How Much Does A Glass Garage Door Cost? We Break It Down

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Glass is one of the best materials that can enhance the look of your home. It makes the home look unique and adds an appealing aesthetic. Many people also install a glass garage door in their homes to enhance the overall design.

If you are looking to do the same, you need to know the glass garage door cost. It will help you make an informed decision as you will know what to expect. Here is the complete breakdown of the cost of installing a glass garage door in your home.  

The Average Glass Garage Door Cost

The average glass garage door cost will vary between $1,000 and $5,000. That means your average cost will come to around roughly $1,500. However, if you are looking for a tall and commercial-sized glass garage door, it might cost you more than $8,500.  

On the other hand, if you want a personalized glass garage door with wood or other elements, it can cost $11,000 and more. This is because the glass garage door comes in various materials, sizes, design elements, and finishes, which will affect the cost. Here is a complete overview of the glass garage door cost, depending on various factors.  

Glass Garage Door Cost According to Type

The average glass garage door cost can range anywhere between $1,500 and $11,000. Of course, that depends on the type of glass garage door you choose. The biggest factor that affects the price is the size of the glass garage door.

Aside from that, you can include various materials to create a custom glass garage door. These include aluminum, wood, wrought iron, and much more. Here is your complete overview of a glass garage door cost according to type.  

Glass Garage Door Type

Average Cost


Additional $1,000 to $2,500 to the average cost


Can vary between $1,800 and $8,000


Additional $300 to $600 to the average cost 

Insulated Glass

If you want an energy-efficient solution for your home, then an insulated glass garage door is the best option. However, you need to remember that insulated glass will never match the energy efficiency of wood or insulated steel material. Of course, the insulated glass will ensure that there is less energy loss.  

Adding half an inch of insulated glass to your garage door will cost you between $1,000 and $2,500 on top of your average cost. You can use insulated glass in the living areas of your home to ensure more energy efficiency. Not everyone uses this option for the garage.  

Commercial Glass

Commercial glass door garage door cost will vary according to the size of the door and glass. Here is an overview of the pricing according to size: 

Glass Garage Door Width

9 to 10 Feet Height

12 to 14 Feet Height

8 Feet

$2,400 to $2,800

$3,200 to $3,800

9 Feet

$2,700 to $2,900

$3,300 to $4,000

10 Feet

$3,000 to $3,200

$3,600 to $4,400

12 Feet

$3,300 to $3,400

$4,000 to $4,600

14 Feet

$3,500 to $4,100

$4,500 to $5,400

16 Feet

$4,000 to $4,600

$5,000 to $5,700

18 Feet

$5,400 to $6,000

$7,400 to $8,800

Frosted Glass

When it comes to a frosted glass garage door, you might have to pay anywhere between $300 and $600. However, many garage door companies will not charge you extra for opaque, frosted, or tinted glass. That is why it will depend on the company you choose to install the glass. If you want privacy and security, you can opt for an opaque or frosted glass garage door. On the other hand, if you live in a hot climate region, you can opt for tinted glass.  

Glass Garage Door Cost According to Style

The style will also affect the glass garage door cost. Depending on the style you choose for your home, you can pay anywhere between $1,200 and $5,000 as the average cost. However, many customized glasses garage doors will cost you more than $10,000. Remember that the most significant factor that affects cost is the size of the glass garage door and the material. Style can add to the cost depending on the exterior and interior aesthetic of your home. After all, many people want their garage door to match their home design.

Here are the top two styles you can choose from for your glass garage door: 

Swing Up Glass Garage Door

Swing-up glass doors have a single panel of glass within the door frame. These doors will tilt inward and upward and then tuck inside the overhead space in the garage. These are one of the most popular styles of glass garage doors being used for decades.  

The average swing-up glass garage door cost will vary between $1,700 and $11,000. If you want custom installations, it will cost you a lot. On the other hand, customized hydraulic commercial swing-up glass doors can cost up to $20,000.  

Glass Roll Up Door

In recent years, glass roll-up doors have become increasingly popular. Many people are using them as replacements for windows and doors in their homes to merge indoor and outdoor spaces. You can also insulate them for better energy efficiency and climate control inside the home.  The average glass garage door cost of this style can vary between $2,500 and $6,500. The cost will vary according to the size, quality, and design you want. So, expect to pay anywhere in this range for your glass roll-up garage doors.  

Glass Garage Door Repair Costs

If you already have a glass garage door, you can opt for repairs to ensure it functions properly. The average repair cost will be lower than the cost of replacement. Most glass garage doors incur problems in their openers and springs because of the torsion.

If that is the case with your glass garage door, you might have to pay between $300 and $500 for the repairs. However, if your glass garage door has broken sections or cracks, you will have to replace the door completely. The general rule of thumb is to repair the door if the structural condition is perfect but it is not operational. (Related: Garage Door Replacement Cost & Consumer Guide)

Benefits of Glass Garage Doors for Your Home

You might be wondering how a glass garage door can benefit your home. After all, it is an investment, and you want it to last a long time. Well, here are the top benefits you will enjoy after installing a glass garage door on your property: 

  • Low Maintenance: Glass garage doors have the lowest maintenance as compared to other types of garage doors out there. That is because other garage doors will have paint that will chip and deteriorate. On the other hand, glass is transparent and doesn't require paint, which means you will not have to maintain it with paint again and again. The only maintenance you need to do for these doors is to clean the glass with water and soap if it looks dirty to you. Doing this once a month is enough to keep your glass looking its best. So, ease of maintenance is the biggest benefit you will reap.  
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: If you are looking for ways to enhance your home's curb appeal instantly, then a glass garage door is the best way to do that. It will make your home look unique and enhance its style in no time. However, the glass garage door will not look good on every home. For example, if your house is old and looks traditional, a glass garage door will not make sense because it is modern. On the other hand, if your home is modern, a glass garage door is the ideal choice. So, be sure to ensure that the glass garage door goes with the rest of your home in terms of style. The glass garage door will look out of place if you try to mix and match different styles. Once you figure it out, adding a glass garage door will ensure it is appealing to the eyes.  
  • Natural Light: Finally, adding glass doors is the best way to incorporate more natural lighting into your home. Garages tend to be dingy and dark, which is why a glass garage door can make all the difference. It will create a pleasant environment, and you will like being in your garage when doing some garage-related work. On the other hand, a glass door will also warm your garage in no time. So, if you live in a cold region, using glass doors is a great way to get some sunlight in during the day. It will keep the temperature nice and warm.  

Final Thoughts

That was your complete glass garage door cost and consumer guide. The average cost will vary depending on all these factors, which is why you need to ensure you have the budget for installation. Remember that these costs don't include installation costs, as that will vary depending on the professional you choose in your area.  

Kenneth Wilson
October 12, 2021
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