The Best Garage Door Thresholds To Keep Leaves & Bugs Out (And Where to Buy Them)

Kenneth Wilson

No matter what you keep in your garage, the last thing you want is for water, pests, leaves, and dirt to enter the room regularly. Not only will they potentially ruin anything that’s stored inside, but you will also have to spend a considerable amount of time cleaning up.

The great news is that you can install a garage door threshold underneath your door to protect the inside of your garage from outside debris and critters.

Below, we introduce five of the best garage door thresholds on the market (and where to buy them) and explain why adding this simple strip to your home is a smart move.

Why Do I Need a Garage Door Threshold?

The space that exists underneath a closed garage door is sufficient for leaves, dirt, and bugs to enter and make a mess in your garage. Even attached garage doors leave enough of a gap to be exploited by pests, but fortunately, there’s a simple enough solution: garage door thresholds.

Made from various materials, garage door thresholds essentially seal your garage, preventing any unwelcome pests, dirt, or debris from entering your home. 

What Should I Look for in a Garage Door Threshold?

When looking for a suitable garage door threshold, the most important consideration is how good it is at preventing leaves, bugs, and dirt from entering inside. You should also consider the protection the sealant offers regarding water damage, as you don’t want your garage to flood during or after a heavy downfall.

Your chosen threshold also needs to be resilient and durable, as you don’t want it to become damaged after a short period of time.

Let’s look at some of the factors you need to consider before ordering a garage door threshold:

  • Height & Length - You need to begin by measuring the distance between your closed garage door and the floor. Garage door thresholds come in different sizes, so you need to look for one that adequately closes the space, providing a tight, waterproof seal for your home. Once you’ve measured the height, you will also need to measure the length of your garage door. Again, it’s a good idea to order a threshold with slightly more length than necessary, so it can be cut down and customized to suit the size of your garage door.
  • Material The best garage door thresholds are flexible and durable. They need to be strong enough to prevent water and pests from entering but flexible enough, so you don’t damage your garage door when it closes. Typically, garage door thresholds are made from vinyl, aluminum, and rubber. The aluminum provides a stiff, durable frame, while the vinyl or rubber is used to make the seal.
  • Weather Protection - Remember, the main reason for installing a garage door threshold is to protect your home from unwelcome pests, leaves, and garden debris. But an adequate sealant weatherproofs your garage, preventing cold draughts from blowing into your home, as well as its waterproof properties as mentioned above.

Now you know what to consider before ordering a garage door threshold, let’s take a look at the best thresholds on the market and where you can buy them. 

Five of the Best Garage Door Thresholds (And Where to Buy Them)

1. Eapele 20ft Garage Door Threshold Seal

Great for double and single doors, the Eapele garage door threshold seal provides 20ft of protection and can easily be cut down to size with a utility knife.

The rubber is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and is weatherproof, making it a great choice if your home is particularly affected by the elements.

You will need to purchase adhesive separately, as the threshold doesn’t come with the necessary glue to attach it to your garage floor.



Withstands extreme temperatures (from -40F to 284F)

No adhesive included

Illuminated strip which makes it easy to see at night, reducing the likelihood of tripping 

Will need to be cut to fit most garage doors

Where to buy it? Order  from Amazon or Walmart.

2. Tsunami Seal Lifetime Garage Door Threshold Seal Kit

One of the leading brands in the industry, the Tsunami lifetime garage door seal is available from as little as 8.5ft in length up to 100ft. It also comes in black, brown, and grey, meaning you can choose the perfect color for your home.

This threshold measures 0.5in high and 3.5in wide, and fits perfectly underneath most roll-up and hinged garage doors.

It also comes with five tubes of adhesive, which saves you from having to buy some separately. All in all, the Tsunami threshold is a great product.



Available in lengths of up to 100ft, which is ideal for bigger projects

The vinyl may expand and contract when subjected to high temperatures

Seals tightly to prevent pests, dirt, and debris from entering your garage

One of the more expensive products on the market

Where to buy itOrder from AmazonHome Depot, or Walmart.

