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Your bathroom sink plays a huge factor in your bathroom remodel. It does not only add to your home’s elegance, but it enhances your hygiene experience as well.

The bathroom sink is a high-traffic area of your home, a necessity for guests and family. There are different types of bathroom sinks, and finding the type that suits you best takes time and research. 

Learn the different types of bathroom sinks for your bathroom remodeling project in this article, so you can choose the style, design, and shape that works for you best.

Self-Rimming Sinks

Also called drop-in sinks, self-rimming sinks are installed above the countertop. These sinks have a rolled and finished rim that sits above the countertop and keeps it in place.

They can be made from any kind of material, making it adapt to your bathroom style easily.

This type of sink is relatively the easiest to install as it does not require you to alter your countertop when replacing the sink.

Advantages of Using Self-Rimming Sinks

  • The design offers a wider selection of countertop materials. You can mount this sink directly on any countertop material, such as laminates and tiles.
  • Self-rimming sinks are superior in comparison to undermount sinks. The process only requires the technician to put the sink into the cut and secure it, which makes it a good option for commercial buildings.
  • The rimming lip transfers the heaviness of the sink to the adjoining counter, allowing the sink to take on raised levels of weight and abusive handling in commercial settings. It saves money in the long-term.
  • It’s cleaner than undermount styles because the edge of the sink is visible, so maintenance is easier. You can wipe it off using disinfectants daily to prevent mold and bacteria build-up.

Our Recommended Pick: KOHLER K-2699-1-47

34 Ratings

Kohler keeps it simple, and that’s exactly WHY it’s on the list. It gives off elegance with its modern design. This has the shape of an oval, making it fit in most bathroom styles.

It only takes a few minutes for the installation process, the instructional manual is easy-to-understand and all the necessary tools are shipped along with the package.

Maintenance is hassle-free, simply use a soft, wet cloth to remove stains and watermarks. However, we do not recommend using a brush or any abrasive material as it may cause bruises. The sink is made out of vitreous china for durability, making it a wise investment for long-term usage.

Under-Mount Sinks

These types of sinks are installed from under a solid surface countertop such as granite, marble, or concrete. Unlike self-rimming sinks, under-mount sinks are a bit more challenging to change as they are customized, which means that the hole that is cut into the countertop is specifically sized for the sink.

This is a good option if you want to save on counter space. Although it’s a little trickier than self-rimming sinks when it comes to installation, it does have a cleaner look since the fittings are concealed in the counter.

Under-mount sinks can’t be installed on a plastic laminated countertop. You may use materials like quartz and composite for this type of sink.

Advantages of Using Under-Mount Sinks

  • Adds value to your home, apartment, or real-estate. These sinks are perceived as a premium to buyers, investing in under-mount sinks may gain you more profit in the long-term.
  • It allows you to exercise your creative freedom, you can have the faucets placed in your preferred setting with undermount sinks.
  • They consistently have contemporary styles, including clean lines and forms. These designs fit in most bathroom themes.

331 Ratings

It gives off a compact design, making it an appealing vanity sink for your bathroom. What makes this sink shine aside from its build is the overflow feature. It allows the water to train the moment it gets full.

This is made out of ceramic and it sports a shiny finish to seal the deal. It’s super easy to install, and the instruction manual is easy to follow, even for a non-handy person.

The sink is on the lighter end of the spectrum, which plays a factor in its fast installation.

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks are sinks that can stand on their own or in other words, freestanding sinks. They are supported by a small column found beneath the sink and are not set in a vanity.

These sinks don’t give the homeowner countertop storage space, that’s why it’s the perfect type for bigger sized bathrooms.

Advantages of Using Pedestal Sinks

  • Provides a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decoration. It supports standard and widespread faucet, giving you more bathroom design options.
  • While it does not have countertop storage space, the sink’s small footprint makes the bathroom appear bigger.

Our Recommended Pick: Bohemia 23 5/8" Glass Pedestal

71 Ratings

The Bohemia Glass Pedestal sports an elegant look that can easily be the bathroom’s centerpiece. It’s a high-quality pedestal at an affordable price.

While we did mention that pedestals often have no countertop space, this gives you an ample amount of countertop real estate where you can place your essentials.

 This is easy to install, taking only a few minutes even for a non-handy person. If you’re looking to switch up your bathroom look, you’re going to love Bohemia Glass Pedestal.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are known as above-counter installations as they sit on top of the vanity counter so the bottom of the sink is in line with the countertop. There is still a lot of space on the countertop despite the sink being partially set in the countertop. The sink comes in materials such as ceramic, glass, stone, and more.

These sinks are situated high enough, so you can wash your face or brush your teeth without bending over. This uses pop-up drains.

Advantages of Using Vessel Sinks

  • Vessels are not commonly used in bathrooms, making it a unique option. They’re available in various shapes and styles, which means you have plenty of room for your personal touch.
  • Easy installation process, all you need to do is to cut a space into your countertop and have it installed. If you like doing small renovations once a year, you can have this easily replaced.
  • You have more countertop space since vessel sinks are mounted on top.

