How Much Does A Roof Inspection Cost?

Kenneth Wilson

I typically inspect my roof every so often, and if you are like me, you will think that I'm very proactive. However, I realized that my inspection was not as thorough when I had to repair some damage to my roof that I missed. A roof inspector would have picked my oversight up in minutes and possibly saved me some money.

The cost of a standard roof inspection can range from $100-$600, with the national average falling between $200-$350. Factors that may increase the cost are your roof's size, slope, shape, and material. Drone roof inspections range between $150-$400, while infrared inspections are $400-$650.

Cost overview of roof inspection

A professional roof inspection might cost you a few dollars every year, but when done by a reputable roof inspector, it will highlight areas to fix quickly. Fixing minor roof issues as they arise will, in the long run, save you money and the effort of a full-roof replacement which costs thousands of dollars. This article will discuss the cost of a roof inspection, the average cost of roof repairs, and the cost of replacing a whole roof.

Roof Inspection: How Much Does It Cost?

When researching the cost of a roof inspection, it's hard to find a set price or consistent price average for this service. Some roof inspectors charge a fixed rate, or a per square foot rate for their services, while others will charge you according to the following conditions:

Cost Factors For Roof Inspection Chart
  • The size of your house
  • The slope of your roof
  • The shape of your roof
  • The age of your house/roof
  • The roof’s material
  • The level of difficulty to inspect all areas of the roof
  • The climate when the inspection is performed (icy or hot surfaces can be dangerous to access)
  • If your attic is easily assessable to inspect
  • If a drone is required to perform the inspection
  • If thermal/infrared inspections are needed

The average price for a standard roof inspection can range from $120 to $300, with the national average being $216, according to Home Advisor. The guys at  Upgraded Home estimates that the average national price for a roof inspection is $350. A typical price range falls between $100-$600, with a high of $950.

The helpful How Much website indicates the following:




Residential Roof (1500 Sq Feet) With A Medium Pitch

Asphalt Shingle

$120 - $450

Residential Roof (1500 Sq Feet) With A Medium Pitch


$238 - $900

Commercial Roof (Greater Than 1500 Sq Feet) Often Without A Pitch

Tar/Other Material

$1000 - $2000

Depending on the cost parameters listed above, a residential home inspection can cost as little as $120 and as high as $950. Some home inspection companies charge a standard rate that can change due to unforeseen factors, and some will charge you according to the specific nature of the inspection (the more complex, the higher the price.) 

The national average of a roof inspection ranges between $200-$350, and the best advice on the subject is to contact local roof inspectors in your area to get a price estimate. Some roof inspectors charge a flat fee of $250 for the first half-hour of assessment, adding a further $150 per hour after the first initial charge, while others charge a flat fee according to the size and type of roof.  

You will find roof inspection companies that will do a roof inspection for free (this is usually just a quote to fix your roof.) If you give them the guarantee that they will be employed to repair any roofing problems that their inspection may reveal.

Does the Type of Roof Material Influence the Cost?

The size, slope of your roof, the kind of roof, and the general condition of your roof can also influence the cost. For example:

  • The assessment of an asphalt roof (1500 sq foot) can cost between $250-$600, with the average cost calculated at $450.
  • The assessment cost of a slate or tile roof (1500 sq foot) can cost up to $800 due to the roof's material.

Factors such as the number of shingle layers, skylights, or an abnormally steep pitch on your roof will increase the inspection cost.

Different Types Of Roof Inspection

Cost of a Drone Inspection

When a roof inspector deems your roof too dangerous to climb physically, he might make use of a flying drone with a camera to perform the inspection. A drone inspection is required when the roof is:

  • Very High
  • Very Steep
  • Covered in Moss
  • Deemed as Life-Threatening

The drone will capture close-up footage of the entire roof area for the roof inspector to analyze. Make sure to hire an inspector working with a certified unmanned vehicle (UAV) pilot, or who is one himself, as you don't want to be "attacked" by one of these oversized "mosquitos."

The cost of a drone inspection typically ranges between $150-$400 for an average-sized roof.

Cost of an Infrared/Thermal Inspection

Think of an infrared scan for your roof as a type of CAT scan. It focuses on problems unseen by the human eye. Again, you will need to find an inspector with connections to a drone, this time fitted with a unique thermal imaging camera, which will inspect on a deeper level.

These specially fitted drones typically look for leakages of warm or cold air, liquids, and gasses. They are scanners that look for any weaknesses in your roof’s construction (surface and insulation damage).

The cost of an infrared/thermal inspection ranges typically from $400-$650 for an average-sized roof.

Cost of an Attic Inspection

While some roof inspections include an attic inspection in the price, some inspectors can charge an additional $125-$200 for this service. An attic inspection is done to identify leaks, cracks, and water damage.

When looking for possible roofing inspectors, make sure to inquire if their services include an attic inspection. The additional cost should be factored in when you are comparing quotes from different companies.

Cost of a Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial roof inspections cost more than residential inspections because of the larger size of the inspection area. When inspecting a commercial roof, it is often found that the roof inspector will usually charge per square foot rather than a flat fee.

Commercial roof inspections range between $200-$500, but the cost is generally $1000+.

What is the Difference Between a Roof Certificate and a Roof Inspection?

Many people get confused when they are required to get a roof certificate when instructed by lenders or insurance and warranty companies (selling or refinancing your home.) Some believe that a roof inspection will automatically produce a roof certificate at the end of the inspection process. Unfortunately, you will have to pay an additional $75-$200 for the little piece of paper.

