cabinets and shelves, vanity is one of the most common places where one can increase storage space. You can install specialized compartments or use the space underneath for storing extra bathroom products.

Another alternative is a pull-out stool that doubles as a storage box. This is perfect for those who want a seating area without taking up too much space in the bathroom. It will now be practical and safer since you won’t need that step ladder for boxes you would have placed on top of cabinets or shelves.

Without altering too much, you can also increase storage space by using the shower curtains. Fit some organizers on them, and you’ll have a place to store shampoos, soap, and other bathroom products while keeping them out of sight.

Underfloor Heating

Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, with winter just around the corner, it’s time to install or upgrade the heating system of our bathroom. I think that bathrooms are one of the coldest rooms during this time of the month, with the flooring, knobs, handles, and tub feeling like ice to the touch.

Source: Warmup

Instead of investing in fuzzy bathroom slippers, which won’t feel as good when it’s wet, a popular trend to heat up the bathroom is heated floors. Even if you don’t have a tile floor, it can still be used for other materials such as wood, vinyl, or concrete.

The Real Modern Bathroom

Whether you want to include more technology or convert it into a smart bathroom, more homeowners are installing gadgets and other electrical appliances to obtain a modern, high-tech bathroom.

Similar to kitchens nowadays, bathrooms are now incorporated with more technology to make everything more functional, convenient, and comfortable. There are now smart showers and mirrors, high-tech toilets, automatic sinks, and more!

Source: Warmly

But modernizing the bathroom isn’t just about the voice-activated features and automation. With televisions, refrigerators, beverage dispensers, warming drawers, and music systems, the bathroom is turned into a spa room, entertainment area, and more relaxing and convenient space.

Ready to get started with your bathroom remodeling project?

If you’ve found a trend you want to try or got inspired by one, then the next step is finding a bathroom remodeling contractor.

For those who still haven’t decided on a contractor or want to check out how much other contractors would cost, I recommend trying Networx. With this platform, you’ll find trusted and reliable contractors in your area without spending a lot of time and effort researching and comparing estimates.


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Kenneth Wilson
October 11, 2020
Bathroom Remodeling, Ideas & Inspiration

Kenneth Wilson

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