50 Window Box Design Ideas To Add More Life And Color To Your Home’s Exterior

Kenneth Wilson

If you're looking at your home's exterior and feel that something is missing, maybe it's a window box. It brings more life and color to your outer walls as well as increase your home's curb appeal.

Not only will it look beautiful from the outside, but you will also have a view of beautiful greenery peeking from the window box. You can also use taller plants and flowers if you want to add some privacy by blocking the view from the outside.

Another great thing about a window box is that it's not complicated to install. You can DIY, build from a kit, or install a pre-made one. What's going to be more difficult is finding the right design.

Here are 50 window box design inspirations so that you can make your home's exterior look livelier.

1. Colorful window box planter

Since you can use flowers to add some color to your home, you should go for a colorful bunch to make it really look lively. Here are three colorful window boxes for each window.

2. Lattice window box

You can also opt for subtle flowers but with an attractive lattice window box. It works well for those who already have colorful frames or shutters.

3. Overflowing with flowers

Some windows look like they having floating flowers because the window box is covered. Here's a gorgeous arrangement of colorful flowers that are overflowing from the container.

4. Wooden window box planter

Most window boxes you would see are made o wood, just like this one. It's simple yet still looks lovely. This design has a neutral color that would go well with most windows.

Source: Home Talk

5. Vintage vibe

With the white and grey color of the home's exterior, this window box looks vintage. Even the colors have a pastel-like feel, so the design is very easy on the eyes.

6. Colors of spring

If you want livelier colors, you should try a window box that has colors of spring. The different shades of green and yellow flowers perfectly contrast the white container and frames.

7. Basket planter

For a unique window box, you can try a basket planter. It won't cover the windows, and your guests would probably want to whip out their phones and take a snap.

8. Simple wooden window box

If you want to use a wooden window box that doesn't block the window, you can try this simple design. Add some flowers with varying heights to make it more attractive.

9. Like a bouquet

This window box reminds me of a colorful bouquet. Place a bunch of flowers in the middle with some overhanging the container. For the edges, use some green plants to complete the look.

10. Floating window box

Check out this design! It looks as if the window box is floating. That's because there are no mounts or brackets visible.

Source: DIY Network

11. Window planter pots

Decorating your window is not limited to rectangular containers or boxes. You can also use a planter that holds pots like this design. It's unique and you can easily change the flowers or plants.

12. Matching colors

Bringing life to your home's exterior doesn't always mean using a bunch of colorful flowers. You can also use one accent color that matches your window, like this one.

Source: The Spruce

13. Beautiful arrangement

Even a plain white window box would look amazing if it has beautiful flowers on top. Check out this aesthetic window box with a gorgeous arrangement of flowers.

14. Contemporary window box

Another way to make a white window box look more attractive is by adding patterns like this design. This modern flower box would look great with most homes.

Source: Window Box

15. Window box with moss liners

If you don't like the usual rectangular box, you can use a cage-like container with moss liners. It would look different as well as let air and water pass through easily.

16. Minimalist window box

Here's a simple window box that would go well with most homes. The white container with the cage framing and minimal flowers look amazing even if it isn't extravagant.

17. Hanging basket of flowers

Another floating window box that looks like a hanging basket of flowers. The stem on top makes it look like it's hanging, but it's floating because the mounts or brackets are hidden.

18. No-drill window box

A simple window box that you don't need to spend a lot of time and effort to install. It's no-drill and small, but it still looks great. You can opt to use one type of flower or add a colorful bunch.

19. Garden gate window box

Another pot planter design that looks great is this garden gate window box. You can place pots or use some type of liner to turn the cage into a container.

Source: Window Box

20. Herb window box

Save space and make your home's exterior look more attractive with a herb window box. Instead of installing one just for decorating, use it to produce ingredients for cooking.

21. Add a centerpiece

If you don't want an overflowing or extravagant window box, you can arrange flowers with at least a centerpiece. Even if it doesn't tower over, it would still look amazing.

22. Shades of green

You can also choose not to use flowers in your window box, but beautiful shades of green, just like this design. Even if there are no other colors, it still looks great.

Source: Dirt Simple

23. Cedar window box planter

A classic look to a window box is using cedar. Check out this window planter! The color looks beautiful and would complement most types of plants and flowers.

