Bathroom Remodel Cost Guide (With Examples)

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to get those beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing bathrooms you see on Pinterest or other websites? You’re not alone! Plenty of homeowners want to know the remodeling costs to get a radiant and pristine-looking bathroom or even to simply upgrade their current one.

We can dream all we want for luxurious fixtures or expensive hardware, but the next step to turning this dream into reality is planning the budget. To determine if your bathroom concept will fit within the budget, you will need to learn about the different costs of a bathroom remodel.

Whether you just want to replace the tiles or get a complete renovation, here is a bathroom remodel price guide to help you plan for your bathroom remodeling project.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Bathroom Remodel?

On average, homeowners spend $6,000 to $25,000 on their bathroom remodeling project. For essential upgrades or smaller bathrooms, it will be less expensive and cost between $2,500 to $7,000. For complete renovations or master baths, expect to pay in the upper range of the average, around $20,000 or more. If you prefer high-end hardware and fixtures, expect that your bathroom remodel will cost more than the average, probably twice or thrice of it. Other factors that could affect the cost are the size of the bathroom, which will be discussed in the next section.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost By Size

Before we discuss the specific sizes, the average of bathroom remodels per square foot is $120 to $275. But as mentioned above, the materials and labor costs can increase or decrease the price. Now, here are the remodeling costs of different bathroom sizes.


Square Feet

Total Cost



$1,500 to $4,000



$2,500 to $4,500



$3,000 to $9,000



$4,200 to $10,000



$4,000 to $11,000



$4,500 to $12,000



$4,000 to $10,000



$7,000 to $16,000



$6,000 to $17,000



$8,000 to $17,500



$8,000 to $22,000



$9,000 to $25,000



$12,000 to $28,000



$15,000 to $33,000

Labor Costs

Labor expenses take up a large percentage of the overall bathroom remodeling cost. Out of the total, labor can account for 20% to 65% of the costs, which is around $1,300 to 4,300 or $40, 50 65 to 75 100 per hour. This will vary depending on the location, where you can expect it to be in the upper range for areas with a higher cost of living. To give you a better estimate, here are the different professionals you may need and how much they cost per hour.

General Contractor

$30 to $85


$45 to $200


$65 to $100


$70 to $125

Bathroom or Interior Designer

$58 to $200


$20 to $50

Drywall Installer

$30 to $100

Painting or drywall installation labor costs can also be priced based on square footage. Painters charge $2 to $6 per square foot or $50 to $550 in total while drywall installation can range from $1.50 to $3 per square foot.

Material Prices

While labor costs may vary greatly per location, the prices of basic bathroom remodeling materials are almost the same in different areas. Similar to labor expenses, material costs also take up a large percentage of the project’s overall cost, usually around 60% or more. On average, expect to spend $2,000 to $9,000. The end cost will largely depend on whether you choose generic and off-the-shelf or customized high-end bathroom fixtures and other materials. Here is the price of the basic bathroom remodel materials:


Average Price

Essential Fixtures

$200 to $5,000

Bathtub and Showers

$300 to $6,000


$50 to $800


$200 to $4,000


$200 to $1,000


$200 to $2,000


$900 to $1,800

Doors and Windows

$200 to $2,000


$150 to $2,000


$20 to $500

Water Heater

$600 to 1,000

The integral fixtures you will need are sinks and toilets. You can opt for a pedestal sink or one with a cabinet. To save space, you can also opt for wall-hung sinks. If you choose a sink with legs and countertop, expect that it will be in the upper range. If you want to check other options, here are 8 different types of bathroom sinks.

Other essential features you will need are the toilet and bathtub or shower. You will need more space if you want to install a bidet, which can be placed on the side, or opt for a bidet toilet seat. For the shower and bathtub, you can opt for just one or get a combination of both. It can either be a bathtub installed with a shower or a standalone bathtub and a separate shower. Don't forget about the small details such as faucet and/or shower heads. There are different types for these, and thanks to today's modern technology, you can even find smart shower heads that come with innovative features.

Since bathrooms are usually located in areas of the home where there is no source of natural light, you may need to install proper lighting. Popular options for bathroom lights are sconces and shower light. You can also get a bathroom fan with a light, which can be an important feature. The exhaust fan is used to remove excess moisture which can help prevent mildew and mold growth. 

If you want to know the difference of generic materials compared to customized ones, here is a comparison between off-the-shelf (basic) and custom (high-end) fixture costs:




$100 to $600 


$700 to $6,000

$50 to $450


$700 to $4,000

$100 to $900


$1,000 to $10,000

$120 to $800 

Vanity Cabinet

$1,000 to $6,000

$50 to $1,000


$1,000 to $4,000

With just the features above, you have already many options to choose from. The same can be said for bathroom countertops. There are so many styles, colors, and types available. Some of the most popular ones are tile, marble, quartz, solid surface, laminate, and natural stone.