584 Ratings

While the KOHLER K-2882-0 boasts a simplistic appeal, the PULUOMIS vessel sink sports a unique design that demands attention. It gives off a smooth touch texture, giving your bathroom a glossy surface for aesthetics.

This comes with a high-end tempered glass, which works to prevent breakage. The sink is scratch-resistant, so you can expect the Vanity Vessel Sink to be in tiptop condition for a long period.

If you’re planning to give a memorable present to someone special, you can add this to the cart for the Holiday Season.

Console Sinks

Consoles are wall-mounted sinks that stand on two to four legs. Countertop space is almost non-existent with this type of sink. Plumbing drain and supply lines are visible so matching the material with your faucet are favorable for a better look. What’s more, the sink legs can be used as a towel rack as well.

Advantages of Using Console Sinks

  • Small bathrooms often use console sinks to maximize space. You can have your essentials in a basket neatly placed under the sink.
  • These sinks have an open base, which means it promotes thorough cleaning. Use a damp cloth and a disinfectant spray to keep it spotless.

Our Recommended Pick: Renovator's Supply 10918

71 Ratings

This carries an eye-catching console sink design that suits most bathroom styles. If you have a small-spaced bathroom, it helps in maximizing the space.

The tempered glass is thick and durable for long-term use, the sink is easy to clean as well. Installing the sink only takes a few minutes of your time.

Overall, it’s a beautiful sink that’s reasonably priced.

Wall Hung Sinks

Wall hung sinks are a great way to save space, especially in smaller areas as they are installed directly against the wall. They don’t have a vanity or countertop.

Similar to consoles, wall-hung sinks have their plumbing drains and supply lines exposed. An optional concealed arm or wall support can cover up these things. Towel bars can also be purchased separately to be used with this sink.

Advantages of Using Wall Hung Sinks

  • Saves space, using a wall-hung sink for your small bathroom is a practical way of maximizing your area. It delivers the illusion of having more space thanks to its flat panels.
  • Sinks of this type can be easily cleaned at any given angle, whether it may be from inside, exterior, or beneath. You don’t have to mop around obstacles as well when you’re cleaning the bathroom floor.
  • Enhances bathroom style due to the floating look it provides. You can have it in modern, retro, round, or in any design that you want.

152 Ratings

The Walcut Wall Mount sink is perfect for modern bathrooms, it’s made out of ceramic and delivers a nice-looking chrome finish. The simple yet futuristic design blends in with your bathroom decorations.

This model is often used for both residential and commercial use because of its heavy-duty nature, making it a smart purchase for long-term use.

Unlike other models, Walcut Bathroom Corner Sink is unaffected by temperature changes and other harmful elements. The unit only takes a few minutes to install, allowing you to save on time.

The polished surface of this model makes it easy to clean, just like with other sinks on our list, soft, damp cloth is sufficient for clean-up. Do not use a brush or any abrasive cleaning material to preserve its finish.

Vanity Bathroom Tops

Vanity tops are one-piece countertops that are made of materials such as granite, marble, tile, wood, or other solid surface materials and have built-in sinks.

They do not come with bases but you can buy a coordinating base or use an old one. It is important to know the exact dimensions of your vanity cabinet to ensure proper fit. Tops provide a sight overhang as they are usually an inch larger than the vanity they sit on.

Advantages of Using Vanity Bathroom Tops

  • Creates a brand new look for your bathroom without any major remodeling. It enables you to change styles and themes frequently.
  • Provides a clean and sleek look to your area. Vanity bathroom tops have adequate countertop space where you can place your essentials.

234 Ratings

If you’re after a more modern design to pull off an all-exclusive, luxurious design, the Miligore Oval White Vessel Sink gives you just that.  It’s an absolute eye-candy for guests, family, and friends because of its elegant appeal.

This Vessel Sink is made out of high-quality ceramic for longevity, so you don’t have to worry about a scratch or accidental impacts that leave marks on the sink. It lasts for a long period without showing signs of wear and tear.

Similar to our other products on the list, installation is a breeze. What’s more, there’s a drain opening to flush water when the sink is full.

Corner basin

Similar to the wall-mounted basin, a corner basin also hangs on the wall except it is placed on the corner of the room. This is a great way to save space since corners in the bathroom are hardly used. These types are more suited for 2 piece bathrooms since they can't carry their weight and have no storage space.

Advantages of Using Corner Basins

  • These are compact, making them quite efficient on space. It’s installed in the corner, so the sink does not encroach on the area needed for the other parts of the room.
  • It’s neatly tucked and accessible in the corner of the bathroom, making the area look cleaner than other bathroom styles.

Our Recommended Pick: Alexander II Corner Sink

19 Ratings

It’s a smartly designed corner sink that does not only make it more compact than others, but also an eye-catcher to visitors.

This is made out of vitreous china material for durability, ensuring that it’ll last for many years to come. The sink is easy to maintain, all you need to do is to wipe it off with a damp cloth to remove stains.

Kenneth Wilson
October 26, 2020
Bathroom Remodeling, Reviews

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