Ruud Furnaces: A Review & Cost Break Down

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Ruud is one of the biggest names in the business when it comes to furnaces and HVAC systems. Their models are renowned for being relatively affordable and energy efficient, which saves homeowners money on their heating bills in the long run.

In this review, we introduce you to some of Ruud’s best-performing furnaces, starting with their Achiever Plus range and ending with their Ultra EcoNet enabled series.

We also take a look at installation costs and Ruud warranties, so you have all the information that you need to select the Ruud furnace that is best suited to your home.

Cost Overview of Ruud Furnaces

Ruud Furnace Model

Unit Price From

Installation Cost (Approx.)

Achiever Plus R801T/802P



Achiever Plus R92T



Achiever Plus R95P



Achiever Plus R96T



Ultra U96V



Ultra w/EcoNet U97V/U98V



Why Choose a Ruud Furnace?

Ruud furnaces are widely regarded as efficient and high-performing furnaces that can help you save money on your long-term utility bills. Many of Ruud’s models have achieved Energy Star certification and are among the top-performing furnaces in the American market.

You can choose from Ruud’s Achiever Plus, Ultra Series, or EcoNet range, depending on the quality of furnace that you’re looking for. The best-performing Ruud furnaces are those with EcoNet technology, as you can control them remotely from your smartphone or with voice technology.

We provide you with a review of each type of Ruud furnace below, starting with the more affordable Achiever Plus range and rounding things off with the EcoNet equipped U98V.

Ruud Furnace Reviews and Performance

Ruud R801T – Achiever Plus Series (MSRP from $835 Unit Only)

In spite of its reputation as one of Ruud’s most affordable furnaces, the R801T is an environmentally friendly option that is manufactured with ultra-low NOx technology. It is constructed with aluminum steel and features solid doors, which ensures its quiet operation.

Its AFUE efficiency rating sits at 80%, and it is equipped with a premix burner. So, while it’s not the most energy-efficient option in the Ruud range, it packs a lot of features for its comparatively low price and is a great option if you’re looking to add a Ruud furnace to your home without spending the big bucks.

Ruud R92T – Achiever Plus Series (MSRP from $1,128 Unit Only)

With an AFUE rating of 92%, this energy-efficient Ruud furnace is positioned in the middle of the range when you take into account all of the Achiever Plus Series furnaces. Some of its standout components are a self-priming condensate trap and a removable heat exchanger, which both contribute to the high performance of the furnace.

The R92T is also equipped with Ruud’s patented heat exchanger, which increases airflow throughout your home and enhances the efficiency of the furnace. One of the best priced within the Achiever Plus Series and well worthy of your consideration.

Ruud R95T – Achiever Plus Series (MSRP from $1,389 Unit Only)

This Energy Star-certified furnace is capable of heating your entire home at the height of winter, from your basement to the attic. It’s undoubtedly an upgrade on the R801T and comes with a water management system and a PlusOne Ignition system that improves its overall performance.

It doesn’t matter where you place your R95T furnace as it operates extremely quietly, and with an AFUE rating of 95%, this is undoubtedly a high-performing home furnace to be taken seriously.

Ruud U96V – Ultra Series (MSRP from $1,515 Unit Only)

Ruud’s Ultra Series furnaces are two-stage models comprising variable-speed blower motor technology. The U96V is available at a similar price point to the R96T Achiever model and shares the same AFUE rating of 96%.

Consumers often prefer the Ultra Series thanks to its enhanced user interface, which enables you to control your furnace much more easily and enjoy energy savings as a result.

Ruud R96T – Achiever Plus Series (MSRP from $1,535 Unit Only)

Equipped with a constant torque motor and benefitting from a 10-year conditional warranty, the Ruud R96T has the PlusOne Ignition System at its core, which is one of the world’s most reliable furnace systems. It operates quietly and efficiently and has a water management system that prevents water damage and spillage.

Within is a patented heat exchanger that enhances airflow and reduces the sound of the furnace by approximately 20%. And with an impressive AFUE efficiency rating of 96%, this is one of the best options in the impressive Achiever range.

Ruud Ultra EcoNet U98V – Ultra Series (MSRP from $1,678 Unit Only)

The top-performing furnace in the Ruud range is the Ultra Econet U98v, which has all the bells and whistles you would expect to see on an energy-efficient furnace. Comprising all the features of all other Ultra range models, the U98V benefits from PlusOne diagnostics and a seven-segment LED display that allows you to service and maintain your furnace easily.

It comes with a 98% AFUE rating as standard and is one of the most energy-efficient furnaces on the market. And when paired up with EcoNet, you can remotely control the heating and cooling of your property from your smartphone or with voice control.

So, if you’re looking for Ruud’s top-performing furnace that is energy efficient and easy to maintain and control, the U98V model is the one to go for.

Which is the Best Ruud Furnace? 

Ruud has developed a reputation as the manufacturer of exceptional furnace systems in North America, so you can be sure that any Ruud furnace will do the job that is required of it. And while the Achiever Plus range is more affordable, there’s no doubt that the Ultra models are the best furnaces to opt for, with a special mention for the Ultra U98V model with EcoNet technology.

When you’re looking for a new furnace, one of the most important things to consider is its energy efficiency rating, and with the exception of the R810 model, most of Ruud’s furnaces have an AFUE rating in the mid-high nineties.

It’s a smart move to spend a little more money on an energy-efficient furnace before enjoying considerable long-term savings, as opposed to trying to pick up a cheaper model that is much less efficient. The more energy-efficient your furnace is, the more you will save on heating bills; it’s as simple as that.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Ruud Furnace?

We’ve provided you with an idea of the cost of buying various Ruud units, but what about the cost of installing the furnace at your home? Well, there are several factors that affect the price of furnace installation, and each Ruud furnace is likely to command a slightly different installation price (as evidenced in the table at the start of the article).

More generally, HomeServe suggests budgeting between $950 and $1,150 to account for the professional installation of a new furnace. It typically takes between 10-12 hours for a professional to install your furnace, but it might even take longer.

It is a legal requirement for installers to be NATE certified, and you should never seek to install a new furnace yourself. Before deciding on your chosen Ruud furnace, be mindful that the installation costs will be considerable, so ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the whole project. (Related: Furnace Replacement: The Homeowner's Cost Guide)

Do Ruud Furnaces Come with a Warranty?

Most Ruud furnaces come with a ten-year warranty as standard, which covers parts and labor that is required to fix any faults that occur as a result of the manufacturing or installation process. As with any type of warranty or guarantee, it’s so important to read your warranty carefully so you can be aware of what is and what isn’t covered.

Given the high price of labor and repairs you will be subject to pay if your furnace stops working, it’s so important that your installation is covered by a warranty, so check Ruud’s terms and conditions before settling on a furnace for your home.

The Verdict 

We have no hesitation when it comes to recommending Ruud furnaces, as they’re comparatively affordable, high-performing, and energy-efficient. But due to the range of makes and models available, it’s important to select the Ruud furnace that is best suited to your needs and budget and be sure to have it professionally installed by a NATE certified technician.

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December 22, 2021
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