50 Pool Decorations and Accessories: Making Pool Day More Fun!

Kenneth Wilson

Having a private pool is not all fun and games - balancing chemicals, cleaning, and maintaining the pool takes up a lot of time and effort. But after working so hard to make your pool water sparkle, you might forget to take advantage of the benefits of having your own pool.

For those who have a pool in their backyard, isn't it great that you can swim anytime you want and have the privacy to do so? After working hard to take care of your pool, it's time to have a relaxing pool day with your family or host a pool party for your friends.

You can do laps, let the children and pets swim, or splash water around. But eventually, it could get boring. Fortunately, another great thing about having your own pool is you can get any type of pool feature, accessory, or decoration you wish to add. Whether it be on the pool deck, along the edges, or inside the pool - there's no limit to what you install or use, making pool days or parties more enjoyable.

Take a look at these 50 pool decorations and accessories you can add to make the most out of your pool.

1. Floating Lounge Chair

What's more relaxing than floating in your private pool in a lounge chair? This inflatable chair has a head, arm, and foot rests, providing you ultimate comfort. There's even a cup holder so you can just sit, drink, and relax.

Source: Amazon

2. Built-in Bar

Now, this is a great way to enjoy your pool! Your guests would be amazed if you have a built-in bar in your backyard. You would also probably be hosting all the pool parties from now on.

Source: Trendir

3. Giant Inflatable Playhouse

If you prefer lounging by the pool, you can entertain the children by getting a giant inflatable playhouse. With adult supervision, this is a fun and safe way for the kids to enjoy the pool.

4. Floating Pool Speaker

If you can't hear the music, you can get a waterproof speaker to bring in the pool with you. This device also floats, so you don't have to worry about it sinking.

Source: Amazon

5. Balloon Decorations

If you're hosting a pool party, you can decorate the pool with balloons, tying them down with weights. It adds a whimsical touch to your swimming oasis, and you can still swim around them.

Source: Chaste

6. Pool Volleyball Game

Turn your pool into a volleyball court with this inflatable volleyball net and base. It also comes with an inflatable volleyball, so you don't have to worry about hurting someone with the real and hard kind. Don't worry if it gets damaged because the set includes a repair kit.

Source: Amazon

7. Poolside Pallets

Repurpose pallets as functional decoration by your pool. You can turn these into a towel hanger so you can easily dry yourself after a quick swim. Try adding a hanging planter to make it look more aesthetic.

8. Floating Candles

A nice way to decorate your pool is by adding beautiful floating candles. Check out the video below to see how!

9. Unicorn Float

Make your little girls' or nieces' princess dreams come true by getting them a unicorn float. This will make them feel as if they are in a magical land, flying in the sky.

Source: Amazon

10. Pool Cabana

Whether you prefer lounging by the pool or want to rest after a quick lap, a cabana is a nice addition to your backyard. Check out this simple but elegant design - it would look great in most yards.

Source: Homedit

11. Pool Diving Toys

Both adults and children can enjoy these hydrodynamic diving toys. This toypedo bandit​​​ can gilder up to 20 feet underwater, which you or kids will have fun trying to catch.

Source: Amazon

12. Planters and Lighting

Check out this dual-purpose planter! You can use this to decorate your yard with greenery as well as to hang beautiful lights.

Source: Pinterest

13. Underwater House

Turn things up by getting an underwater house instead of the usual inflatable ones! If you do get one, make sure to supervise the children to avoid any accidents.

14. Inflatable Cooler Table

Are you tired of getting out of the pool for a snack or drink? Bring the food and drinks to the pool party with this inflatable cooler table. You can even dump in some ice to keep everything cold.

Source: Amazon

15. Lounge Chairs

If you have a shallow area in your pool, you can place some lounge chairs so you can relax in the water without having to float around - just like the photo below.

16. Instant Water Balloons

Are you planning on having a water balloon fight? Quickly fill up those balloons with this handy device. You can easily fill a hundred balloons in less than a minute. It's simple to use and suitable for both adults and children.

Source: Amazon

17. Wall Climbing

If you have a deep area in your pool, you can install an aquaclimb to make things more fun! It's a short rock climbing wall that you can place by the pool. If you don't make it to the top - you fall into the pool.

Source: Aquaclimb

18. Pool Surface Painting

Add some color to your pool by painting it! Check out how this dad turned their pool into a giant emoji.

19. Glowsticks

Tired of seeing blue? You can make your pool water look colorful by putting some glowsticks at the bottom. You can use it as decoration or leave it in when you have a pool party.

20. Pool Waterfall Fountain

If you weren't able to get a waterfall installed when your pool was being built, you can get this waterfall fountain. It's a water feature and decoration suitable for both in-ground and above ground pools. You can even adjust the spray direction and height.

