50 Small Pool Design Inspirations That Are Perfect For Small Yards

Kenneth Wilson

If you have a small yard or an outdoor area with limited space, should you give up on getting a pool?

For some people, the answer is no. Because even if you don't have enough space, you can still install a smaller pool. It may not be a lap pool or normal-sized pool, but you still get most of the same perks. You can still swim, relax, exercise, and feel refreshed after a quick dip.

You might be worried that it wouldn't look nice, but there are dozens of designs that can make a small pool still look amazing. You can even get attractive water features like fountains, waterfalls, and more to complete the look.

With a smaller pool, it's not going to be limited to the backyard. You can install it in the side yard, front yard, and other areas of your home. As long as ​there are walls or fences, then the pool area ​will still be private.

It will also be easier to clean and maintain since there is less area to cover. For the price, it's going to be less expensive but it will still be pricey. It may take less time and fewer materials to build, but you will still be using the same materials such as tile, stone, fiberglass, or concrete. Depending on the type, you may even need to get decking, but at least it won't cost as much to heat as you do for a huge pool.

If you want to install a small pool, here are 50 design inspirations to help you out. You may find the right style, shape, and design to fit your space and aesthetic preference.

1. Tiny pool by the corner

Even with a small outdoor area, you can still install a swimming pool - just like this one. It may not be capable of fitting a lot of people, but it would do the trick of letting 2 to 3 people feel cool during a hot summer day.

2. Shallow pool with a water feature

It looks like a fountain but it's a shallow pool that can also help you feel refreshed after a long day. It even comes with a water feature, and with the surrounding greenery, it looks like a tiny oasis.

Source: Alka Pool

3. Small pool with decking

Check out this tiny pool! It was built for less than $5,000. I think you can either leave the surrounding area as grass or build a deck to complete the picture.

4. With a fire pit table

It's not a small yard but if you don't have enough space for a normal-sized pool, you can try out this design. It even has a fire pit table, providing warmth after getting out of the pool.

Source: Houzz

5. Narrow and long

If you think that only small rectangular pools can be installed in a small yard, here's another design. You can still have a long pool, but it's just going to be narrow, probably allowing only one person to swim short laps.

6. Pool with a hot tub

You also don't have to be limited to just a swimming pool. Here's a pool design that comes with a hot tub. It doesn't take up a lot of space, and you get to have both.

Source: Decoist

7. Square-shaped pool

Check out this small and narrow yard! Even with an outdoor area this small, you can still install a swimming pool. It's a square-shaped pool with a water feature and decking.

Source: Piscinelle

8. Small above ground pool

Here's one of the first designs of above ground pools. If you don't want your pool to be below ground, here's something you can recreate. It's simple and you can even change the exterior surface to a design you want.

9. With a water feature

Here's a tiny pool placed at the end of a deck. The water feature and wall makes it look like a fountain, but it's a pool that two to three people can enjoy a dip in.

10. Corner pool

Here's a design that you can fit in a small or big yard. If you don't have space, you can turn one of the corners into a small pool or hot tub with this shape. Surround it with plants so that no one will accidentally fall into it.

Source: Coodecor

11. In-between two areas

You can also use a small and narrow pool to divide areas in your yard. You may want to separate the dining area and the seating area for conversations. Just warn people when they walk around this area since someone can fall into it.

12. Side yard pool

If you have a side yard, you can fit in a small pool there. Check out this design! It comes with a water feature and seating inside the pool.

13. Small in-ground pool with wooden deck

Take a look at this tiny swimming pool. It can easily fit at one corner of your outdoor area or the edge of a patio. The area also looks like a secret cave with the stone wall.

14. Square pool by the corner

You can also opt for a simple square pool by the corner of your outdoor area. Even if you don't have a high wall, a fence or half wall will be able to some privacy as you relax in it.

15. Tiny bean-shaped pool

If you don't want square- or rectangle-shaped pools anymore, you can try a small bean-shaped pool. This design has some plants and tiki torches, making it look like a tiny paradise.

16. A pool surrounding the deck

You can also get creative with your pool and surround your deck with it. This design even has square tables that also work as steps for people crossing over. 

17. Purple lights and water feature

Here's a simple in-ground pool placed at one corner of the outdoor area. It has a water feature and purple lights, which would probably look even better when it's really dark outside.

18. Tiny above ground pool

Here's another above ground pool you can do. If you don't want to dig, you can install this design on your lawn. You might want to change the color of the pool's exterior to match your landscape design.

19. Tiny paradise

This outdoor area looks like a tiny paradise with the surrounding greenery, blue pool, and wooden deck with lounge chairs. There's even a grill, so you can have a BBQ and swimming party.

20. Uniquely-shaped pool with a water feature

Check out this irregular-shaped pool. We often see a square, rectangle, circle, or other straight-edged design, but this one has curvy edges. It also has an angel water feature, which you can install as well.

21. Plunge pool

Small and shallow pools are also called plunge pools - just like this one. It's perfect for wading, relaxing, and cooling off, and would fit in any yard. 

