How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

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Termites destroy billions of properties in the US every year. It has been reported that termites invade and destroy plants, insulation, filtration system, books and other properties worth billions of dollars every year. Termite treatment and control in the US needs to be significantly considered by an expert who knows the best termite treatment for your area.

Termite treatment varies from one location to another. This is because termites are subterranean pests that invade different types of soil located in other places. With this, many US civilians want to know how long does termite treatment last. (Related: Termite Treatment: A Cost & Consumer Guide)

Although a typical termite treatment should control termites for at least five years, many factors could hinder termiticides from working properly in the way they should. If you want to know how long a termite treatment last, you will discover the answer in this article together with other vital information you would need about termite’s treatment.

What are Termiticides?

Termiticide treatment or termiticide is a chemical formulated to terminate termites by creating barriers between termite colonies and the object being destroyed. Liquid formulations/spot treatment, powdered formulation, or foam formulations.

There are many termite treatment products in the US, including termidol which is the most popular termite treatment in the United States. However, most US citizens complained about the appearance of termites in the soil after a year of application. Many reasons could cause this problem. As you read along, you will determine the likely causative factor for termite reoccurrence before five years of treatment.

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying your Termite Treatment Product

One of the reasons your termite treatment does not last is that you choose the wrong termite treatment product. Below are the key factors to consider before choosing your termiticide in the market:

  • Registered termite treatment product
  • Non-hazardous to human
  • Expiring and manufacturing date (if the expiring date is closer, it might have lowered the concentration)
  • Please read the label to know more about the termite treatment product before buying it.
  • Country authorization

What You Should Know Before Applying your Termite Treatment

Do you want to invest in the proper termite treatment? Do you want your termiticide to be effective for an extended period? It's advisable to hire a termite inspector or termite control service. By doing this, the experts will know the best termite killer to use. Discovering signs of termites in your home like winged termites is not enough.

You need an expert to inspect and apply the appropriate termite treatment to eradicate those destroying agents! However, seeing winged termite, mud tube, or termite colony might help you discern the need for a control service, but it is better not to do it yourself.

Before choosing your termite control company, you should ensure that:

  • At least four company services are compared
  • Know the method of treatment and warranty
  • Confirm their membership in the State pest control
  • Confirm membership in NPMA (National Pest Management Association)
  • Ensure workers are well trained and have the right technical equipment
  • Certified by the department of agriculture

How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

Due to different cases of termite reoccurrence after 6month - 1year of termite treatment, many US citizens want to know how long does termite treatment last. A good termite treatment should control termites for up to 5 years. Although, some limiting factors might hinder termiticide effectiveness. These factors depend on the product used, environmental conditions, application method, termite quantity, and the amount of chemicals used.

That's why some termite control companies will fumigate areas where a large quantity of termite dwells. Therefore, termite re-appears after the site has been fumigated because the chemical sprayed doesn't touch some parts.

As you can see in the example image above, walls are being added and fixtures are being relocated.  This project will not be low budget.  

Things to do when Termite Shows Up after the Application of Termiticide

Call the company that sprayed your area or hire another company to help you control termites. That's why it was stated earlier that you should know companies warranty so that you can call them if termite returns before the warranty expire.

Different entomologist companies formulate liquid termiticides. If a good termite treatment chemical is applied and sprayed by a professional termite control service, it should last five years.

Termite Treatment: How does it work?

Liquid Termite Treatment

The chemical stops termite in the soil to penetrate further by creating a stopping force around the buildings. The liquid termite treatment kills termites and causes others to be repelled. But termites re-invade areas where the applied chemicals do not touch, causing termites to return to the location after one year of termite treatment application. Termites do not detect termiticides, so whenever they come in contact with this harmful chemical, their body reacts quickly to it, causing them to die. This is faster than the Bait method of eliminating termites.

Bait Termite Treatment

After being planted around the home, termites ingest Bait and spread it among themselves, causing them to moult. When other termites see dead colleagues, they migrate from their colony to find a better environment for survival. Bait method could take up to 2-3 weeks before the reaction occurs, but it is an effective way to chase termites away from your environment.

Can bait termite treatment destroy Colonies? Yes, within few weeks of Bait application, the termite will die by moulting. This method is done by planting Bait used underground near termite location. However, edible Smart missiles have been proven to be the most effective amidst all Bait methods.


Amidst the varieties of termites existing in the US, none of them should be found in your home. They destroy properties and cause significant loss if they invade essential and expensive properties. It might be challenging to detect termite infestation because they operate underground before appearing on the soil surface.

The above informational article has been crafted to help you know how long termite treatment lasts and the best method to say goodbye to termites. Carefully follow the instructions above to eradicate termites from your homes!

Kenneth Wilson
September 29, 2021

Kenneth Wilson

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