How Does The Noritz Tankless Water Heater Work? (Is It Worth The Premium Cost?)

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The Noritz name may not be as popular as other tankless water heater brands, but it's the name you shouldn't forget. The brand offers a wide variety of tankless units with excellent quality at reasonable prices.

However, one important thing to note is that Noritz prioritizes gas-fueled heaters (natural gas and propane) over electric ones as it is more energy-efficient. Now, let's discuss how the system works, and it's worth the premium cost investment.

Noritz Tankless Water Heater Overview

Noritz originated in Japan, where its global headquarters is currently located. The company branched out to the USA in 2002 and put up the main distribution facility in California. Notably, most of its water heater units are manufactured overseas.

Noritz Tankless Water Heater: How it Works

One deciding factor in making the switch to tankless water heaters is to know how it works. That said, let's break down how a Noriz tankless water heater typically operates.

  • Power On – The cold water flows through the sensors that activate the internal computer to start the heating process with a tankless water heater. This contrasts with how a standard water heater works, where hot water travels from the tank to the pipes.
  • Heating Process Begins – With a tankless water heater, the cold-water flows through the sensors that activate the internal computer to start the heating process. This is in contrast with how a standard water heater works, where hot water travels from the tank to the pipes.
  • Burners (Gas or Electric) – After triggering the internal computer, it will calculate how hot the burners need to heat the water to your desired temperature. It is usually done with a gas or electric burner. Regardless, this step allows you to have a flow of ready-to-use hot water without waiting for a tank to fill back up.
  • Heat Exchanger – Now that the burner heats the water, it circulates a heat exchanger until it reaches its programmed temperature. Afterward, the hot water goes outside the tankless water heater to travel through the pipes and to its set destination.
  • Ensuring Energy Savings – Aside from having an endless stream of hot water at your disposal, you can also count on the energy efficiency of a tankless water heater. For one, it automatically powers off and avoids using energy once it detects you no longer need hot water.

Ultimately, making the switch to a tankless water heater entails that you fully understand how it works. Other than that, it’s also recommended that you look into the added benefits you can expect in purchasing a Noritz tankless water heater. Let’s go into detail down below!

Noritz Water Heaters Features

Generally, Noritz classifies its tankless water heater units into three categories.

High Efficiency

NRCP1112 ($1,375 to $1,450)

NRCP982 ($1,350 to $1,375)

NRC111 ($1,450 to $1,535)

NRC98 ($1,250 to $1,300)

NRC711 ($995 to $1,035)

NRC661 ($900 to $985)

Mid Efficiency

NR98 ($1,150 to $1,225)

NR83 ($965 to $1,025)

NR662 ($715 to $775)

NR501 ($515 to $565)

EZ Series

EZ111 ($1,450 to $1,700)

EZ98   ($1,350 to $1,490)

EZTR40 ($1,200 to $1,265)

  • NRCP Series models – These units are designed with STS 304 stainless steel heat exchangers.
  • NRC98 Series units – These Noritz models are built with commercial-grade copper heat exchangers.
  • EZ111 and EZ98 models – These units have dual stainless steel heat exchangers. Its secondary exchanger transfers the heat from combustion exhaust gases, warming up the water before moving it into the primary heat exchanger. As a result, it is more energy-efficient and has a higher GPM flow rate.
  • Burners – Most burners of Noritz models are the modulating type, so the heat is automatically adjusted based on the demand and the inlet water temperature. Commonly, these burners have less than 20,000 BTUs minimum input.
  • Remote control – For a hands-free experience, you can purchase a Noritz remote control for between $110 and $130.

Aside from tankless water heaters, Noritz also offers commercial units and combination boilers for radiant heating systems.

How Does Noritz Compare to the Competition?

From commercial to residential tankless water heaters, Noritz offers a wide variety of options you can choose from. It’s easy to find the right Noritz heater for your unique needs. That said, here are some considerations to keep in mind if you’re still torn between Noritz and some other brand. (Related: Are Titan Water Heaters The Best? (Reviews & Buying Guide For 2022))

  • Innovative Designs – The brand is known for the innovative designs on its tankless electric water heaters. Today, Noritz continues to break boundaries by presenting game-changing ideas and products to the industry.
  • Utmost Dedication – There's nothing quite like Noritz's commitment and dedication to its products. Long-time customers know how the brand backs every heating unit it manufactures, so it's no surprise to know most of these units can last for a long time.
  • Generous Warranties – Accordingly, Noritz also provides a comprehensive 12-year warranty for its heat exchanger units, a 5-year parts warranty, and a 1-year warranty on reasonable labor. Note that all warranties are deemed valid if the water heater is used in a single-family household.
  • Recycling – Noritz ensured to include alpha codes to any plastic materials used in their water heater offerings. If the unit is out of service, these codes come in handy to identify the different materials used for recycling.
  • Wide Line-up – Even if the Noritz name isn't as popular as other brand names in the water heating market, it's still an excellent choice to consider. Its product offerings have a one-of-a-kind, innovative designs to meet all your needs. Not to mention, its units are designed to be eco-friendly and high-quality– ensuring that there's a suitable tankless water heater unit for every homeowner.

At the end of the day, Noritz proves its commitment to high-quality materials and features, as observed in its water heating units. For instance, the EZ models feature a dual stainless steel heat exchanger and notable modulating burners.

So, if you're still on the fence about a tankless heater, we're here to assure you that you are on the right track with Noritz tankless water heating products. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do Noritz tankless water heaters work?

Noritz tankless water heater only heats water when necessary. If appliances or a hot water fixture requires hot water is opened, the heater will sense the demand and immediately heat the water. It also continuously heat the water through the heat exchanger— a Noritz water heater re-heats and stores the water when it is unnecessary, saving both energy and time.

How much money can be saved if a Noritz tankless water heater is used instead of a storage tank?

A water heater uses approximately 25% of any household consumed energy, as estimated by the California Energy Commission. Noritz tankless water heater can cut the water heating cost by up to half because it uses less energy for water heating.

How long do tankless water heaters last?

Noritz tankless water heaters are manufactured with the highest quality parts. They have undergone rigorous quality control and testing, making them more reliable and last longer than a traditional tank heater. Additionally, unlike water heaters with a tank, all parts of a tankless heater are replaceable.

Will I get hot water instantly with a tankless water heater?

It is a common misconception that a tankless water heater can instantly provide you with hot water. A tankless water heater immediately responds to the demand. However, the hot water will take some time to travel through the plumbing within your home. If you really want to get instant water, you can ask your installer if they can hook up a recirculation pump system to heat the water ASAP.

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February 16, 2022
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