Fun and Creative Kids Bathroom Ideas You’ll Surely Love

Kenneth Wilson

Is it finally time to give your kid's bathroom a well-deserved makeover? Fortunately, creative kids' bathroom decor ideas are almost endless! Many designs focus not only on making the space look cuter but also improve its functionality.

Think of modern tiling, stunning wall colors, and decorative accents that stand out. As such, it's all about striking a balance between fun and creativity. We've gathered all the bathroom inspo you need that will be a hit with any kid.

31 Bathroom Ideas For Your Kids

Here we go....

1. Use Bold Stripes

(Source: James Carierre)

Striped vinyl wallpaper is always a hit, even in your kid's bathroom. Cover all the walls (in and outside the shower) with your chosen wallpaper to keep it consistent. Don't forget to be consistent with your bathroom floor choice, starting from the door into the shower.

2. Add Double Faucets

Homeowners who want to add double vanities but are working with limited space may want to look for a more oversized sink with multiple faucets. For instance, a trough sink will be an excellent choice! (Related: Best Bathroom Sink Ideas for Every Kind of Home) It provides two toothbrush stations for your kids without adding extra cabinets. No more having to fight for it!

3. Bright Contrast

There’s nothing as easy as livening up your bathroom with striking colors, such as blue and lemon yellow. You may go heavy with a color of your preference (blue) and use yellow accents for that subtle contrast.

4. Nautical Themed Bathroom

(Source: Tracey Ayton)

We can almost hear Spongebob's "Aye, aye, captain!" opening theme with this nautical-themed kids' bathroom. Aside from looking like a simple, chic bathroom– it hints at a nautical theme with two stylish mirrors. There are also double sinks and step tools for the kids to share.

5. Open Shelves

(Source: Mike Garten)

Use open shelves for your kid's bathroom and fill them with bins and cloth baskets, helping your kids reach bathroom essentials easily. Of course, keep any toxic cleaning products and items out of arm's reach. Your kid's safety must always be your top priority!

6. Pink-themed Bathroom

(Source: Lark Photos)

Not only on Wednesdays do we wear pink (Mean Girls, anyone?), but every day is filled with pink in this glamorous kids' bathroom for girls. Take a closer look with the floral shower curtain and pink toilet paper. What a way to make the space look fab!

7. Stylish Palette

(Source: Cynthia Collins)

This kid's bathroom will never go out of style– that is for sure. Peep the marble tub, botanical-themed wallpaper, and calming blue-colored shower tiles. Even adults would adore the space!

8. Car Motif

This one is for your boys at home! Find something they adore, and use it as a theme for the bathroom. For this next inspo, use a brightly colored cars-themed wallpaper to be the main spotlight of this bathroom. What an easy way to make the boys smile every time they enter the room!

9. Add Multiple Hooks

(Source: Jim Tschetter)

For multiple kids sharing one bathroom, it is imperative to add extra towel hooks to avoid mess. Each kid will have their spot to hang their towel, so there's no reason for unsightly discarded towels on the bathroom floor!

10. Add Pops of Color (Two-tone)

We're big fans of the two-tone decor in this kid's bathroom, where diamond tiles are installed at the wall's bottom half. The pops of color don't stop there. A patterned shower curtain, decorative wall fixtures, and other vibrant decor are used to elevate the space.

11. Black and White Theme

(Source: Nitsa Jensen)

Monotonous and boring? Think again. Black and white themed bathroom aren't just for adults– it's also a whimsical decor for your kids. If you have pre-teens nearing puberty, this theme may suit their liking!

12. Leaf Accent

Here's another kid's bathroom inspo that leverages a black and white palette featuring stunning leaf-patterned wallpaper. It's a great way to avoid a flat, lackluster bathroom design!

13. Whale-themed Bathroom

Animal-themed decors will always be a hit with kids. Take our word for it! The main highlight for this next kid's bathroom inspo is the whale bath mat and shower curtain for that cute theme. This will be a great design choice for kids of all ages.

14. Geometric Floors

(Source: Alex Hemer)

An easy way to capture attention is to cover your bathroom floors with blue-and-white colored geometric tiles. Opt to keep other decors light and bright if you want to maintain a clean and crisp look. For this inspo, white walls and a farmhouse sink were used.

15. Woodland-themed Bathroom

Jungle safari without going overboard? That's possible! Adding greenery makes your kid's bathroom cozier, just ensure to do it in moderation. In this bathroom makeover, hanging plants were added to add extra pops of color. An animal-themed shower curtain also makes for a cute addition.

