Coleman Furnace Product Line Reviews & Costs 2022

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Since the late 1950s, Coleman has been a trusted heating and cooling systems manufacturer. As such, you can count on a Coleman furnace product to be highly reliable. If you’re considering a Coleman furnace for your next purchase, you’re in luck.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know in purchasing Coleman heating systems– including its average cost, pros and cons, and furnace features. (Related: Furnace Replacement: The Homeowner's Cost Guide)

Coleman Furnace Products: Average Costs

  • Entry-level Coleman furnace models: $3,300 to $4,200
  • Mid-range Coleman furnace models: $4,200 to $4,800
  • Top-tier Coleman furnace models: $4,800 to $5,600+

On average, it will cost you anywhere between $3,300 to $5,600 to install a Coleman furnace at home. Keep in mind that most Coleman furnaces are available in three distinct tiers– with each level having its special price, features, and warranty.

If you opt for higher-tier Coleman furnace models, expect to pay more. However, this will also ensure better features as well as warranties. The total project costs will depend on several factors, such as your preferred model, unit size, and heating output.

In some cases, you may even be eligible for tax credits or rebates in upgrading your heating system. We strongly suggest getting quotes from multiple local HVAC technicians to determine the best value at the price that works for your budget.

Pro Tip: Some homeowners save on initial labor costs by choosing a Coleman furnace with an easy installation design.

The Good: What Homeowners Love About Coleman Furnaces

First off, choosing a Coleman furnace unit will allow you to benefit from its proven brand recognition. Though the brand isn’t as prominent in the furnace industry as they are for camping gear products, their furnace models are still highly efficient.

Coleman offers a great selection of heating systems, including basic single-stage, two-stage, and more advanced models. Accordingly, all their furnaces come with industry-leading warranties that will protect your purchase in the event of any defect.

Unique Features of Coleman Gas Furnaces

  • Convertible gas valve: A convertible gas valve allows the system to convert gas to propane easily. Accordingly, all Coleman furnaces are designed with gas orifices and a switchable gas valve to accommodate natural and propane gas.
  • Hi-Tech aluminized tubular heat exchanger: Tubular aluminum in the heat exchanger keeps your furnace highly efficient and durable. This can be likened to the wrinkle technology popularized by the Goodman company. For instance, the Goodman GMVM97 furnace uses wrinkle bend technology to improve efficiency.
  • Patented three-way drain connection: Coleman furnaces are also built with a three-way connection that allows the condensate water to drain in whichever direction. Don’t worry. The design keeps the drain hose away from the air filter to ensure the airflow isn’t restricted. Additionally, it doesn’t block the blower motor access– making the repairs and servicing of the blower quick and easy.

Coleman Furnaces: 3 Main Series

Let’s take a closer look into Coleman’s three primary furnace lines: entry-level, mid-range, and top-tier units.

Entry Level – Comforteer Series

The Comforteer series is considered the most affordable Coleman furnace in its entry-level offerings. This series includes one high-efficiency model: a single-stage furnace with a primary single-speed PSC fan. But, it’s still among the most basic furnace models in the market.

What we love about this Coleman series is its cost-effectiveness. And even though it’s not as expensive as other entry-level furnaces, it still comes with a great warranty.

Mid-Range – LX Series

We have the LX series for the mid-range Coleman furnace units, which has a basic single-stage furnace and more advanced two-stage models. It also has a quieter operation, excellent efficiency ratings, and consistent temperature levels.

Most of the furnaces in the LX series are designed with standard or variable-speed ECM blower motors. Additionally, most of the units are ENERGY STAR certified, which guarantees excellent efficiency and the possibility of rebates.

The models are also compatible with Coleman’s Hx3 touchscreen thermostat, which you can program to maximize your home’s comfort and the system’s efficiency.

Top-tier – Echelon Series

The top-tier furnaces by Coleman are in their Echelon series, although only one unit is considerably highly efficient. This model is a modulating furnace with an ENERGY STAR certified variable-speed ECM blower motor.

Accordingly, this furnace unit also leverages the WhisperDrive system to ensure a quiet operation, and the ClimaTrak technology gives you maximum comfort, regardless of the climate. It is also compatible with the Hx3 thermostat and comes with one of the best warranties on the market.

4 Homeowners Share their Coleman Gas Furnace Experience & Total Costs

To provide you with an overview of what to expect in buying a Coleman gas furnace, here are four homeowners who shared their personal experience and total spending.

  • Brand & Model & Size: CPC9 Echelon
  • Price: $1,800
  • Home location: Houston, TX
  • Home Size: 2,100 sq. ft.

With Coleman's AC and furnace unit, this furnace has lasted the homeowner for ten years. So far, they didn’t encounter any need for a significant repair or replacement. Given its reasonable pricing, they have recommended the Coleman furnace to their friends and loved ones because of its efficiency.

  • Brand & Model & Size: CPC9 Echelon
  • Price: $1,600
  • Home location: Washington Court House, OH
  • Home Size: 1900 sq. ft.

Although the initial installation fees can be relatively higher depending on local labor rates in your area (the cost of living in Ohio is 0.5% more expensive than in Texas), the next homeowner is satisfied by their Coleman furnace purchase.

Notably, their old gas furnace had persistent leaking problems, which often made their home messy. Their technician, who frequently does the repairs, recommended this Coleman unit at some point. The gas bill isn’t too expensive either, so it’s an excellent buy, with all things considered.

  • Brand & Model & Size: LX Series
  • Price: $1,900
  • Home location: Orange Park, FL
  • Home Size: 2500 sq. ft.

This Coleman furnace unit is a great choice to consider, as long as the installation is handled by a professional. Plenty of related problems are associated with homeowners who attempt to do a DIY installation, so the furnace doesn’t last as long. One notable downside to installing this unit is its noisy operation, but many are willing to compromise since the price is cost-efficient.

  • Brand & Model & Size: Comforteer
  • Price: $1,600
  • Home location: Wisconsin
  • Home Size: 2000 sq. ft.

The Comforteer furnace series by Coleman is another excellent choice to consider, as it efficiently keeps your house warm without making much noise. It also helps you cut down on your gas bills, up to $100.

Lastly, the longevity of this furnace model is better than its other counterparts in the market.

Coleman’s Furnace Warranty Coverage

The Coleman furnace you purchased provides a range of warranty coverages to secure your investment depending on its tier.

  • All Echelon Series furnaces come with a limited lifetime heat exchanger guarantee, a 10-year Completed Assurance warranty commitment, a 10-year parts protection warranty, and a 90-day labor warranty.
  • The mid-range LX Series devices include a limited-lifetime heat exchanger warranty guarantee, a limited 5-year Complete Assurance warranty commitment, a limited 10-year parts protection warranty, and a limited 90-day labor warranty.
  • A guaranteed lifetime heat exchanger warranty, a limited-year parts protection warranty, and a limited 90-day labor warranty are available on entry-level Comforteer models.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, Coleman furnaces deliver outstanding dependability, efficiency, and quality. The brand also offers some of the best warranty coverages in the industry, including all the entry-level to top-tier premium furnace units.

So if you want a dependable furnace to make the winter months a bit more bearable, consider Coleman’s line of furnace models.

Kenneth Wilson
February 2, 2022
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Kenneth Wilson

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