Furnace Inducer Motor Cost & How To Order It Online

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An inducer motor is a crucial component of your furnace– especially if your home runs on a gas-based system. Modern furnaces are outfitted with a furnace inducer motor. If this motor malfunctions, your furnace may fail to function. This can be a big issue during the winter months. (Related: 6 Common Reason Why Your Heat May Not Be Working and Estimated Repair Costs)

On average, replacing a furnace draft inducer motor will cost you $625. Homeowners who opt to do a DIY replacement can have it replaced for as low as $180– covering the cost of the parts.

So, if you need furnace inducer motor replacement, keep reading as we'll cover everything you need to know (including the cost of parts and professional repair).

Furnace Inducer Motor Average Costs

Replacing a furnace inducer motor ranges from $420 to $1,200, with the national average cost at $625. The parts alone cost between $150 and $520, while professional labor runs for $320 to $600.

Factors Affecting Furnace Inducer Motor Cost

There are several cost factors to consider in replacing your furnace inducer motor. It includes the manufacturer (make), location, and the product's warranty.

Some cost factors that may affect the total cost are as follows:

  • Brand/Manufacturer: Premium brands and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts will cost you more than their generic counterparts.
  • Motor Type (PSC vs. ECM): Generally, ECM motors are more costly, but they operate quietly and more efficiently.
  • Pressure Switch: An air pressure switch costs somewhere between $20 to $80 for the parts alone. It is attached to the inducer motor and is prone to malfunctions if the old engines fail.
  • Furnace Size and Type: Expensive inducer motor assemblies are a must-have for large furnaces with high voltage requirements.
  • Labor Rate: If your furnace is hard-to-reach or presents any accessibility challenges, expect professional labor rates to increase accordingly.
  • Location: The hourly rate of local HVAC technicians tends to vary depending on where you are located. Larger cities are considerably more expensive than rural areas.
  • Season: In peak cold months, expect service and repair costs to increase accordingly.
  • Professional Labor Costs: On average, homeowners planning to do a DIY project can save up to $620 in labor costs. This may usually void the product's warranty, though.
  • Product Warranty: Generally, furnace warranties can cover around 5 to 10 years, except for labor.

Professional Labor Cost

The professional labor rate for furnace inducer motor replacement ranges between $320 to $650, depending on local service fees and the complexity/scope of the project.

  • Contractor rates may cost you anywhere between $80 and $170 per hour.
  • Minimum service fees begin from $80 to $200, which already covers the first hour of professional repair.
  • Any HVAC emergency service typically costs $150 to $220 on an hourly basis, especially during holidays, after working hours, or on weekends.

Major Brands

  • Carrier: Major brands, such as a Carrier inducer motor, will cost $420 to $1,200 for replacement. The total cost will heavily depend on the model. On average, Carrier furnace inducer motors cost $130 to $620 for the material alone. Due to their imminent brand recognition and high quality, big-name brands and parts will naturally cost you more.
  • Trane: A Trane inducer motor replacement ranges between $420 and $1,300 (covering both parts and labor). Total costs will depend on your home's furnace type. Since the brand is known to build, design, and test its parts– its products are on the higher end of the price range.
  • Bryant: If you’re planning to replace a Bryant furnace inducer motor, expect to spend around $500 to $1,100 depending on the make. This brand is under Carrier’s furnace line– so most parts can be interchanged accordingly. Many homeowners consider Bryant as a cost-effective alternative to Carrier.
  • Heil: Replacing a Heil draft inducer motor will cost you $450 to $1,200 (depending on the particular type of furnace). Like Bryant, Heil is another practical alternative to consider under the Carrier brand. Note that not all Heil parts are compatible with either Carrier or Bryant products.

How To Order a Furnace Inducer Motor Online

If you want to order a furnace inducer motor online– you're in luck! You can follow plenty of methods to have the product delivered to your doorsteps conveniently.

  • Amazon Think of Amazon as a real-life hardware store. Simply find the right furnace inducer motor you want, add it to your shopping cart, and then proceed to check out. Enter your shipping address and chosen payment method before clicking Place Your Order. You’ll find great prices on different furnace motors for your home needs– including brand names like Coleman, Rheem Ruud, and White-Rodgers.
  • Plumber Stock – Many DIY enthusiasts check out items on Plumber Stock for HVAC supply and fixtures at fair prices. They offer a wide range of household names and products to meet your needs. Plumber Stock also boasts many years of experience providing customer satisfaction and economical prices.
  • Ferguson – Ferguson.com (previously known as Ferguson Online) is a favorite one-stop shop of many HVAC technicians and contractors looking for specific HVAC parts and tools. What's more, finding the suitable furnace inducer motor is made easier with its enhanced search feature. You can efficiently search by brand, model number, or product SKU.
  • McCombs Supply Co. – You can also browse for several draft inducer blower motors from McCombs’ Parts House, as they offer a wide range of replacement furnace blowers (draft inducers) suitable for major HVAC brands like Heil, GE, and Lennox. Browse through their furnace blower inventory to find the suitable motor for your HVAC system at home.
  • Patrick’s Heating and Cooling Supply – Patrick's Heating and Cooling Supply is a renowned wholesale distributor of commercial HVAC supplies and equipment, including furnace inducer motors. Since 2005, the company has been providing excellent service to many loyal customers. Additionally, their experienced team is committed to delivering on time, ensuring the highest accuracy and the best value.

Should I Repair or Replace my Inducer Motor?

Once you know the inducer motor is faulty; it's time to decide whether to get a replacement or only have it repaired. Before you pay a local HVAC technician to handle the repairs, it's better to take the furnace model and its age into careful consideration.

If it's the first time you'll have the draft inducer repaired, that's fine. A high-quality inducer motor can last up to 20 years. Several factors may cut its lifespan, but you won't need to replace it every other decade– ideally, at least.

In some cases, several homeowners and HVAC contractors prefer a total inducer motor replacement when the repair costs are substantial. You may want to consult with your HVAC technician about which route is the best one to take for your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a furnace inducer motor, and what does it do?

The function of a furnace inducer motor is to eliminate harmful gases from the last heating cycle. The attached blower fan begins 30 to 60 seconds before the burners ignite and force leftover gases out the vent pipe. A motorized fan provides unsteady oxygen flow to the burners until the end of the heating cycle. A furnace inducer motor is also commonly called "draft inducer blower assembly."

Does an inducer motor require maintenance or lubrication?

Other inducer motors are built with an oil port for lubrication. However, sealed motors do not need any maintenance. It is best to consult your furnace's manual because these requirements will depend on the model.

How long do furnace inducer motors typically last?

On average, a furnace inducer motor may last around 10 to 20 years. The best way to extend your furnace inducer's lifespan is through conducting annual maintenance.

How long does it take to replace a furnace inducer motor?

It may take 30 to 60 minutes to replace a furnace inducer, depending on accessibility, inspection time, and wiring requirements. Many HVAC technicians usually charge a minimum service fee regardless of the time spent.

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February 1, 2022
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