Do You Love Wine? 50 Ways You Can Repurpose Wine Bottles

Kenneth Wilson

If you love to drink wine or use it for cooking, then you probably have several empty wine bottles in your home or outside, ready for the garbage truck. But before you let them take it away, why not try repurposing these bottles?

Wine bottles can be reused or transformed into outdoor or home decorations. There are hundreds of DIYers who have successfully upcycled these glass bottles. They have turned it into useful household objects, lighting, accessories, and outdoor decorations for their home. 

Aside from saving money and accentuating your home, you will also be helping the environment. So whether you're a wine lover or someone who cooks with wine, it won't hurt to give these empty wine bottles a second life.

Check out these 50 wine bottle upcycling inspirations for your next DIY project.

1. Garden Edging

Looking for an inexpensive way to shape your garden? You can use empty wine bottles to create a unique edging. Find out how to recreate this outdoor decoration by following this guide.

Source: Vert

2. Wine Bottle Glass Pebble Lights

Turn your empty wine bottles into lighting with some glass pebble pendants. This decoration is not that difficult to recreate, you can even cut the bottle to have different styles.

3. Christmas Lights Chandelier

Another way you can use wine bottles as decoration is for Christmas. Add some lights and Christmasy colors - and you'll get inexpensive and simple lighting!

4. Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

You can repurpose wine bottles as tiki torches for $4. Aside from the bottle, you'll need citronella torch fuel, nylon thread seal tape, copper coupling, and tiki replacement wick. See the tutorial here.

5. Beach or Sea Glass Bottles

Need some coastal decoration? This tutorial shares two methods to achieve this look: a specialty sea glass spray paint or frost-effect paint.

6. Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders

Check out this cool-looking wine bottle recycling project! You can reuse them as bird-feeders. Not only will you be repurposing empty bottles, but you'll attract some beautiful birds to your home.

7. Wine and Lace Centerpieces

Instead of buying an expensive centerpiece, you can turn your empty wine bottles into lacy decoration. Find out how to recreate this design here.

8. DIY Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

Check out these cool wind chimes made out of wine or glass bottles! There are three different designs, so you can choose which style goes best with your home.

9. Giant Wine Bottle Flowers

If you need some outdoor decoration, you can try recreating this sculpture. Make your yard look unique with this giant bottle flower feature.

10. Wine Bottle Craft

Here's another decoration you can try recreating. It's the perfect design if you're planning to have a White Christmas theme. See the tutorial here.

11. DIY Wine Bottle Rainbow Lanterns

Check out this adorable outdoor decoration. Turn old wine bottles into colorful lanterns, lighting up your backyard. If you want to recreate this design, check out the tutorial here.

12. DIY Soap Dispenser

Do you need a new soap dispenser? Reuse an old wine bottle! Not only is it unique, but it would probably confuse and make your guests smile upon seeing this wine bottle craft.

13. Hurricane Candle Holder

Save on your electricity bill by recreating this beautiful candle holder. With some empty wine bottles, you can easily illuminate your indoor or outdoor area.

14. Message In A Bottle

Do you have an ocean-themed decor? This beautiful wine bottle craft might make a great addition to your home. Find out how to recreate this design here.

15. Inverted Wine Bottle Hanging Planter

If you don't have space for a lush garden, you can start a small vertical garden. Check out this cool hanging planter made out of a wine bottle. You'll find the tutorial here.

16. Wine Bottle Light

Here's a simple way you can add lighting decoration in your home. It looks vintage as if you bought it from a store. Find out how to recreate this design here.

Source: DIY Projects

17. Recycled Wine Bottle Planter

Another cool way to turn an empty wine bottle into a planter is by cutting it in half and inverting the top side - just like this one. You can recreate this design by following this guide​​​.

18. Serving Dishes

Who would have thought that you can turn old wine bottles into serving dishes? Well, this video will show you that you can! This will leave your guests in awe, especially if they find out that you did not buy this unique serving dish.

19. Wine Bottle Lamp

Instead of buying a hundred-dollar lamp, you can repurpose a wine bottle into a lamp. Your guests would probably ask about it - making it a nice ice breaker for small get-togethers. Find out how in this guide.

20. Halloween Bottles

For those who don't have time to get a real pumpkin, you can turn an old wine bottle into Halloween decoration. It's a simple project that you can do with the kids.

21. Boo Bottle Ghosts

For those who don't mind making an extra effort, you can add this design to your Halloween decoration bottle set. Doesn't it look adorable? Check out the guide here.

22. Self-Watering Glass Planters

You'll need another glass jar, but at least you'll have a self-watering planter! Now, this is a cool way to repurpose old wine bottles. Does it work? Find out here.

