How Much Would It Cost To Maintain a Pool?

Kenneth Wilson

Isn’t it nice to have a pool in your home? You don’t have to go to the beach, public pool, or a friend’s house to enjoy a quick dip.

But before you jump in and relax under the Florida sun, you might want to know how much it would cost to maintain a pool. It largely depends on the applied sanitation system, cleaning equipment, and hardware used.

To help get you started, here is a guide for the cost of cleaning your own pool and the equipment needed to maintain it.

Pool Chemicals

Bacteria and algae thrive in swimming pools because it has stagnant water with changing pH levels. Other factors that contribute to contaminants in your pool water are temperature changes and exposure to moisture and oxygen.

To take care of your pool, you will need balancing and cleaning chemicals.

Balancing chemicals

Water balancers are chemicals used to balance the pH level and calcium levels of your pool. It is also used to treat hard water or pool water that has too much magnesium and calcium in it.

This type of pool chemicals cost around $8 to $30 each. The product you should get will depend on the results of your water chemistry. To find out, you will need to get water test strips.

Poolmaster Smart Test 4-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Water Chemistry Test Strips

A pool test kit is used to help you determine if you’re water is balanced. If it’s not, the results will show you what chemicals you will need to balance it. Test strips cost around $7 to $20 for 50 to 100 count.

Balancing chemical costs are lower for those with a saltwater pool since it requires fewer chemicals to balance and it is more stable than other types of pool water. They can also reduce or remove their chlorine expense since the salt acts as chlorine when broken down.

Cleaning chemicals

Pool filters are sometimes not enough to prevent the multiplication of bacteria or kill the contaminants already present in the pool. That’s why pool chemicals and sanitation systems are essential in cleaning your pool and to stop the growth of contaminants or kill the existing ones.

Here are the common pool cleaning chemicals you will need to maintain your pool.

Chlorine Sanitizer used to kill bacteria $15 to $65
Pool Shock (Oxidizers) Chemical to increase the chlorine levels $20 to $80
Phosphate Removers Reduce algae by removing phosphates $15 to $33
Pool Clarifier Chemical to clear cloudy water $12 to $30
Stain Remover For stains and water discoloration $15 to $30
Algaecide Chemical to kill algae $15 to $25
Surface Cleaner For cleaning accessories and the finish of the pool $10 to $39
Filter Cleaner For cleaning your pool’s filter $10 to $17

To learn more about these, here are some pool chemical products you can use to keep your pool clean and safe.

These products may sound dangerous but swimming in a pool that was not cleaned with chemicals is worse. Make sure to read the label before using any of these products. If you manage to properly use these chemicals, it will also make your life easier when cleaning your pool.


Aside from cleaning chemicals, you will need tools to properly clean and maintain your pool. If you neglect cleaning your pool, there’s a chance it will turn to a ‘frog pond’ or pools with mosquito nests, algae buildup, and contaminants that are dangerous to a person’s health.

Here are some pool tools you will need to properly maintain your swimming pool.

Algae Brush To loosen dirt and avoid algae buildup $15 to $20
Telescopic Pole Attachment tool to reach deeper parts of the pool $10 to $21
Manual Vacuum To clean the walls and floors of the pool $15 to $32
Pool Skimmer For cleaning the surface of the pool before debris reaches the bottom or clogs the pump $8 to $20
Leaf Canister To prevent leaves from clogging the skimmer basket $30 to $37
Leaf Bagger For cleaning a pool floor full of leaves $21 to $63
Pool Cover Pool protection when not in use $50 to $180
Teflon lube For lubricating valves, fittings, and plugs $10 to $20

Not sure what equipment to get? Check out these 11 best pool tools you will need to clean and maintain your pool.

Or if you don’t want to do things manually. You can invest in an automatic pool cleaner. The price range for this tool costs around $580 to $1,000.

Dolphin Advantage Automatic Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner with Large Capacity Top Load Filter Basket

Hardware Replacement

You can reduce your expenses for replacing hardware if you regularly clean your pool. But similar to other parts of your home, the time will come that you need to replace your hardware and other pool parts.

Water Pump

Your pool loses at least one-fourth of water every day due to evaporation or from swimmers getting in and out of the pool. Make sure to check the water level every time you skim or clean your pool. If it falls below the skimmer basket intake tubes, this may ruin your water pump.

Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower Above-Ground Pool Pump with Cord

Water pumps are essential to your pool’s circulation system. With this tool, the water circulates through the main drain, skimmer, and filter, before returning clean to your pool. Once the water level is low, use a garden hose to fill it. In the long run, this will help you avoid constantly replacing your water pump.

This product usually costs around $200 to $350. Before buying, check if the pump matches your voltage supply and your wiring is up to code.

Cartridge Filter

Intex FBA_29003E Type A Filter Cartridge for Pools

The cartridge filter traps small particles of dirt as the pump circulates the pool water. Replace your filter if it has cracks in the end caps, ripped fabric, collapsed inner core, and high PSI reading. You can buy this part for around $15 to 40.

Water Heater

There are times that pool minerals such as calcium build up in the heating tubes of your pool which can affect the functions of your heater. Bugs also tend to crawl in and around your heating system which may damage it.

SunHeater Universal Solar Pool Heater

Replace your water heater once the minerals or insects have blocked the tubes. Traditional heaters usually cost around $80 to $160, but since we live in a sunny area, you can opt to install a solar heating system, just like this one.

Kenneth Wilson
September 27, 2019
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