16. Blue-themed Bathroom

When it comes to kids' bathrooms, you are free to play with colors! Think of pairing white decors with pops of blue, making a stylish combination. A patterned wallpaper from Lindsay Cowles also complements this design well.

17. Personalized Towels

If you want to make your kids feel extra special, throw in personalized belongings such as embroidered bath towels. You can have them customized and ordered from various Etsy shops. Doing so will also trim the likelihood of towel mix-ups.

18. Add a Step Stool

Opt to add a step stool to make it easy for your little ones to reach the sink and wash their hands. You're not limited to a big, clunky plastic chair. Take, for instance, this kid's bathroom inspo featuring a sleek, wood step stool for the chic, rustic vibes.

19. Travel Aesthetic

(Source: Laurey Glenn)

Something is charming about travel-inspired designs, and you can do the same for your kid's bathroom at home! Choose map-inspired wallpaper so they will feel a sense of adventure every time they enter the space.

20. Fanciful Lighting

Your kid's bathroom also doubles as a guest bathroom in some cases. If that applies to you, you may want to ensure the bathroom looks presentable (even to adults) when they use it. Opt to include funky lights such as neon clouds, which are stylish enough and whimsical for the kids.

21. Use a Fun Wallpaper

(Source: Tobi Fairley)

Your child or tween may express themselves and show off their personality by using an animated wallpaper. Don't worry if removing wallpaper gives you nightmares– wallpaper has gone a long way, and there are many removable alternatives available.

22. Neon-themed Kids Bathroom

The sky's the limit for bathroom decor options for your kids. So you might want to go for a bold look, using neon green wallpaper. The good thing is that the wallpaper will be simpler to clean away than painted walls if you have a change of heart.

23. Fun Faucet Extender for Kids

(Source: Walmart)

An extender is required when tiny arms are too short of reaching the faucet. This simple (and affordable) elephant-shaped attachment will spare you from having to pick up your child every time they wash their hands and will save your back.

24. Tic-tac-toe Toilet Paper Holder

This tic tac toe board turns toilet paper storage into a game and serves as decorative wall art! Choose stain and paint colors that complement your style at that.

25. Painted Beadboard

To create a cabin-like feel, paint the walls a bold color and keep the rest of the room fairly neutral. An old washboard or photographs from your summer camp days might be used to provide a sense of nostalgia.

26. Open Shelves

(Source: Jane Beiles)

If you want to keep chemicals and cleaning materials out of the reach of children, bathroom cupboards may need to be secured. Look for a vanity with open and closed storage if you need additional space for your kids' bath supplies. A low open shelf in this bathroom allows young children to grab a new towel quickly.

27. Storage Baskets

(Source: Sarah Dorio)

Invest in storage baskets if you don't have an under-sink vanity or cupboards. They're a lifesaver when scooping up bath toys and storing them out of sight when visitors arrive.

28. Dinosaur Wall Hook for Kid's Bathroom

This wall-mountable T-Rex will excite any dinosaur fan, as it can be used as decoration and a wall hook or faucet cover.

29. Recessed Lockers

(Source: Lisa Romerein)

Lockers may be a fantastic way to keep towels, toys, and toiletries separate in a bathroom that accommodates numerous children. Vintage lockers are recessed into the wall in this next kid's bathroom inspo, so they don't take up valuable floor space.

30. Pivoting Mirror

(Source: David Tsay)

A tilting mirror is a valuable feature in a child's bathroom since it can be adjusted as they grow. This offers them the best view possible, whether brushing their teeth or combing their hair. A chrome pivot mirror is matched with a white subway tile backsplash and a sky-blue sconce for a light, airy effect. (Related: Stylish Bathroom Backsplash Ideas to Recreate)

31. Sweet and Serene

(Source: David A Land)

Finally, framed wall art and a scalloped bath mat can add feminine vibes to your child's bathroom design. Take a look at the inspiration in the following example. If you want a more cohesive look, paint the underside of the clawfoot club in your chosen complementary shade.

Final Words

The kid's bathroom decor inspo we've included here ranges from stylish to fun and creative. But if there's one thing these ideas have in common, they'll make your daily life more organized and orderly in more ways than one.

Kenneth Wilson
April 18, 2022
Bathroom Remodeling, Ideas & Inspiration, Interior

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