Roof Inspection vs. Roof Certificate

Think about it like this. A roof inspection can be performed independently without including a roof certificate. A homeowner can decide to have a roof inspection as part of general home maintenance or identify potential damage from a specific event (hurricanes or tree damage.) In cases like this, where the owner gets the inspection done for personal reasons, no roof certificate will be required.

To obtain a roof certification, you will need a roof inspection. A roof certificate is issued after a roof inspection when all the identified damages have been repaired. The certificate is a formal report that estimates the life-span of a roof:

  • Lenders and insurers require roof certification before financing or covering a property.
  • The deal will go through only when a home meets specific criteria, independently determined by the company.
  • Some insurance companies will require a roof certificate when a roof is older than 15 years or when the property is situated in areas with severe weather.
  • When a roof comes to the conclusion of its estimated life, another inspection and certification must occur, or you can decide to replace the roof to maintain your mortgage or policy terms.
  • Buyers and sellers typically require a roof certificate for a deal to materialize.

A roof inspector who can produce certification from one of the following associations indicates a competent and qualified inspector:

Contact a knowledgeable real estate agent to help you search for a certified roof inspector as they work closely with them.

Roof Inspections: What, Why and When?

If you have never had to get a roof inspection done, you may wonder what a typical roof inspection looks like and why should you have it done? Another question that may pop up is when the right time to have an inspection done on your roof is? Let us work our way through these questions!

What is a Roof Inspection?

A visual inspection of a roof’s construction that includes both the interior and exterior wood structures. A trained professional (roof inspector) will look for any indications of wear and tear on the roof, also searching for problems that need fixing either immediately or shortly. A roof inspector typically scrutinizes the following:


Inspects For:

Material Inspection

  • Loose, curling, or missing shingles
  • Rust, moss, and stains
  • Missing fasteners and flashings
  • Shingle aggregate that settles in roof valleys/on the ground at the bottom of gutter downspouts
  • Rubber boots and seals around vent pipes-looking for gaps and deterioration

Structural Inspection

  • Uneven roof planes and any signs of sagging
  • Condition of the fascia, soffit, and gutter system
  • Crumbling grout, cracks, and damage to chimneys 
  • Venting in the attic (improper venting can lead to moisture and heat buildup, reducing the roof’s life, increasing the risk of ice dams from forming at the edge of the roof) 

Interior Inspection

  • Checks the interior ceilings, interior walls, and the attic for mold, water stains, rot, and any other indicators that water is making its way into the house 

Workmanship Inspection

  • Examine the roof for problems in workmanship that could increase the risk of other roof damage in the future, as well as leaks 
  • Incorrect flashing around any roof penetrations like vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights

Why Should You Do A Roof Inspection?

To potentially save thousands of dollars should be a good enough answer! When it comes to your roof's health, prevention is cheaper than cure. When you have a roof inspection done on your top, the roof inspector will highlight areas that need fixing and repair to keep your roof in good shape.

The roof inspector finishes off the inspection by providing a homeowner (or homeowner to be) with a detailed report which illustrates the overall condition of all the roof's elements. The report will suggest fixes necessary to maintain the integrity of the inspected roof, as well as the estimated life-span of your roof.

When you self-inspect your roof with an untrained eye, you will not pick up half as much as the potential areas that need fixing. When it comes to roofs in general, a small area in need of repair can become the reason why you eventually have to replace the whole roof.

The Cost of General Roof Repair

  • Water Leak Repair: Water penetration, or leaking, is usually the first sign of a roof problem. Whether if it's a gradual trickle due to a massive flood or just traces of water coming in after heavy storms-water stains and mold growth inside your attic- they are all classic examples of leaking. The usual suspects when you find leaking water are damaged/broken shingles and broken or missing flashing. 
  • The average cost of water leak repairs is roughly $650.
  • The average cost of general roof repairs ranges between $400-$1500, with a national average of $912.

The Cost of Replacing a Roof

The cost of a roof replacement, according to the knowledgeable guys at HomeGuide, is as follows:

  • Minimum Roof Replacing Cost: $3,240
  • Maximum Roof Replacing Cost: $30,000
  • National Average Roof Replacing Cost: $7,211
  • Average Roof Replacing Cost: $4,707-$10,460

When to Have a Roof Inspection?

According to the NRCA, homeowners should do their own inspections during the fall and springtime. It is also advised that you inspect a roof after a big storm to ensure no noticeable damage. Twice yearly seems to be the magic number. 

As stated by NRCIA, you should have your roof inspected at least once a year. Some homeowners believe that once in every two years is acceptable. If you see signs of leaks, water stains, and mold growth, an inspection should be done sooner rather than later. (Related: How Long Does A Roof Last?)


Spending a small amount of money on a roof inspection every now and again will out way having to spend thousands of dollars on a complete roof replacement. Especially if you could have avoided the roof replacement if you had just fixed a few small faulty areas that an experienced roof inspector would have highlighted. 

Typically, a roof inspection will cost you somewhere between $250-$650 for a physical or infrared inspection. The cost of an inspection will depend on various factors that are listed in the article. Being proactive is having regular roof inspections where areas in need of repair and maintenance will be pointed out to you (repair costs are much less than replacing costs.)

Kenneth Wilson
October 25, 2021
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