Best Hot Tubs Under $5000 That You Can Order Online: Top 5 Reviews (2021)

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Want a hot tub that will keep you relaxed and soak away your aches… for under $5,000.

Here are our best picks. You can order them right online for shipment right to your door. In a about a week you can benefit from hydrotherapy with your friends and family and get rid of stress and muscle soreness.

Buying a new hot tub can be very fun and exciting, but costly at the same time. You must do your research beforehand to get the right product to avoid any disappointments that might tag along with the cost and comfort.

Many hot tubs today are jam-packed with innovative features for your personalized therapy experience. So, if you are planning on buying a hot tub, there are many models easily accessible in this range. In this article, we will discuss some of the best hot tubs under $50000 to help you make a well-informed decision.

Best Hot Tubs Under $5000 Reviews

This hot tub is a unique, 230V, 90 jet square spa with a capacity to accommodate seven people. It comes with a waterfall feature, spacious open seating layout, and two 2.5 HP pumps. The tranquil water feature is quite interesting for the buyers as it makes this hot tub perfect for people looking to enjoy lively gatherings of friends.

This potent jet massages your back, neck, feet, and legs while you enjoy the serenity of water and multi-color underwater LEDs. Another feature to look forward to is the ozone water care system to keep the water perfectly clean at all times without using too many harsh chemicals.

What we love the most about Lifesmart Spas Jet Square Hot Tub with Ozonator is that it is energy efficient. There is no need for you to worry about turning down the hot tub temperature while it is not in use. Some other features include full foam insulation and a thermal locking cover to maintain the heat and keep your electricity bills low. Thanks to all these features, you are sure to enjoy this product for many years to come knowing that it is APSP14 National standard and CEC (California Energy Commission) certified.


  • 285-gallon water capacity
  • 90 jets
  • Easily fits up to seven people
  • Features an Ozonator
  • 104 degrees maximum working temperature


  • Steps for the hot tub are not included in the packaging

The Cyanna Valley Spas 31 - Jet Square Hot Tub provides adequate space with a wide variety of features. High-quality and ample seating is what everyone wants, which makes this product our top choice.

Firstly, the hot tub is the ideal shape and size for almost every user out there. You can enjoy the calming and relaxing sound of the cascading waterfall and soothe your mind and body alone or with a bunch of friends. Its supreme X has the ability to deliver an efficiency of up to 240V to implement the stainless steel accents, 5.5KW heater, the double horsepower of the supreme, and LED parameter mood lighting.

The most notable feature of the product is its slip-resistant shell material which is quite unique compared to other similar items. The making and formulation of the shell process allow the hot tub to have slip-resistant characteristics. It works well for people who want to enjoy a safe spa environment with their loved ones.

Since it is an American manufactured spa, you get to enjoy unlimited benefits of hot water therapy needed. Simply set up the hot tub, get into the water and relieve your stress, connect with family and get rid of all pains and aches of the day.


  • Shell carries lifetime shell warranty
  • Excellent material and workmanship
  • Features an Ozonator
  • Can fit up to 6 people
  • Waterfall feature


  • Needs a professional electrician for set up

The Ohana Spas is all about the customer’s protection, nurturing, happiness and health. This soothing seven-person round hot tub is sure to make your days and night better by renewing your body, mind, and feelings. It's warm water, buoyancy, and massage can be used as a beauty and health therapy. This benefit makes this hot tub a well-appointed spa that helps change the way people feel and live their life.

The Balance Ultra hot tub comes with seating space for up to seven people alongside contoured open seating present for user's added comfort. 40 stainless jets target the sorest and painful areas of your body. The unique and seamless design of the tub is known for providing the most efficient and ideal water pressure through every given jet to leave your mind and body completely rejuvenated.

What more? An energy-efficient 240V (4A) and 6BHP two-speed pump ensure you can enjoy a powerful jet output and optimum hydromassage pressure. Also, a true heat 4KW stainless heater is present for consistent maintenance of ideal water temperature via smart-temperature three programmable energy modes to improve energy costs.

Some other notable features include multicolored LED underwater light (for better safety and ambiance) and a super shell/cabinet made from durable, eco-friendly plastics. The ozone is for natural water purification, to keep your spa clean and free from all the harsh chemicals.


  • Lightweight and super strong plastic
  • Insulated tapered and locking for spa safety
  • Comes with an upgraded ATSM certified hot tub cover
  • Safe for nighttime use
  • Energy efficient


  • No steps included

Cyanna valley is a very renowned brand when it comes to quality hot tubs. Their Cyanna Valley Spas 5 – Person is the most suggested budget-friendly product in the round design category.

This small, compact yet uniquely designed hot tub has the ability to keep everyone entertained for long hours. It is an American manufactured spa that is sure to deliver every single spa benefit your body and mind needs. The Cyanna Valley Spas 5 – Person is quite energy-efficient with an ability to deliver up to 240V installation.