3. Weather Defender Garage Door Threshold Floor Seal

As the name suggests, the Weather Defender garage door threshold is a great option if your garage regularly falls victim to the weather.

Made from eco-PVC rubber, the Weather Defender seal is 0.63 in high and 3.5in wide and protects your garage from flowing water and ice.

It seals to the floor with a grooved base and has a reflective yellow strip, which reduces the risk of trips or accidents.



The eco-PVC protects your garage from the harshest of weather conditions

The adhesive included with the threshold is not suitable for all garage floors

Can be installed under all types of garage doors

Slightly higher than other thresholds available, which won’t be suitable for everyone

Where to buy it? Order from AmazonWeather Defender, or Kmart.

4. M-D Building Products Garage Door Threshold Kit

If you’re constantly frustrated by pests entering your garage, the M-D Building Products garage door threshold could solve your problems.

The seal is made from durable vinyl and offers robust protection from unwelcome pests and critters, while weatherproofing your garage at the same time.

Included with your order is silicone adhesive, and the 10ft length should be sufficient for most single garage doors.



The hard-wearing vinyl is durable and long-lasting and shouldn’t show signs of wear and tear

The provided adhesive is not ideal for all garage floors

The product has a gentle slope which directs water away from your garage

When attached, the seal has a lower profile, which might not provide protection for slightly higher spaces

Where to buy itOrder from AmazonMD Building Products, or Home Depot.

5. Papillon Universal Garage Door Threshold Seal Strip

Comprising of EPDM rubber, Papillion’s 20ft garage door threshold is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and does a great job of keeping out pests, leaves, and dirt.

The high-quality rubber doesn’t crack, shift, or dry out and is extremely durable, which is one of this product’s most attractive features.

An illuminated strip runs through the middle of the threshold, reminding drivers of its presence when entering or exiting the garage in poor light.



The seal is completely weatherproof and directs water away from your garage

You will need to buy adhesive separately 

Available in multiple lengths, making it easy to customize

Where to buy itOrder from AmazonWalmart, or Sears.

Garage Door Threshold Installation Cost

As home improvement projects go, installing a garage door threshold is relatively straightforward and shouldn’t cost a great deal of money. Thresholds cost anywhere between $30 - $150, depending on the brand and length that you opt for.

You will also have to factor in the price of additional adhesive, as many products don’t come with adhesive, or provide a product that won’t necessarily get the job done. Depending on how much you need, you should be able to pick up adhesive from a local hardware store for between $10-$50

Therefore, overall, you can expect your garage door threshold installation to cost somewhere in the region of $200 or less, if you’re happy to undertake the project yourself.

Garage Door Threshold: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it easy to install a garage door threshold?

Generally speaking, it’s relatively easy to install a garage door threshold. You need to get your measurements right, choose the right product, and cut it to size. Then, it’s a matter of fixing your threshold to the floor, using a strong adhesive.  

What’s the best adhesive for garage door thresholds?

You need to invest in a high-quality adhesive to affix your garage door threshold, as it needs to stand the test of time. A brand like Garadry should do the job, as you will find that some of the adhesives included with thresholds themselves are insufficient.

Do garage door thresholds actually work?

Yes, garage door thresholds certainly do the task that’s required of them. Providing they have been installed correctly, they prevent water, dirt, debris, and unwanted pests from entering your garage.

Final Thoughts

Installing a garage door threshold is an affordable and effective way of protecting the interior of your garage from water damage, pests, and debris.

Given the range of products available on the market, you should review the features of various thresholds before deciding on the best one for your home, using the five we’ve introduced above as a great place to begin your research.

Kenneth Wilson
October 21, 2021
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Kenneth Wilson

Retired contractor. Currently residing in Southwest Florida. Now in semi-retirement, I write and manage this blog focused on helping home owners make savvy decisions when it comes to finding contractors and getting their projects done. I also operate remodeling design service for homeowners.

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