How To Deep Clean Bamboo Floors (And The Best Products To Use)

Kenneth Wilson

Without a doubt, bamboo floors have long since been an appealing, contemporary addition to a home.

Not to mention, this eco-friendly flooring material is durable and sustainable. It also comes with a cheaper price tag compared to hardwood floors while offering the luxury of a natural material.

So, what's the catch? Well, bamboo floors aren't like other hardwood floorings. If you fail to maintain its proper upkeep– its quality may quickly deteriorate and become an eyesore.

All the advantages will be worth the extra TLC you need to keep your bamboo flooring in its pristine condition.

Don't worry; we'll walk you through every tip you need on how to deep clean bamboo floors as well as the best products to use.

Important Note: Before you attempt to deep clean your bamboo floors on your own, it's best to check the manufacturer first, so you don't end up unwittingly voiding your warranty. Some manufacturers may require you to hire a professional to do it instead.

How to Deep Clean Bamboo Floors

Deep cleaning your bamboo floors at home doesn't mean the usual way you would do your carpet or tiles. If you want to keep your bamboo flooring looking fresh and new– you will need to stray away from traditional deep cleaning methods if you don't want to end up with a damaged finish.

However, you can do the usual cleaning procedure when dealing with tough marks or stains or disinfecting the floors.

Removing Stains from Bamboo Flooring

If there's a visible stain that you want to remove as soon as possible, examine the extent of the discoloration first. Ensure the said area on your bamboo floors is cleaned and dry.

Pro tip: Ensure you're only dealing with a simple discoloring problem. If it turns out you're not only dealing with a stain, but you may also need to replace the bamboo boards entirely. You wouldn't want to waste all the time and effort to get a stubborn stain out– only to have it discarded or thrown away shortly afterward.

  • Mild Stains - Suppose the stain is mild and only affects the floor's surface level. In that case, you may use a cleaner (for urethane surfaces) before using a wood floor pad for scrubbing. There are other chemical solutions you may also consider. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions before spritzing the product directly on the stain. You may need to leave some cleaners on the floor's surface for a few minutes, while others may need instant cleaning up after application.
  • Using DIY/Homemade Chemicals for Stains - If you want to cut costs or avoid the hassle of driving to the local home improvement store, you may use a homemade remedy such as a vinegar solution. Ideally, wipe it as soon as possible.
  • Gentle Rubbing - After applying a store-bought cleaner or a homemade solution, take a cloth and gently rub the stain in consistent circular motions. Avoid harsh brushes or scrubbers as they may only damage your bamboo floors.
  • Deep Stains - If a chemical cleaner doesn't seem to erode the stain, chances are the stain may be too deep. Homeowners dealing with more than just a simple stain will require you to sand the flooring (using a disc floor sander) until you reach the floor layer that's not been vandalized by the color. If you reach that point, the bamboo floorboards may need to be either bleached or tinted so they will match the look of the rest of the floors after refinishing. Some deep-set stains may also require multiple treatments before the stain starts showing signs of fading away. There are also embedded stains that would be impossible to remove, so you will need to replace the bamboo floorboard entirely.

That said, it's best to consult a professional in dealing with deep stains on your bamboo floors, as the ideal cleaning method will heavily depend on several factors.

Best Cleaning Products for Bamboo Floors

Keeping your bamboo floors in pristine condition will be easier if you have the right products and tools at home. Remember, using the wrong products may only accidentally damage it.

We've rounded up all the products you need to restore the sheen of your bamboo floors at home:

Microfiber Mops and Brooms

When mopping bamboo floors, better choose ones with microfiber heads. Remember, not just any mop will do. Microfiber mops are ideal for bamboo flooring because they are both soft and effective at removing any dirt.

Chemical Cleaners

You can use both store-bought chemical cleaners and homemade solutions in deep cleaning your bamboo floors. In most cases, it's a matter of preference.

Ready-made commercial cleaners are far more convenient and safer. While homeowners without free time can greatly benefit from this, some products may also contain harmful chemicals you will not be too fond of.

Ensure these chemicals are stored properly, somewhere out of children's reach. Some products may also be costly, especially from big brands.

Here are some factors to consider in choosing a commercial bamboo floor cleaner:

  • pH balance - As much as possible, pick a pH-neutral cleaner to prevent streaking on the floors. Acids can stain your wooden floors, including bamboo.
  • Made for Bamboo Floors - Nowadays, particular cleansers are made for bamboo floor cleanings, such as the Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner and the Bona Hardwood Bamboo Floor Cleaner. Undoubtedly, keeping your bamboo floors at home as clean and polished as possible will be easier with these products.
  • Gentle cleansers - For the sake of your vulnerable bamboo wood floors, avoid using abrasive chemicals. If you don't have hardwood-specific cleaners at home, don't risk applying carpet cleaners (or other products) on the bamboo. Worse case? You may deal with more scratches and stains on your floor's finish.

DIY/Homemade Cleaners

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to store-bought cleaners, you may attempt homemade remedies like a DIY Vinegar Cleaning Solution. These will also be safer to handle, as they don't contain potentially hazardous chemicals. All you need is the extra effort and time to prepare it properly.

However, homemade solutions also come with several drawbacks. Since it's not specialized for bamboo flooring use, you may risk potential damage if you mix the ingredients incorrectly.

These homemade cleaners also tend to leave behind a strong odor, which is a stark comparison to scented cleaners such as Almond-scented ones that leave your home smelling cozy, nutty, and warm.

Here are some readily accessible ingredients for a homemade bamboo floor cleaner:

  • Vinegar - Vinegar is a must-have ingredient for DIY floor cleaning solutions. Mix a quarter cup of vinegar with one gallon of water. However, experts recommend avoiding going overboard with vinegar on floors as it is naturally acidic. It is best used on sealed, finished floors.
  • Castile soap - Mix 1-2 drops of castile soap with two cups of water to make another DIY bamboo flooring cleaner. Avoid leaving the bamboo soaked with this solution for too long. Dry the area as soon as possible!

Pro tip: To avoid the strong smell of these homemade solutions, you may choose to add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil.

Prepare an empty spray bottle for these cleansers, as it will make it easier for you to target any dirt or stains on your floors. Spritzing the DIY cleaner onto the bamboo floors will also reduce its direct contact with water as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

Bamboo floors are a great addition to any home. It's as durable and strong as oak and maple floors while adding a more sophisticated, polished look.

Hopefully, all the tips and tricks mentioned above will serve as a guide as you clean your bamboo floors. Happy cleaning: here's to hoping your bamboo floors will look great again!

Kenneth Wilson
December 8, 2021
Contractor Tips, Flooring

Kenneth Wilson

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