How Much Does It Cost To Restore Terrazzo Floors? (Is It Worth It?)

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The trend of Terrazzo floors is back, and it’s bigger than ever! Homeowners looking for beautiful floors with an earthy, concrete-heavy appearance can now benefit from Terrazzo’s more comprehensive variety of colors and styles today.

Suppose you already have terrazzo floors at home. If they are pretty damaged, you may need to shell out quite a bit over restoration and repair expenses at around $4 to $8 per sq/ft.

Ultimately, this will depend on the severity of repairs you need. The more worn out your floors are, the more you may have to spend on their restoration.

Terrazzo Floors Restoration: Average Costs

On average, expect to shell out around $4 to $8 per square foot to restore your Terrazzo floors. The cost of professional repair may vary greatly– depending on the average square footage, bad patches, and wax build-up.

When installed in high-traffic areas, terrazzo floors may become dull and require frequent polishing on your end.

Signs of Wear and Tear

Since terrazzo floors are highly durable, they rarely need major restoration. However, if you notice any cracks, chips, or other visible signs of imperfection– it’s best to fix them at once.

Once overlooked, more damage may occur to your terrazzo flooring. Scratches, discoloration, holes, and stains are other issues to look out for.

Fortunately, these issues can be solved by a local flooring export. If your Terrazzo floors have seen better days, there are several methods you can try to restore the floors to their former beauty.

Factors Affecting Terrazzo Flooring Restoration Costs

Here are some determining factors that may increase the cost of restoring your Terrazzo floors to their former glory.

Level of Grime

A critical factor in determining your terrazzo flooring restoration costs is the level of professional clean-up it needs. If it has heavy grime build-up, for instance, then you must expect higher expenses.

The same applies to floors that have gone several decades without restoration. It will naturally cost you more than what you’d pay to restore a relatively new floor (only been around for a couple of years).

Level of Wear

If you installed terrazzo flooring in high traffic areas of the house– these usually deal with more daily wear. Hence, it needs to follow several steps to achieve a successful restoration project.

Suppose your floors need to polish the stone a couple of times to achieve a smoother surface. In that case, be prepared to pay some more.


Lippage is a term that refers to a joint of two tiles, with one tile positioned higher than the other one. If your contractor needs to correct a lippage-related issue, they will need to grind the higher tile to match the height of the lower one.

Usually, this will cost you an additional $3 per square foot for each affected area.

Slab or Tile Replacement

If some of your terrazzo tiles are cracked or chipped badly enough that a restoration won’t cut them, you may need to replace them with new ones.

Your contractor can assess the scope of the restoration project– informing you of the tiles that need replacement and any extra costs involved to secure more materials.

Terrazzo Flooring Restoration Process

First, removing any debris or substance (wax and old sealers) on the flooring surface is crucial.

Once the surface is clear, your contractor will usually craft an aggregate that perfectly matches the existing floor design or pattern. Doing so fixes any cracks, holes, or missing areas on your floor.

After filling in all the cracks and holes, polishing is done to bring your Terrazzo floors back to life. After a successful restoration project, your floors will look as beautiful as the day when you first got them.

Terrazzo Flooring Damage Prevention Tips and Tricks

Let’s face it. Restoring stone floors to their former glory can be expensive. Not to mention, it will also require time and effort on your end.

If you want to reduce the frequency of restoring your terrazzo floors, here are some expert tips to follow.

  • Sweep the floors as often as possible to ensure there’s no build-up of dirt/sand
  • Add mats at any point of entry to wipe shoes clean
  • Clean or wipe spills immediately
  • As much as possible, only use stone flooring-specific cleaners to avoid damaging your floors
  • Avoid abrasive or harsh cleaners as much as possible
  • Give your stone floors a periodic wash using neutral pH cleaners
  • Opt to seal the floors properly
  • Using the proper sealer (as told by a local flooring expert) can prevent future staining problems

Pro tip: Always avoid harsh chemicals on your floors, such as topical finishes or coatings. These products may be designed to help your floors shine again, but only dull or cause discoloration problems in the long run.

Additionally, the alkaline level of these cleaners will only increase the need for you to clean them often. You will be better off using products designed specifically for Terrazzo floors.

Terrazzo Flooring Restoration Tools

Here are some of the tools you need if you want to attempt restoring a stone surface at home:

  • Polishing compound or powder
  • Sealant
  • Polishing wheel
  • Power polisher/grinder

Fortunately, you can buy restoration kits (ranging between $85 and $100) with all the essential materials you need– minus the power tools. A power polisher or grinder may cost you up to $200.

A power polisher will cost between $100 and $200.

Should I Hire a Professional to Restore my Terrazzo Floors?

Ideally, yes. If your Terrazzo floors have seen better days (visually worn-out and damaged), you may be better off hiring a local flooring expert to handle the job for you.

These specialists are equipped with the right equipment and experience to ensure the restoration project is done correctly, quickly, and safely.

But if you’re looking to do a little restoration project that only requires a little polishing, you may opt to do it yourself during your spare time. You will only need to buy the necessary materials– but the elbow grease is all yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Terrazzo made of?

Terrazzo consists of hard materials such as marble, granite, and cement, making its surface wear-resistant. Particular diamond grinding steps restore flatness and give back the material’s original luster if it shows wear.

Where did Terrazzo originate?

Terrazzo originated thousands of years ago in Italy to reuse scrap rocks and other materials. Italians were truly ahead of their time in developing sustainable materials!

How long does a Terrazzo Floor usually last?

A terrazzo floor may prove very costly at first, but it can be even more affordable than a carpet in the long term. Proper maintenance and repair of terrazzo floors can ensure that they will be functional and beautiful in 100 years as you first bought them.

How do I properly maintain my Terrazzo floors?

Terrazzo floors provide long-lasting beauty while only requiring minimal maintenance. Sweeping the dirt and debris is the most crucial task to maintain your terrazzo floor because these are abrasive and can immediately remove the luster of any surface. You can schedule your sweeping depending on how often your floor becomes dirty. A pH-neutral cleaner is also recommended to clean your floor daily, as it can significantly decrease the chance of staining the Terrazzo.

Kenneth Wilson
January 5, 2022
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