22. Tiny rectangular pool

You can just insert a small rectangular pool in your outdoor area, similar to this design. You can opt to make it longer, but you would have to give up some seating space.

23. Small pool with decking

If you're getting an above ground pool, you should surround it with a deck. This will make it easier to get in and out, and it would look better than just having a  lone circular pool in the middle of your lawn.

24. Covering most of the yard

This outdoor area is not as small as other yards, but you can see that the pool has taken up most of the space. You can do the same for a smaller yard but make sure to have decking so you have space to walk on.

25. Tiny pool with pool lounge chairs

Even if you have a small pool, you can still use pool lounge chairs. Here's a narrow rectangular pool that can fit at least two chairs.

26. Miniature lap pool

If you have limited yard space and want to exercise in your pool, you should get a narrow lap pool. Just be careful not to hit the pool walls as you do swim strokes.

27. Fountain pool

If you get a pool that looks like a fountain, you can use it for leisure and as a decoration. Add a water feature and some plants, and it won't look like a standalone pool anymore.

28. Stock tank pool

For those who want a simple pool without having to dig, you can get a stock tank pool. It's like a huge container with water, which you can already use to lounge and cool off in.

29. L-shaped mini pool

If the outdoor area has pillars like this, you can install an L-shaped pool so that it will still fit and you don't have to transfer the pillar. This design would also work with other obstacles such as patio seating, outdoor oven, and more.

30. Out of sight

This place looks huge but the pool is hidden behind the structure. It covers just a small area of grass, but you might want to put up a wall around it for more privacy.

31. Cocktail pool

Small pools are also known as cocktail pools because you can lounge it in while enjoying some cocktails. Instead of getting a huge pool, this design opted for a small one and use some of the leftover space as a putting green.

32. Circular pool with wood and brick deck

Check out this circular pool! It's an above ground pool that uses two-layered decks as steps. It has a brick finish with wooden flooring, probably so that people won't slip.

Source: Zyhomy

33. Hidden pool

Another way to have a pool if you have a small yard is to use a movable floor. This allows you to transform the space into a pool area and then hide the pool if you need the space for something else.

34. Small pool with waterfall

A tiny pool isn't just for people with small yards. Some prefer a small pool so that they can use the rest of the space for landscaping decorations such as a stone waterfall.

35. Pool with rolling deck 

Instead of creating space for your pool, install it with a rolling deck so the area can be used for swimming as well as for other activities when the pool is hidden.

Source: Piscinelle

36. In-ground pool with waterfall

Check out this beautiful small in-ground pool. It has a waterfall that overflows into the pool, making it ripple continuously. It's also not rectangular so that it can accommodate the pillar.

37. Miniature square pool

This small square pool perfectly matches the modern look of this home and outdoor area. It can also double as a fountain decoration with the water feature.

38. Swimming pool shipping container

Who knew that you could turn a shipping container into a small pool? This design is unique and looks great. You can have decking so it is easier to get in and out of the pool.

39. Tiny pool with waterfall

Here's a gorgeous pool area. It looks like a small paradise, with the greenery, blue water, and marble-like paving. There is even a water feature to replicate the sounds of a waterfall.

40. Pond-like swimming pool

It looks like a pond but this is a small swimming pool. There's a stone waterfall that can help drown out the outside noise and makes the water ripple. It feels as if you're in the wilderness when you take a dip in this pool.

Source: Hoommy

41. Compact pool

If your yard is narrow, then you go for a more compact pool. Take a look at this thin pool. The area is divided between the lawn and pool with decking. 

Source: Trendhunter

42. Round plunge pool

Check out this round above ground plunge pool. One part of the area has decking that can accommodate chairs and probably a table. There's even a glass wall to keep the area safe.

Source: Go Plunge

43. Endless pools

Do you want to do laps but you don't have enough space for a lap pool? You can try endless pools! It's similar to a treadmill, but instead of running, it's used for swimming.

44. At the center

Here's a quaint yard with a small rectangular pool right at the center. Even if there's not enough space, as long as there's an area to walk from one end to the other, then the design would work.

45. Pool with glass border

Check out this pool area. It has a glass border, which doesn't really offer privacy but helps separate the lawn from the pool area. 

46. Slim side pool

Another side yard pool design you may want to try. This modern home installed a narrow pool, perfect for lounging or cooling off.

47. Focal point

We usually see pools placed vertically in a narrow yard, but this design was installed horizontally. It takes up a lot of space and there's hardly any area to walk on. At least they have more space for their outdoor shade structure.

48. Stock tank pool with liner

If you like the idea of a stock tank pool but prefer a different look than stainless, you can use wood for the exterior. Check out this pool with liner and was installed in a sloped yard.

49. Overflowing edge pool

With the green wall, it feels as if you're in the jungle. Check out this beautiful rectangular pool. It even has an overflowing edge just like an infinity pool.

Source: Betz Pools

50. Mini pool with hot tub

Another design for those who want a small pool and a hot tub. It looks beautiful with the brick frame and a marble-like divide for the hot tub and pool.

Kenneth Wilson
April 6, 2020
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