50 Storage Ideas And Designs You May Need For Your Yard

Kenneth Wilson

Inside our homes, it’s normal to have cabinets, closets, and drawers for possessions we aren’t currently using. Most of us keep these things because we don’t want them to ruin our decorations or like to keep our homes clutter-free.

But what about the outdoors? Just because we have a wide space, doesn’t mean it’s okay to have unused stuff lying around. Aside from storing garden tools and other equipment, we can also use outdoor storage to keep pillows, curtains, and small decorations we don’t want to get wet when it’s raining or when we’re not home for weeks.

Now, it can be difficult to determine what type of storage you will get for your outdoor area. Some people have sheds, cabinets, and hangers for their tools, while others prefer having disguised storage. These ones are usually furniture that doubles as a storage box, so it won’t ruin your landscaping or outdoor décor. It is also worth the investment since it has two functions.

If you don’t have any type of patio storage yet, it’s time to get one! Whether you have a big or small outdoor area, there are dozens of storage types you can get for your home. You don’t have to look at scattered gardening tools, pool equipment, children’s or pets’ toys, and other stuff anymore.

Check out these 50 outdoor storage ideas, designs, and products that you can get for your outdoor space.

1. Repurposed Shoe Organizer

If you have an old, or even new, shoe organizer, you can also use it outdoors. It's great for storing garden tools such as gloves, trowel, and other small equipment you have lying around.

2. Hanging Outdoor Bar

For those who love to have drinks on their patio, you might also want to have a hanging outdoor bar. Find out how to recreate this storage box in this guide.

Source: HGTV

3. Outdoor Storage Bench

When you've got a lot of backyard stuff, you might need a large outdoor storage bench. This one is big enough to store all your things, and you can use it as a bench, too! You can build this using basic dimensional lumber from the home center.

4. Garden Mailbox Toolshed

If you don't want to ruin your landscaping or outdoor décor with cabinets or drawers, you can turn an old mailbox into a small toolshed. It can store your small gardening tools and it's a great conversation starter when your guests see it.

Source: Home Talk

5. Keter Eden Storage Bench Deck Box

Here's one of those double-duty furniture I mentioned. This storage bench box has a storage capacity of 70 gallons and a weight capacity of 771 pounds. This two-seater is waterproof, weather-resistant, and UV protected, so it won't dent, rust, peel, or warp.

Source: Amazon

6. Storage or BBQ Barrel

Here's a cool-looking storage barrel! It has a shelf and hooks on the doors to hang your tools - or BBQ utensils if you're planning to have a cookout. You can buy one, or try recreating this decoration with a retired wine barrel.

Source: Etsy

7. Suspended Wicker Basket

If you have a tool shed, you can hang wicker baskets on the door to increase storage capacity. For those that don't have a shed, you can suspend them on your walls instead.

8. DIY Bike Storage Shed

Whether you have bikes or not, this is a simple shed you can use for your outdoor equipment and other tools. If you have small furniture that isn't waterproof, you can also store them here.

9. Lawn Tool Pallet Storage

Don't have space for a large garden shed? You can store and organize your tools with a pallet. You can find out how to create this pallet storage here.

10. Suncast Large Deck Box

For those who have a rustic-themed yard, you might want to get this large wicker deck box. It is lightweight but it has a storage capacity of 99 gallons. It's made of poly resin, making it water-, rust-, and fade-resistant.

Source: Amazon

11. Planter Storage Box

Turn an outdoor decoration into a disguised storage box. This planter also doubles as a small cabinet, perfect for storing your gardening tools. It looks great and is practical, too!

Source: Homedit

12. Vienna Hose Pot

You can store your hose properly and nicely with a beautiful pot. You can buy this product or try recreating it with a pot that matches your outdoor area's theme.

Source: Frontgate

13. Outdoor Storage Bench

If you need a smaller outdoor storage bench, here's an easy to build tutorial. This is great for storing pillows, seat cushions, tools, and toys.

14. DIY Big Bolt Hanging Rack

Here's a simple yet unique storage type for outdoor areas. You can create a hanging rack using large rust-proof duty bolts screwed into a piece of wood, which will work as a shelf as well.

Source: Remodelista

15. Rubbermaid Outdoor Medium Storage Shed

Do you have a lot of tools and equipment? Try out this heavy-duty medium storage shed. It is weather-, leak-, and dent-resistant. It is also lockable to keep your things safe.

Source: Amazon

16. Terracotta Pot Table

Whether you have a small or large outdoor space, this mini table will look great and fit in the area. Find out how you can recreate this design in this tutorial.

17. Wooden Pallet Garden-Tool Rack

Here's another way you can turn a pallet into a garden and tool rack. All you need is a pallet, some recycled bow rake heads, $10 for tools, and to follow the guide here.

Source: HGTV

18. Small Outdoor Tool Shed

For those who have limited space, here's another small shed you can build for your yard. It's perfect for long gardening tools, umbrellas, and other long equipment you have at home.

19. Bucket Organizer

Organize tools, toys, and other trinkets in your yard with some buckets and a shelf. The buckets on the photo are galvanized buckets while the shelf is something you can get from the Home Depot.

20. AmazonBasics Resin Deck Storage Box

If you only need a small outdoor storage box, this deck box is not that big but has enough storage, around 22 gallons. It is made of resin plastic, making it durable and weather-resistant. It may look small, but it can also be sat on.