For the flooring, one of the most commonly used materials is tiles. Tile installation can cost between $5 to $20 per square foot depending on the type. It can go as high as $100 per square foot if you choose an expensive material such as natural stone. Other types of tiles you can use are ceramic, porcelain, glass tile, mosaics, or large format. 

Other Costs

Gut and Demolition

It would cost around $400 to $2,500 to gut and demolish a bathroom, largely depending on the size, if the walls are going to be moved or removed, which fixtures that will be removed, and if there is any damage in the inner wall or sub-flooring. Part of this cost is hiring a professional who will need to check the plumbing and wiring.


If you want to expand your bathroom, it can cost between $2,500 to $15,000. It can get expensive because it requires rerouting plumbing and electrical, an electrical panel upgrade, more plumbing pipes, new framing, drywall installation, additional structural headers, extra insulation, professional consultation, and more. 

Average Cost

Rerouting Electrical Wiring 

$500 to $2,000

Electrical Panel Upgrade

$800 to $1,500

Plumbing Pipe Installation

$450 to $2,000

New Framing

$500 to $2,000

Drywall Installation

$450 to $2,500

Structural Engineer and Architect

$1,300 to $2,700

Specific Bathroom Remodeling Project Costs

Bathroom Disability Remodeling

For people who will need handicapped-accessible bathrooms, it costs around $1,500 to $10,000 for a bathroom disability remodeling project. The price will largely vary since specific upgrades will depend on the circumstances. This may include additional fixtures and hardware such as railings, grab bars, walk-in bathtub or shower, or handheld showerhead. Some may also need to get the doorways widened or the height of the toilet and sink to be adjusted. 

Overall Rating: 3/5

Size: 53”

100% glossy white acrylic

Surrounding handrail built in to the bath rim

Ergonomic control knobs

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Size: 30″x 60″x 38″

Acrylic shell reinforced with fiberglass gel coat

Deck mount grab bar and slip resistant floor

Thermostat control valve

One-Day Bathroom Remodel

Another specific type of bathroom remodeling is a one-day bathroom remodel. On average, this can cost around $4,500 to $15,000, depending on what’s needed to be done. A professional who does this will give you a more specific estimate depending on the fixtures you want to be upgraded or removed. There are also some who offer specific packages which will include the basic hardware such as a sink, toilet, shower, and vanity. Since it is a quick remodeling, expect that they will be using shower kits instead of installing custom ones. Despite the ‘one-day’ in its name, this project can sometimes last up to five days.

Examples of Bathroom Remodeling Projects with Cost

Bathroom Remodel Under $5,000

For those on a budget, check out this bathroom remodel from Brown Design Group in HGTV’s Before-and-After Bathroom Remodels Under $5,000. It was a small and outdated bathroom that looked very cramped. You think that it would look bigger with the large vanity, but it actually made the room look smaller. 

For under $5,000, Brown Design Group was able to make it look luxe and more spacious. Instead of wall-to-wall vanity, they used a one-piece countertop and sink floating vanity. The glass shower looks amazing and even made the bathroom look bigger. This was not an expensive renovation since they didn’t spend on countertop materials or a shower door.

Bathroom Remodel For $20,000

In Sweeten Stories, Architect Brian Kaplan remodeled his old bathroom into one that was inspired by his travels. The bathroom initially had outdated fixtures and finishes. There was even a leak from the bathroom upstairs that damaged the ceiling of this bathroom. After traveling around the world, Brian was inspired by the different hotel bathroom he came across.

To make it look from the before to after, it cost him $20,000. The walls were replaced with white subway tiles, a classic material for bathrooms. For the flooring, he opted for a blue penny tile, a unique design that complements the walls. It also looks great with the clawfoot tub and new toilet. The color also matches the bronze fixtures, wooden medicine cabinet, and bronze fixtures. 

Bathroom Remodel For $30,000

What does a $30,000 bathroom look like? Check out this design by Casa Design/Remodeling in Houzz’s Bathroom Workbook: How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost? Casa Remodeling President Brad Little provides more information about this type of bathroom remodel.

In the photo above, there is a frameless glass that encloses the shower area. The shower alone costs around $10,000, nearing half the overall cost of the project. If you’ve noticed the beautiful flooring, this is made out of porcelain tile. Below, the vanity shown is semi-customized with chrome fixtures.

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Ready To Get Started With Your Bathroom Remodeling Project?

After setting the budget for your bathroom remodeling project, the next step is finding a contractor. It can be challenging to find trusted and reliable contractors. Homeowners mostly don’t get their calls returned, take days to get a response, or not have contractors show up on estimate day.

For those who haven’t found a contractor or want to compare more estimates, I recommend Networx. You’ll be able to quickly and easily find contractors in your area while spending less time and effort researching and comparing quotes. All contractors who are on this platform also need to be licensed and insured to join.


After submitting your quote request, you'll be contacted by a few of their local contractors. Since they pay for the opportunity to earn your business, they will be eager to earn it as well!

You might want to look at this bathroom remodel checklist before starting your project.

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