Looking For A New Water Heater: These Are The Best Water Heater Brands Available

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Water heating is crucial to our way of life, but it takes up a big part of our monthly budget. Temperature controlling your home will cost more money, but water heating is the second most costly bill found in homes today.

And, as people have been staying in their houses for longer periods of time, water heating bills and other utility bills have gone up. Still, many of us won’t think about this expense as seriously as we ought to, and we don’t consider how we can cut costs back by getting more efficient and high-quality water heaters. 

For the most part, we are content to keep our older water heaters, even if they are costing us more money. However, if you are thinking about replacing your water heater, or are getting rid of an old dysfunctional unit, now is the time to get a better water heater!

There are tons of great options available. And, since the government now requires these devices to be more energy-efficient, you can save a lot more money. We’ll talk about the best water heater brands available and get you a water heater that really suits the needs of your home. So, keep reading!

Best Water Heater Brands Available to Homeowners:

It can be difficult finding the perfect water heater for your home. We’ll talk about some of the top brands you can buy from here. This way you can narrow down your choices. 

1. Rheem Water Heaters

Rheem was founded in 1925 by two brothers named Richard and Donald Rheem. This company has its origins in California, but it has steadily grown over the past century and is now used by people all over the United States. 

Rheem makes great water heaters and offers many different water heating products. But they also offer a range of other home products. This makes them different from your typical water heater company. In short, their heating technology is top of the line and applied to a wide range of devices successfully. This has given them a stellar reputation in the water heater industry. 

If you are looking to buy high-quality water heaters from Rheem, you can get a tankless water heater, hybrid heaters, and many other options. Take a look at their website.  

2. A.O. Smith Water Heaters

A.O. Smith is another water heater brand that you can buy from. This company started out in the hardware industry, then gradually moved into the water heater business. You can’t buy these products on your own. But, if you get these heaters from contractors or wholesalers, you can choose from a few different high-quality models. This includes solar and hybrid units and other energy-efficient products.

Best of all A.O. Smith water heaters are certified by Energy Star. This means that you can get a tax credit and other types of refunds for having this product in your home. In short, you will save a lot of money with an A.O. Smith brand water heater. So, we highly recommend buying water heaters from them. They are one of the most energy-efficient brands on the market.

3. Rinnai Water Heaters

Rinnai is a Japanese company that specializes in many different home appliances. This is another energy-efficient brand that has made a name for itself worldwide. In fact, many people consider Rinnai’s water heaters to be the best in the world.

You can find Rinnai water heaters in America and many other countries. And, unlike other high-efficiency models, you won’t break the bank getting one of these devices. Rinnai is budget-friendly and has great efficiency rates. 

But some of their products can be on the expensive side. It just depends on what model you get. So, look over their catalog of products. 

4. Kenmore Water Heaters

Kenmore has been making water heaters and other home appliances for over 100 years. This is a highly popular brand that is found in at least thirty percent of American homes. 

Like the other companies we’ve mentioned, you get a nice range of water heaters to choose from with this brand. All of their devices are reliable and work efficiently to heat up your water at home. 

And, one of the best things about this company is their warranty policy. Kenmore offers homeowners a great warranty plan that lasts from six to twelve years. These are also highly energy efficient. So, you will save a lot of money buying from this water heater brand. 

In addition to this, Kenmore is set up with smart technology. So, you can even control your water heater from your phone. This can be done remotely, even as you are miles away from your property. 

5. Bradford White Water Heaters

Bradford White water heaters are made exclusively in the United States. If the manufacturing process of your home appliances is important to you, and you want American-made products, this is one brand you definitely want to consider!

You will have to contact a wholesaler or an authorized seller to buy one of these water heaters, though. Still, this is one of the best quality-controlled water heaters available in the United States today. 

Bradford White also has a great warranty policy that lasts up to ten full years. And, you can get an authorized Bradford White plumber to install this product. This ensures that your policy stays intact for the full ten years.  

The cost of these products can be on the higher end. But if you want a water heater that doesn’t require much work to maintain and is highly reliable, then this is the right heater option. You can also choose between gas and electric units from this brand, and all their models are energy efficient.

6. American Standard Water Heaters

Finally, consider looking at American Standard water heaters if you want to have a reliable heater in your home. American Standard is used all over the country and has a great reputation for its water heaters and other home products. This includes bathtubs, faucets, kitchen appliances, and other types of home appliances.

So, anyone who is looking to find the best water heater should consider buying from American Standard. Not only do they provide water heaters for homes, and residential areas, but they also provide water heaters for businesses and other commercial enterprises. 

What this means is that American Standard water heaters tend to be a little more powerful than your average water heater. This can up the price of their products but if you are wanting a commercial-grade water heater, or a water heater that is a little more powerful, this could be the water heater brand for you.

American Standard’s warranty policy is not the best, as it only has four years of warranty. This is a little lower than some of the other brands we’ve mentioned. And considering the price of this product, this can be a little bit of a turn-off. But, overall this is a quality water heater brand. 

Important Considerations When Buying A Water Heater

Type of Water Heater 

Water heaters come in a variety of options. Before you get your next water heater, you want to consider which option is best for you. There are three main water heaters that most homeowners go for.

The normal water heater can use gas or electricity, though gas is much cheaper. 

Tankless water heaters are another option, you can get as much hot water as you want with these devices and they are energy efficient. Still, they cost the most to purchase and install. 

Finally, energy-efficient hybrid water heaters are gaining in popularity, as well. These water heaters capture heat from the air and bring down monthly energy and gas costs. Though they are also expensive to buy.

Space and Capacity

Space and capacity should also be thought-about in-depth. Water heaters need to fit in your home and have ample room to operate. Certain types of water heaters can be larger and smaller. In addition, the capacity of your water heater is important.

For a small home with two people, a thirty-gallon tank will be okay. But if you have many people in your home, a fifty-five-gallon tank or sixty-gallon tank might be needed.

# of People in the Household

Water Heater Capacity


30-gallon tank


50-gallon tank


75-gallon tank


80-gallon tank

The Cost

Certain types of water heaters will cost more or less money, as well. We talked about the expense of certain water heaters in the previous section. So, consider what your budget is and how much you are willing to spend on this part of your home. 

Efficiency Rates

Some water heaters are more energy-efficient. These devices will cost more upfront, but they save you more money over time. High-efficiency water heaters are the wave of the future. So, definitely consider getting one if you want to lower your monthly bills. Really, the better the efficiency rate, the better your water heater will perform. 

Your Energy Source

Finally, the energy source you use for your home should also be considered. Depending on what you use you will be spending more or less money. Water heaters that use gas tend to be a lot cheaper to run each year. But electric water heaters can be a lot more expensive on average. 

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August 22, 2021
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