23. Wine Bottle Candles

Before you head to the store to buy candles, you can create your own using a wine bottle as a container. Find out how by watching the video below.

24. DIY Glittered Wine Bottles

Do you want to add some sparkle to your home? Here's a nice decoration you can simply create out of empty wine bottles. Find out how by following this guide.

25. Ombre Spray-Painted Wine Bottles

It looks store-bought, but it's actually a DIY project. With some spray paint, you can also recreate this beautiful design.

26. Water Plants With A Wine Bottle

You can keep your plants watered by sticking in a wine bottle with a cork. Find out how it works and how to recreate the glass-matte design by checking out this tutorial.

27. DIY Map Wine Bottle

Here's a unique way to decorate an empty wine bottle - using maps! You can leave it as is or use it as a planter. Find out how to recreate this design here.

Source: Karen Kavett

28. Shell and Sand Filled Wine Bottle Decor

For those who have a coastal or ocean-themed decor, you can add this beautiful shell and sand-filled wine bottle to your home! It's easy to recreate, just follow the video below.

29. Twine-Wrapped Wine Bottle Vases

Add a rustic touch to your decor by recreating this design. With some twine and strips of burlap, you can also make this! Here's the step-by-step guide.

30. Wine Bottle Terrarium

Make a small and simple terrarium using sliced wine bottles! These will help add a little green to your home. Check out the tutorial here.

31. DIY Wine Bottle Succulent Planter

Check out this adorable succulent planter made out of an empty wine bottle! Here's the tutorial on how to recreate this project.

32. Wine Bottle Platter

Another way you can use wine bottles as a serving dish is by flattening it. It's a cool and unique way to serve treats during wine and cheese night! Here's how to flatten wine bottles.

Source: Hunker

33. Recycled Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

Here's a different take on the wine bottle wind chime design. Watch the video below to recreate this project.

34. Wine Bottle Chandelier

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a store-bought chandelier, you can try recreating this design with your empty wine bottles. Just make sure that everything's properly attached to avoid accidents.

35. Wine Bottle Table Lamp

This lamp looks store-bought, but it's actually a DIY project made out of a wine bottle. Check out the tutorial to recreate this design.

Source: Home-Dzine

36. Wine Bottle Shelf...

Who would have thought that you can use wine bottles to create shelves? It's a unique style (check out the tutorial here), but I wonder if it's sturdy enough to hold heavy objects?

37. ...or Table!

Aside from shelves, you can use it to make coffee tables similar to this one. Find out how by following this step-by-step guide.

38. Wine Bottle Vase

Whether you want to use it as a Christmas decor or keep it all year long, this is a simple and easy design you can do with empty wine bottles.

39. Wine Bottle Vase Trio

This decor looks like it was bought from a store, but it was actually a DIY project. If you want to build one, check out the guide here​​​.

40. Mosaic Wine Bottle

With some tiles and shells, you can decorate your empty wine bottle similar to this one. This is perfect for those who have a coastal-themed decor. You can view the tutorial here.

41. DIY Upcycled Wine Bottle Chandelier

Check out this colorful wine bottle chandelier! It's simple yet looks amazing. If you want to recreate this design, here's the step-by-step guide.

42. DIY Floating Candle Holders

Here's another way you can turn empty wine bottles into candle holders. It's an elegant way to decorate your dining table without breaking the bank.

Source: Homey Oh My

43. DIY Wine Bottle Drip Candle Holder

You can also simply use your old wine bottles as a drip candle holder, making sure that your table isn't ruined by the hot wax.

44. Wine Bottle Wall

If you have a lot of wine bottles, you can build a wall - which will provide additional privacy and shade. You can find the tutorial here.

Source: Home Talk

45. Recycled Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Here's another way you can turn wine bottles into wind chimes. This one looks great, especially with the hole and accessories found in the middle.

Source: Recyclart

46. Wine Bottle Table

This wine bottle table looks sturdier than the first one! It's probably because it utilizes more bottles. Check out how the bottles are also used as a vase and a candle holder. You can recreate this table by following this guide.

47. Wine Bottle Lanterns

Check out this adorable wine bottle decor! The light from the inside allows the design to stand out. Find out how to create this lantern by following this tutorial.

48. Wine Bottle Picture Frame

Instead of the usual picture frames, you can use wine bottles to display photos in your living room. Watch the videos to see how!

49. Wine Bottle Rings

You can turn your wine bottles into rings - with the help of a bottle cutter. There are so many things you can do with the material like these earrings.

50. Invisible Wine Rack

Here's a cool wine rack - because it is made out of empty wine bottles! Camouflage your new bottles with empty ones, leaving your guests confused. You'll find the tutorial here.

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January 20, 2020
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