6 Beautiful Indoor Travertine Floor Ideas (With Estimated Cost)

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Are you planning to go with travertine floors for your next home improvement project? Now, that’s a good choice. Not only are travertine tiles a more cost-effective option than marble and granite, but you can use them on the floors, countertops, patios, and walls.

It adds prestige to any home. Some travertine tiles mimic the look of expensive stone without requiring you to break the bank– although the adhesive costs in its installation may hike up the total project expenses.

Travertine floors effectively capture attention, with each piece appearing as a work of earth art, a one-of-a-kind design. Homeowners who want a classy, timeless look can choose regular travertine floor patterns. In comparison, French or Herringbone travertine floors are a more sophisticated design choice.

6 Indoor Travertine Floor Ideas with Costs

In a sense, the different beautiful travertine floor types depend on personal preference. Different cultures and traditions inspired some patterns, so let’s take a closer look at your options below!

1. French Pattern Travertine Floors

Total Estimated Cost: $2,500 - $4,000

Also known as Villa Pattern Travertine Floors, this pattern quickly gives your bathroom, kitchen, or living spaces an aesthetic look. Just take a look at the beautiful travertine floors of this bathroom!

Commonly, French pattern travertine floors are found in many coastal or country-style homes. Aside from indoor use, this design pattern is also used for outdoor floorings such as gazebos, patios, pool decks, and walkways.

As long as you avoid using polished travertine in areas with an increased risk of slipping– there is no need to worry. Polishing makes travertine tiles a bit more slippery. Depending on the requirement, it may be better to skip it to ensure safety.

It usually comes in different finishes such as matte, polished, and sheen to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room. Additionally, its natural beauty fills the ambiance of your room with warmth.

Tile Choices to Consider for French Travertine Floors:

2. Antique Pattern Travertine Floors

Total Estimated Cost: $2,800-$4,500

These 8x15 Antique Pewter travertine floors added a dash of elegance to a plain, old laundry room.

Antique pattern travertine floors (or Meandros) have similarities with French pattern designs. It is also commonly used in several traditional country-style homes in the USA.

Not only does it add a more comfortable, warm look to any space– but it also increases the overall design value. It is often used for interior and outdoor designs, quickly giving a more rustic feel to any room.

If you’re specifically going for an Italian villa look, a high-quality antique-looking travertine tile pattern makes for the perfect choice. There’s a wide selection of designs to choose from, with tones of light beige to brown, which adds natural, welcoming beauty to your home. In most cases, no tile appears the identical copy as the other. It gives you a one-of-a-kind decor!

Tile Choice to Consider for Antique Pattern Travertine Floors:

3. Brick Pattern Travertine Floor

Total Estimated Cost: $8,800 - $10,000

This large, elegant open living room in Phoenix looks natural and stylish with brick travertine floors.

Brick pattern travertine tiles quickly add timeless natural beauty to your living rooms, kitchens, and washrooms. The traditional brick pattern comes in popular colors like brown, gray, and cream. Lighter shades are standard in modern living spaces, too.

Choose this pattern if you want your floors to take on a uniform design, making any room feel and look spacious.

Tile Choice to Consider for Brick Pattern Travertine Floors:

4. Spiral Pattern Travertine Floor

Total Estimated Cost: $4,500

More than the main floor design, spiral pattern travertine floors serve as an additional design feature. Just take a look at the spiral pattern travertine flooring above, and you’ll notice how it makes the design a bit bolder and livelier.

You’ll notice how spiral pattern travertine floors are mostly observed in modern-style kitchens and homes. The trendy look takes the interior design to the next level. In particular, use polished travertine tiles for your spiral decor pattern, as it looks better when it shines. It also helps make the room appear more spacious than it actually is.

The timeless solidity of the design is an excellent way to make a first impression on your guests. When they enter your home and see the luxurious spiral pattern travertine floors, chances are– they’d be impressed.

Undoubtedly, this alluring decor boosts the value of your home.

5. Herringbone Pattern Travertine Floor

Total Estimated Cost: $2,800 - $4,500

This laundry room remodeling project in North San Antonio featured Herringbone travertine floors, enhancing the room's appeal.

Considered to be the most contemporary travertine floor design, it's no wonder why many modern homes choose this beautiful flooring pattern.

Additionally, these versatile tiles can also be applied to the backsplashes and walls. Note that if you choose more complex patterns for your travertine flooring project, this will only increase the costs as it requires a more labor-intensive installation.

On average, herringbone patterns add up to $4 per square foot than the basic, regular travertine tiles. It will depend on the pattern's complexity.

Tile Choices to Consider for Herringbone Pattern Travertine Floors:

6. Regular Pattern Travertine Floors

Total Estimated Cost: $5,800 for a 200-300 sq/ft kitchen

This traditional kitchen makeover project in San Diego chose to go with regular, polished travertine tiles.

While it does seem like a plain, regular flooring design– you'll be surprised to know how many homeowners still prefer standard travertine floors.

In fact, it's considered the most applied pattern among all the ones we've listed so far. As the adage goes, save the best for last. Regular travertine floors are popularly used in bathrooms and pool decks. Popular colors include cream, beige, and gray.

Tile Choices to Consider for Regular Pattern Travertine Floors:

Checklist in Shopping for Travertine Floor

  • Check relevant resources from the Natural Stone Institute (formerly known as the Marble Institute of America). They discuss different natural stone flooring tiles, such as travertine. You can also access a directory of natural stone distributors and suppliers throughout the country.
  • You may visit the nearest home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s to check travertine flooring tile options for your project.
  • Browse through the World Floor Covering Association’s directory of retail flooring stores by Zip Code for more options.
  • Before signing with any contractor, ensure they are properly bonded, licensed, and insured. The licensing requirements may vary in each state.

Nowadays, travertine floors continue to be a popular choice in many modern homes. These tiles are a cost-effective alternative to other natural stones without sacrificing the rustic, prestigious aesthetic. (Related: Tile Installation: A Cost & Consumer Guide)

If you're planning to do your next bathroom, kitchen, or living room flooring project, consider the timeless appeal and beauty of travertine floors!

Kenneth Wilson
November 30, 2021
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Kenneth Wilson

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