American Standard vs. Trane: Is There a Difference or Are They the Same?

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The top brand choices often boil down between American Standard and Trane Systems when it comes to HVAC systems.

So, if you're looking for a new air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, and other HVAC accessories– these are the top 2 brands you need to check out. Both brands are considered reliable and established manufacturers, having refined their technology over the years. For your reference, both brands are owned by Ingersoll Rand, which is a large multinational corporation active in different industries.

To give you more insight into the differences between the two brands, let's discuss everything you need to know about American Standard and Trane Systems to help you make the best purchase.

Same Company, Different Brand Names

Both American Standard and Trane Systems are from the same company, even if they are presented as different brands. American Standard is considered one of the oldest manufacturers of household appliances, while Trane is a reputable brand in terms of HVAC products.

Trane XR17

American Standard Platinum 18

In 1984, American Standard bought the Trane company for the sake of marketing and to eliminate disruption– both companies continued to operate under different brand names. Ingersoll Rand, the mother company, didn't want to complicate the operation that comes with usual acquisitions and mergers.

The main goal was to offer identical HVAC products for different customer bases, marketing channels and established logistics chains. You'll notice almost no difference in the quality of the products, as both go through the same manufacturing and quality testing standards. As a result, both brands have successfully maintained their reputation as premium HVAC manufacturers. American Standard and Trane Systems HVAC products are the go-to for reliable heating and cooling systems.

Trane Brand Costs More (Just a Bit)

Given that both brands are under the same parent company, many often wonder why Trane products cost a little more than their American Standard counterparts. This is because dealers selling Trane products need to pay into a co-op fund to market the brand. It is similar to what some car dealerships follow. That said, it's why Trane models cost a bit more.

The American Standard brand doesn't have to pay the same co-op fund, as the brand name is already established and well-known.

The other main difference is the distribution network of the two, as it varies throughout the country. The brand is distributed through wholesalers in some regions, while other areas have local factory-owned warehouses for distribution.

American Standard vs. Trane: Key Differences

Although there are many similarities between American Standard and Trane systems, there are some differences that distinguish them from each other.


Though both American Standard and Trane models are priced close to each other (only within 3% to 5%), American Standard AC units may cost you more. (Related: Goodman vs Trane: Is Trane Worth The Higher Price?)

Model Line

The two brands offer seven similar HVAC models, but Trane has unique systems in the Trane XL16i and Trane XR17.

American Standard has three air conditioner product lines: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. (Related: American Standard Air Conditioners: Product Line Review & ComparisonMeanwhile, Trane uses model numbers to refer to their AC units. The three tiers are known as XV TruComfort, XL, and XR.


Both Trane and American Standard AC units have a 10-year limited warranty on their outdoor coil. For all the other internal functional parts, you will get a 10-year warranty as well.

If you're looking for more extended warranties, this will be available in American Standard's AccuComfort and Gold Series and Trane's True Comfort and XL units. They have a generous 12-year limited warranty on the compressor.

In choosing American Standard AC units, you will only have a limited warranty which you need to register immediately within 60 days after making the purchase. On the other hand, Trane's air conditioners have a limited 5-year warranty even if you don't register the product. This warranty covers both interior and exterior components.

Important Note: Ensure that your dealer offers the full warranty before installing the new AC unit. It's also best to know the maintenance schedule beforehand to keep track of when to have the unit serviced.

Lastly, ensure that the contractor is manufacturer-approved. If they do not, or it's installed incorrectly, it may compromise the product's warranty coverage.


Though both American Standard and Trane HVAC units go through a similar assembly line, they are offered in different colors and logos to distinguish one brand from the other easily.

Above Average Quality

Both brands are known for their above-average quality. But it has a price range that's a bit above what you typically pay for its counterparts in the market. Though it will cost you a bit more, you will get a reliable AC unit that lasts longer without mechanical issues.

Energy Efficiency

Both brands are also known for their highly-efficient air conditioners. The most efficient AC unit from Trane is the XV201 TruComfort variable speed. Its seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) can get up to 22, with 750 stages of comfort to provide you with the ultimate climate control.

This model can automatically adjust the temperature and maintains its speed to prevent random temperature swings. Additionally, it has a whisper-quiet operation and has a low cost per minute on average.

On the other hand, American Standard's most efficient AC model is the AccuComfort variable-speed Platinum 20 air conditioner. It also has a SEER rating of 22 and adjusts to the most efficient speed to ensure maximum comfort.

Standard Features

Both residential air conditioners are considered the best in the HVAC industry. You can count on American Standard and Trane units to offer the best quality and performance. They have three different series dependent on the various cooling stages. Both have a high-end variable speed range, making them highly efficient. Depending on your preference, there's also a series of two-stage and single-stage air conditioner units.

ENERGY STAR recognizes every unit as "Most Efficient" as they exceed ideal SEER standards. You can count on these AC units to provide excellent energy savings.


The foil-backed insulation of American Standard and the Trane air conditioner coils is to ensure users can wipe them clean easily.

Generally, American Standard AC units are designed with 100% aluminum Spine Fin coils. The only distinction is the Silver 16 Side Discharge, which has a plate-fin coil.


The American Standard Platinum series AC units have 700 stages and variable speeds compressors. Meanwhile, the Gold Series models are two-stage, and the Silver Series are single-stage machines.

Similar to the coil design, comparing the compressors of these two brands will make you realize there's not much of a difference.

Final Verdict

Looking at these two brands makes you realize there's little difference between them. Perhaps the most defining factor lies in the quality of installation, so ensure to hire the best local HVAC contractor to ensure the AC unit is installed correctly.

Regardless of whether you choose American Standard or Trane AC units, it's likely that your equipment will only need minor repairs after 10 to 12 years of good use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main difference between Trane and American Standard?

The two air conditioner brands and any other heating and cooling equipment they produce are not different from each other. Many other companies, including Carrier, Trane, and American Standard, manufacture three air conditioner series. Trane does, however, offer two additional 2-stage models.

Does Trane cost more than American Standard?

Both brands are marketed at the high end of the market. This indicates that both of their prices are pretty expensive. In general, pricing estimates are within 3 and 5% of each other. The Trane pricing is most likely to be cheaper.

Is American Standard a trusted HVAC brand?

American Standard is an excellent HVAC brand. It's one of the best-known and oldest brands in the market. Air conditioners from this company are efficient, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. The Trane and Carrier brands, which make high-quality HVAC products, are its primary competitors.

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May 3, 2022
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