Since it uses the hot tub industry's 5.5KW heater, it works very well even in the coldest weather conditions. Like a lot of buyers, we are also impressed with its fast heating system and other easy-to-use functionalities. It is easy to make adjustments and use the setup for prompt family gatherings.

Another great feature of the hot tub is the incorporation of high-quality, temperature-resistant materials that work in synergy to improve the overall durability of the product. The installation process is easy which means you don’t need a professional or fancy tool to set up the hot tub in your garden/backyard.


  • Five seating capacity
  • Very durable
  • Ozone system to keep the tub neat and clean
  • Easy to work
  • Extraordinary heating system


  • Instructions are not written in English

If your preference is an all-rounder hot tub with advanced features and adequate seating, the Ohana Spas 30 - Jet Rectangular Hot Tub with Ozonator is the best option to consider. This five-seater product features 30 therapeutic jets, solely designed to target your pressure points. The design and overall feel of the tub help massage your sore back, neck, shoulder, calves, and more. With room up to five people, this product is an ideal choice for frequent users and homeowners with small families.

While there is a need for an electrician to set up the 240V tub, it is energy efficient so you never have to turn down the temperature in between your uses. You can easily plan your spa day in advance without worrying about your electricity bills and other related expenses.

Another reason why it is considered the best in the market is its integrated LED lights, super shell, cabinets, and Ozonator. The tub is constructed using thermal walls and also features insulated locking to maintain the heat and conserve as much energy as possible.  Some other notable features of Ohana Spas Jet Rectangular Hot Tub include 2BHP two-speed pump, true heat 4KW stainless steel heater, and three programmable energy modes.

The super shell and cabinet are made of lightweight, impact-resistant, weatherproof and mold-resistant plastic. The incorporation of this feature makes it a lightweight spa that is almost everlasting. A clean life filtration system is given to keep your spa neat, clean, and fully maintained at all times.


  • Seats up to five people
  • Stainless steel heating element
  • Digital control
  • Programmable LED underwater light
  • ATSM certification


  • Jets are not adjustable

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hot Tub

Buying a high-quality hot tub can be extremely daunting. With hundreds and thousands of products available in the market, it might be a little hard for you to choose the most suitable product. In this buying guide section, we will discuss some of the most important features that every potential buyer must consider before making a final choice.

Construction Materials

Some of the most commonly available material options for a high-quality hot tub include plastic, wood, and composite. Plastic is considered the most durable and waterproof material that can hold up well under all circumstances. Wood gives an attractive and warm appearance but lacks moisture resistance so less durable than plastic. Composite, on the other hand, is highly durable but easy to fade under harsh sunlight.

Hot Tub Size

The size of the hot tub is a key element to consider if you and your family members are planning to enjoy it copiously. Hot tubs are accessible in a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate a different number of people but know that the more people your hot tub can lodge, the more space you will need in your backyard to keep it.

Another thing to keep in mind is the operating cost linked with the hot tub and its size. The larger your tub is, the more expensive it will be to run it frequently.


Many hot tubs available in the market features plastic liners and molded seats to be sure of your comfort and convenience. Therefore, we advise people to go for a product that comes with at least 30 inches deep seats to enjoy maximum relaxation and comfort.

Additional Features

You can augment your hot tub experience by opting for a product with maximum additional features. Some of these features include speakers, built-in LED lights, and specialized jets. The quality of these features may differ from one product to another but always work best to improve the ambiance and comfort level of your hot tub.

Another must-have to consider is the hot tub cover. Though it is more important for portable hot tubs, having a cover will keep the hot tub safe from dust and harsh weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hot tubs safe?

Hot tubs are usually very safe and easy to use, as long as you are following the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Make sure not to heat the hot tub more than 104 degrees to enjoy its benefits with complete safety and peace of mind.

What type of maintenance does a hot tub require?

To keep the hot tub neat and clean, be sure to test the chemical levels twice a week and know if it has adequate chlorine and PH between 7-8. Always add more chemicals based on this reading and maintain the filters as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is better to drain the hot tub every four to five months and clean the inner portion thoroughly before filling it again. (Related: Keep Your Pool Clean and Safe With These Pool Chemicals)

How long does a hot tub last?

A hot tub usually lasts for about 10-15 years depending upon different factors such as build quality, materials, weather conditions, and frequency of maintenance.

Final Thoughts

There you go. These are some of our best hot tubs under $5000 for frequent users looking for a way to enjoy hydrotherapy and recreational therapy. Though every product listed in this article is great, the clear winner for us is Lifesmart Spas 7 - Person 90 - Jet Square Hot Tub with Ozonator due to its impressive design and plethora of advanced features. It has ample room for your family and friends and so a great choice for routine/occasional use.

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October 21, 2021
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