Stylish Bathroom Backsplash Ideas to Recreate

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A bathroom backsplash offers protection and style for your walls. Choosing the right backsplash can change the look and feel of your bathroom for the better– so it's best to choose wisely.

With so many backsplash options, here are some of our bathroom backsplash favorites that you can use as a reference.

18 Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Here we go....

1. Be Creative with The Grout

The good news is that you're not limited to white grout for your bathroom. More homeowners choose grout colors in gray, black, or orange, which provides several ways to personalize your space. Even if you're working with white tiles, your colored grout can improve its appeal drastically.

If you have vibrant colored floors, you can use colored grout to handle the color coordination (instead of finding complementary wall tiles).

2. Painted Bathroom Sink Backsplash

(Source: Christina Wedge)

Are you working on a budget? Not a problem! You may consider budget-friendly bathroom backsplash ideas, such as painting the wall behind the sink with a two-tone treatment. This gives you the appearance of a backsplash without spending extra on tile installation. For instance, this neutral bathroom backsplash inspo features dark gray paint to complement the slate floor tiles. (Related: Best Bathroom Sink Ideas for Every Kind of Home)

3. Use Eclectic Tiles

(Source: Visharo)

Gone are the days you were stuck to uniform tile designs. In fact, you may leverage creative, mismatched tiles for a unique bathroom backsplash. Mixing tiles (of different kinds) will also help you save money aside from getting a one-of-a-kind design. If you want to give your bathroom a playful look– give it a try!

4. Classy Fire and Marble

(Source: Adobe)

This flaming backsplash is a true beauty! Plus points if you're a big fan of Game of Thrones or Avatar: The Last Airbender. We love how the flaming tiles run to the ceiling, with an essential backlit mirror and light to complete the entire look. It creates a gold striation on the black marble, resembling a lava appearance.

The round mirror that's hung with a cord (instead of being mounted on the wall) offers a unique aesthetic touch.

5. Mix and Match the Backsplash Materials

(Source: Leclair Decor)

Aside from your backsplash, you will also need to consider the best countertops and cabinetries that blend. If you started picking out your desired bathroom backsplash, better use it as a starting point as you pick the rest. Homeowners who pick a shiny backsplash tile may benefit from choosing black marble countertops and wooden cabinets to add some texture.

6. Bold Bathroom Backsplash Tile

(Source: Werner Segarra)

Are you looking to make a statement? A graphic tile design makes for the perfect bathroom backsplash!

In this next backsplash decor inspo, patterned black and white tiles stretch to the ceiling to create a bold focal point along the vanity wall. We're big fans of the mix-and-match designs that add a unique dimension and texture.

7. Go Monochromatic

Another statement-maker is a monochromatic themed bathroom, where you can leverage your backsplash to tie the space together. If the shower is installed with pink tiles, you can let similar colored tiles extend to the backsplash (or provide contrast by choosing a pink terrazzo backsplash. The choice is yours!

8. Use Patterned Tiles to Create Visual Interest

(Source: Ca' Pietra)

If you want a quick and easy way to make a visual statement in your bathroom, consider using bathroom tiles with intricate patterns.

Today, smart choices include encaustic tiles, Mediterranean-style patterns, or oak life motif tiles. Using soft tones and variations in shade adds a glamorous touch to your bathroom regardless of the theme you're aiming to achieve.

9. Complement Your Hardware

As we previously mentioned, it is crucial to match your new backsplash to your existing bathroom hardware.

A backsplash serves as the focal point of the living space, so you’ll be better off color-coordinating it with other fixtures to ensure it captures attention effectively. Be meticulous in choosing your overhead lights, drawer pulls, and towel racks. Once you ensure a match, the space will feel more balanced and whole! 

10. Wood Plank Bathroom Vanity Backsplash

(Source: Christina Wedge)

If you’re looking for a cost-effective yet eye-catching bathroom backsplash option, you may want to consider horizontal painted wooden planks.

For instance, this shiplap wall treatment offers a rustic, cottagecore appeal to this blue bathroom. Homeowners who want contemporary design additions may include industrial-style lights and bold-colored vanities.

11. Tile Your Entire Bathroom Wall

(Source: Jake Curtis)

Since the backsplash usually covers the area behind your sink and needs to be big enough to capture attention, you may want to extend it throughout the entire wall.

For this next bathroom backsplash decor inspo, the blue and white tiles extend throughout the alcove wall to maximize its waterproofing capabilities. Not to mention, it also gives you a mural-like design for your bathroom.

12. Mimic the Beauty of Natural Stone with Porcelain

(Source: Ca' Pietra)

Homeowners who opt to use natural stone or other tiles that need sealing may want to use the right product to have them sealed ASAP.

This can be relatively high maintenance on your end, though. You may want to consider alternatives such as porcelain/ceramic tiles if you're aiming to break free from all the fuss. It doesn't need sealing, but it mimics the appearance of beautiful marble and more. You can get by just doing simple wiping and easy maintenance activities.

13. Cover the Wall in Stylish Tiles

Your backsplash doesn't need to begin and end behind your sink. It can cover an entire wall or span your whole bathroom. Consider extending your backsplash across your space if you don't mind the look of floor-to-ceiling tiles. Even if the tiles you choose are in a sleek neutral color, this wall-to-wall approach will make a statement.

14. Faux Concrete Bathroom Backsplash

(Source: John Granen)

Hand-plastered concrete-look backsplash complements modern vanity. This custom effect was achieved by troweling gray plaster; a stainless steel strip beneath the faucets protects against splashes. For a serene combination of earthy and industrial, pair the material with pops of green.

15. Use Wallpaper as Your Backsplash

Wallpaper may function as a built-in backsplash and can be used to transform any bathroom. Consider letting a beautiful print stand alone if you've lined your walls with it. If you like, you may add other design elements, such as marble or vibrant tiles, but you don't have to because what you currently have is so outstanding.

16. Go All Out with the Glory of Marble

Marble is the only way to go for a genuinely luxurious backsplash. The stone, which has long been valued but is currently trendy, is becoming more widely available in more accessible and cheap ways.

Alternatively, choose a full slab of some very decorative marble as a backsplash and wall cladding if you have the budget). This is a more costly option, but it has the most impact as part of bathroom tile ideas for a small bathroom.

17. Penny Tile Bathroom Backsplash

(Source: Brie Williams)

The use of round penny tiles isn't limited to the bathroom floors. Bring them up to the backsplash of your bathroom walls for a creative take on tradition. Choose a cream-colored tile to warm up a small bathroom and complement an earthy color scheme.

18. Line Your Walls with Wood Paneling

(Source: White Sands)

You may add texture to your walls without using traditional tiles in several ways. While unfinished wood paneling may appear rustic, it can look surprisingly sophisticated when combined with marble and shiny metal.

Consider skipping a typical backsplash to let your walls act as your backsplash if your walls are lined with wood paneling or another striking material.

Final Thoughts

Designing your bathroom isn't limited to your shower, flooring, or bathtub choice. The walls surrounding these items (aka the backsplash) will determine the visual impact of the space. Don't underestimate the ability of a bathroom backsplash to quickly make a statement, as it sits at eye level. Hence, you need to pick the right decor idea to make the most out of its appeal.

Kenneth Wilson
April 18, 2022
Bathroom Remodeling, Ideas & Inspiration, Interior

Kenneth Wilson

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