Source: Amazon

21. Garden Storage Box

Here's a cute and simple storage box that will fit any garden. It looks like a birdhouse, so it won't ruin your décor. Find out how to recreate this design in this guide.

22. Bike Storage

Now here's a cool way to store your things! It slides out so you can easily remove and place large equipment and other tools. You can also use this design even if you don't have bicycles.

Source: Flickr

23. DIY Wood Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Check out this amazing sectional sofa! It looks store-bought, but it was actually DIY-ed. See the handles below? You can lift those to reveal the storage area.

24. DIY Ladder Shelf

This design is a nice decoration with a storage function. Save space by using a storage type that utilizes the vertical space. You can also place some plants and accessories to add some style.

25. Camden Outdoor Wicker Deck Box

Another place you can disguise your storage box is in tables. This wicker deck box is weather-resistant and has an open bottom for wet tools or toys. You can buy this product or try recreating it.

Source: Wayfair

26. Repurposed Potting Bench

If you have an old china cabinet you're planning to sell, donate, or throw - don't! You can repurpose it into a potting bench or workshop table. If you don't need one, use it as a decorative shelf with storage area or an outdoor bar.

27. DIY Hose Hiding Planter

An outdoor hose is a necessity, but it can sometimes ruin the whole outdoor look. There's a solution to that - the hose hiding planter. Check out how to create this storage box here.

28. DIY Storage or Bike Shed

If you don't like plain and rectangular sheds, why not try this modern design? This shed is a great place to store bikes, toys, and gardening tools.

29. Industrial Wood And Steel Console

For those who love dining outdoors, this console is perfect for you. It's lightweight and portable, so you can easily drag it from the kitchen to your patio without the hassle.

Source: Jen Woodhouse

30. Keter Circa Round Deck Box

Compared to most storage boxes, you might want to get this unique round deck box. It has a storage capacity of 37 gallons, and it also doubles as a coffee or side table.

Source: Amazon

31. DIY Outdoor Storage Bench

This outdoor storage bench is perfect for small outdoor areas. Find out how to build this DIY storage box here.

32. Repurposed Crate Storage Table

This DIY table would fit well in rustic-themed outdoor areas. It's a simple crate storage box with wheels. If you want to recreate it, here is the tutorial.

33. Outdoor Storage Bench

If you have space for an outdoor bench, you should build or get a product similar to this one. It's long and can seat several people - plus, you can store more things in this box.

34. Garden Tools PVC Organizer

Whether you have a shed or not, your tools may be scattered inside or outside your yard. Organize them by using PVC - it's quick and easy, just check out the guide here.

Source: Ashbee Design

35. Suncast Resin Vertical Storage Box

If your storage box is this huge but looks great, you don't have to worry about disguising it. You can even decorate the top with plants because it has front doors.

Source: Amazon

36. X-Leg Wooden Bench With Crate Storage

This look store-bought, but it's actually DIY - and it only costs around $40 to make. Here's the tutorial on how to recreate this design.

37. DIY Four-Door Shed

Who knew that you could turn four old doors into a shed? It is possible, and here is the result. Follow this guide to recreate this tool shed.

38. DIY Outdoor Storage Chest

Here's a simple DIY outdoor storage chest that is safe for kids to use. With this storage box, you won't have to worry about them running to you while crying about their sore fingers.

39. DIY Rolling Storage Cart

Now here's a nice way to store toys and even for your tools. It's a storage cart that has wheels, so you can drag it to any place in your yard. Visit this site to see the plans.

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

40. Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed

You can save some space by getting a vertical storage shed. This product is weather-, dent-, and leak-resistant, ensuring that your things will be safe and dry. You can even install wood shelving for versatile storage.

Source: Amazon

41. Potting Bench With Storage

Here's another potting bench or workshop table you can build for your home. You'll need some pallets and this guide to recreate this storage box.

42. DIY Crate Bookshelf

With 8 crates, you can build a storage shelf similar to this one. It would look great for outdoor areas with a rustic theme. Check out the tutorial here.

43. Patio Deck Box

Do you have a lot of things you need to store? This huge patio deck box would be perfect for you!

44. Cedar Planter Box With Hidden Hose Storage

Here's another planter box design to hide your hose. You can recreate this design by checking out the tutorial here.

45. KINYING Horizontal Storage Shed

This is a nice multi-functional storage cabinet. It has a modern look, and it has multiple opening directions, making it easy to place and remove stuff.

Source: Amazon

46. Twin Headboard Bench With Drawers

With two twin headboards and a drawer, you can create a bench that doubles as a storage box. It looks store-bought, but it's DIY-ed - and you can recreate it by following this guide.

47. DIY Outdoor Crate Coffee Table

Here's a simple and portable coffee table with a storage box that you can recreate. You'll need some crate and to follow this tutorial.

48. Outdoor Storage Tool (From A Tire)

Instead of throwing away a used tire, you can repurpose it into a storage stool or ottoman for your backyard.

49. Garden Tool Hanger

Organize your tools by hanging them on the side of a shed or wall. You can decorate the wall to add some style.

50. Elements Coffee Table With Storage

This coffee table has a contemporary style, and it doubles as a storage box as well. It has 30-gallon storage capacity and is weather-resistant.

Source: Wayfair

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January 10, 2020
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