24. Wrought iron window box

Another cage look you can try is this wrought iron window box. It adds more shape and design to a simple white container and would look great with most flowers and plants.

25. Below the frame

If you don't want to block your view with plants or flowers, you can install the window box below the frame. There is always an option to use shorter plants and flowers, but this is probably an easier way.

26. Mounted window box

Some people hide the mounts or brackets to make their window box float, but you can also use those as part of the look. Check out this mounted window box!

Source: Window Box

27. Brimming with tall flowers and plants

If you have a high or huge window, you can increase privacy with a window box filled with tall flowers and plants. It won't completely cover the view from your end while providing a bit of privacy.

28. Simple white flower box

For those who have a brick or patterned exterior wall, you may want a simple white flower box so that it won't contrast. Check out this beautiful window box!

29. Caged window box

You can also use the cage look for window boxes that aren't white. Here is a caged brown window box placed on top of the frame. It looks elegant even without the extravagance.

30. Terra cotta pots window box

This white frame and exterior just became more colorful with gorgeous flowers in terra cotta pots. Instead of the usual container box, use a planter to hold flower pots.

31. Pallet flower box

For a more unique-looking flower box, you can use pallets for the container. This design would look lovely, especially when you have a colorful or patterned exterior wall.

32. Consistent look

The arrangement of your window box doesn't have to be with different plants and flowers. Even if you use just one, it would still look beautiful - just like this design.

33. With gallows brackets

Take a look at this unique window box. It has more texture and it incorporated gallows brackets into its overall look. This would look even more gorgeous once the flowers or plants are placed inside.

34. Don't stick to rectangle-shaped boxes

If you prefer a box-like container but not the usual rectangle, here's a different shape for your window box. It's shaped like an inverse trapezoid and looks pretty unique.

35. Long window box

For those who have wide or multiple windows, you can use a long window box. You can use one type of plant or flower, have a consistent pattern, or make beautiful arrangements.

36. Using flowers as an accent

Instead of highlighting the flowers, you can use it as a small accent around the plants, just like this design. It looks lovely, with a pop of color here and there.

37. Mini-fence window flower box

Make your window box look like a little garden by using small fences as a design for the container. You won't need brimming or overhanging flowers and plants with this design.

38. Barn hayrack window basket

Check out these window baskets. Even if it only uses one flower, it still looks amazing.

39. Succulent window box

Aside from using herbs, you can also create a window box with succulents. This is perfect for those who prefer this look instead of overflowing flowers and plants.

40. Accent color

Even if you have colorful flowers and plants, you can still use a container that is not white or brown. This design looks great, the light green complements the arrangement of flowers.

Source: Lowe's

41. Twig window box

Another unique container you can try is this twig look. This window box looks natural as if you've found it in the wilderness or forest.

42. Pallet flower box

Here's another pallet window box design. Hang a piece from an old pallet then use the narrow gaps to hold the plants and flowers.

43. Window basket

This window basket looks lovely! It matches the frame and other decorations of this home. If you have the same motif, you may want to try this look.

44. Rustic cedar window box

Check out this rustic cedar window box. Finding a container that matches your frame makes the overall design look more seamless. This also shows how mounts or brackets can be used as decoration as well.

45. Galvanized tub window box

A simple galvanized tub container with greenery can already make the exterior area look amazing. It looks great even if there are no flowers or decorated containers.

46. Dresser drawer window box

Give new life to an old dresser and use its drawer as a window box. Not only will you be recycling, but you will also have a unique-looking decoration by your window.

source: Home Talk

47. Chevron window box

Have fun with the container design and use colorful patterns like this design. The chevron pattern looks as if it's pointing or highlighting the flowers on top.

48. PVC window box

A unique and simple container you can use for your window box is a PVC. Check out this design! Even if it can't hold a lot of flowers or plants, it still looks great.

49. Metal window box

Most window boxes are made of wood, go for a more unique look with a metal container. It will still look great even if it doesn't have colorful flowers, but you can still put some since it won't be contrasting.

50. Shims wooden window box

Add more texture to a window box by using shims, just like this one. It looks more attractive than a smooth or plain container. Doesn't it remind you of a fence as well?

Kenneth Wilson
April 14, 2020
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