Do Radon Mitigation Systems Work?

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Radon is a gas that can be present in the atmosphere unknowingly because it is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and chemically inert radioactive gas. Testing must be conducted to determine the amount of radon that is present in the atmosphere. Testing is important because as radon decays, it can become radioactive.

Radon can be found inside buildings, which makes testing a crucial part of ensuring the safety of the building. A radon mitigation system is any system or steps designed to reduce radon concentrations in the indoor air of a building.

The question remains, “Do radon systems work?”. This answer is:

Radon mitigation systems do work. In fact, The EPA recommends that you take action to reduce your home's indoor radon levels if your radon test result is 4 pCi/L or higher. Getting the right radon mitigation system in place requires a vast amount of technical knowledge, which a professional can help with.

Preventing areas from radon from an unsafe level of radon is an important task in safeguarding an area. Detecting the amount of radon in an area and getting a radon mitigation system in place is best handled by a professional. Installation of a radon mitigation system by a professional is also advised because a professional will assure correct installation.

Where can a radon mitigation be purchased?

A radon mitigation system can be purchased from a variety of locations, including home improvement stores, online retailers, and from a radon detection professional. If you decide to purchase it online or at a store, here are examples of locations that you can purchase one from:

  • Lowes

  • Amazon

  • Menards

  • Grainger

  • Walmart

Should you buy a radon detection system?

Buying a radon detection system is up to the discretion of the individual. There are pros and cons to purchasing one, which I will discuss.

Radon detection systems are important in the process of safeguarding an area from dangerous levels of radon. To know if a location needs a radon mitigation system, the levels of radon must first be detected. If you decide to buy a radon detection system instead of hiring a professional to detect the amount of radon in a location, then researching the type of detection system that you would need is important. 

You can purchase a radon detection system from the same retailers as the radon mitigation system. The benefit to purchasing a radon detection system is you will own the technology so that you can detect radon in the future. The downside is that your detection may not be as accurate as a professional. Using a radon detector that is purchased forces the owner to assume the risk of radon to a greater degree when compared to employing a professional.

How much do radon mitigation systems cost?

Radon mitigation systems have a range of prices. There are entry-level systems and more advanced systems that influence the price that you will pay. Additionally, the cost of a system will increase if you decide to have it installed by a professional. Installation costs vary depending on the professional that you hire, so determining the price that you will be charged is an important step in budgeting for your system.

If you do decide to buy a radon mitigation system and install it yourself, you can expect to pay between $25-$150 on average, based on Amazon prices.

Best rated radon mitigation systems

Deciding upon the best radon mitigation system can be a difficult task. There are a variety of factors that help determine the best system to buy. Ratings are a great way to see which system would be best to buy.

Here are the top five rated radon mitigation systems:

  1. Tjernlund Radon Mitigation System

  2. RadonAway XP 201 Radon Mitigation Fan

  3. Suncourt Radon Fan Mitigation Kit

  4. RadonAway RP260 Radon Mitigation Fan

  5. Fantech Radon Mitigation

Benefits of the listed mitigation systems:

Tjernlund Radon Mitigation System 

This system can reduce the radon levels from 10pci/L to 0.5-0.6pci/L. Tjernlund is a well-respected brand with a long history of mitigation, with the company beginning in 1938. The system runs through a basement sideway which makes it attractive for those who do not want a PVC pipe running through the main areas of their house or building. It is highly efficient while having a sound level that is extremely minimal. This system also has a 10-year warranty.

RadonAway XP 201 Radon Mitigation Fan

This system can reduce the radon levels from 21pci/L to 1pci/L in 6-7 hrs. This system is very well suited for basements up to 2500 square feet. The company has existed for over 30 years and they have developed at least 21 different radon mitigation systems. This system also has a five-year warranty.

Suncourt Radon Fan Mitigation Kit

This system will work for basements up to 2000 square feet. The company has been in existence since 1988 and since their inception, they have specialized in creating and selling products designed for the customer at an affordable rate. This system also has a five-year warranty.

RadonAway RP260 Radon Mitigation Fan

This mitigation system is the second model by RadonAway in the top five best rated radon mitigation systems. In the same way, this system has the benefit of being produced by a company that has existed for over 30 years. This system has a high airflow capacity and fits with 6” ducts. This system also has a five-year warranty.

Fantech RN2 Radon Fan

This system is made by one of the largest radon fan producers. You can install it outdoors, indoors, and in wet locations. This fan only uses 58 watts, which saves on your energy bill. This system also has a five-year warranty.

Kenneth Wilson
September 27, 2021

Kenneth Wilson

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