Source: Amazon

21. Pool Buoy Floating Umbrella

Do you want to swim but not get sunburnt? This umbrella is perfect for you! It also comes with five cupholders so you can drink and relax while swimming in your pool.

Source: Doheny's

22. Towel Cabinet

If you have a lot of guests over, then you'll need a cabinet to store towels for them. Check out this DIY project. It looks store-bought, but you can recreate this by following this guide.

Source: Bliss-Ranch

23. Colorful Balls

Another way to make your pool colorful is by adding colored balls! Here's a cool video of a pool that was filled with a thousand color balls.

24. Floating Cabana

For those who don't have a cabana in their yard, you can get this floating cabana. You won't need to get up and hide under the shade - just relax in the pool and enjoy your swim.

Source: Amazon

25. Giant Shootball

Tired of just floating or splashing water around? Instead of throwing water at each other, you can try throwing a basketball into this giant shootball.

Source: Amazon

26. Silk Lotus Candles

With some beautiful candles, your pool would look amazing, especially in the evening. Check out these silk lotus candles, a floating decoration to add some color to your pool.

Source: Dfrills

27. DIY Floating Pool Bar

If you have an old inflatable pool for babies, you can create your own floating cooler or drinks station. Add some ice and your preferred drinks, then it's good to go!

Source: Birds Party

28. Colorful Neck Jet

If you're not sure what type of waterfall to get for your pool, take a look at this colorful neck jet. It's a simple fountain that would look great in any type of pool.

29. Silicone Wine Glasses

This is a must-have for wine-lovers out there! You don't have to worry about breaking another wine glass when you're swimming or relaxing by the pool. This glass is made out of 100% top-rated Food-Grade Silicone material that has undergone a platinum curing process.

Source: Amazon

30. Pool Lounge and Floating Beer Pong Table

Whether you just want to lounge around or have a beer pong tournament in your pool, this product can do both! This inflatable pool lounge also doubles as a beer pong table, perfect for those pool parties.

Source: Amazon

31. Floating Seesaw

Let the children enjoy the pool more with a floating seesaw. You and your friends can also use it, as long as your combined weight is less than 195 pounds.

Source: Amazon

32. DIY Beach Ball Garland

Bring the beach vibes to your backyard by recreating this simple beach ball garland. You'll need some smoothfoam balls, paint, and a few more supplies for this DIY project.

Source: Studio DIY!

33. Giant Pool Float

Take a look at this amazing giant pool float! It can sit around 6 people and you can probably squeeze in a small cooler in the middle.

34. Inflatable Pool Drink Holders

If you don't need a cooler for your drinks but a single cupholder, you can get this adorable flamingo drink holder. There's a variety of animals to choose from - check them out here.

Source: Amazon

35. Poolside Towel Rack

After a swim, it can be challenging to get your towel without dripping all over the place. Avoid this by getting a poolside towel rack. You can also use this to store goggles and other pool accessories you need to hang.

Source: Amazon

36. Poolside Chairs

Turn old plastic chairs into poolside ones, just like in the photo. Instead of throwing it away, you can do this simple DIY project to add some color and seating in your yard.

Source: Hometalk

37. Treasure Hunt Pool Game

Do you need to keep the kids occupied while you lounge by the pool? Try this exciting sinker game which includes six sinkers and a floating treasure chest. Not only will this entertain them, but it will also train their swimming and motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. 

Source: Amazon

38. Led Lighted Jumping Jet Fountain

Here's another cool pool fountain inspiration for your home. Check out these jet fountains with jumping led lights - I can just keep staring at these for ages.

39. Pool Slide

A pool's not complete without a water slide. Here's a nice pool slide with dips and curves for those who don't have a slide and have limited deck space. It's also suitable for both children and adults, as long as they weigh less than 275 pounds.

Source: Amazon

40. Outdoor Shower

When you want to take a bath after a swim, sometimes, you have to wait until you stop dripping to get inside your home. If you want to be able to take a shower as soon as possible, you can install an outdoor shower in your yard - similar to the photo below.

Source: Pinterest

41. Inflatable Ring Toss

Here's another game you can play in the pool. This is an inflatable cactus-shaped ring toss that you can play in the water or on the ground. You can even wear it on your head while in the pool - turning it into a moving target.

Source: Amazon

42. Inflatable Floating Picnic Table

If you want to play cards (hopefully, it's waterproof) while swimming, you should get this floating picnic table. It also comes with a cooler in the middle and a cup holder for each seat.

Source: Amazon

43. Tube Water Slide

If you don't have a pool slide installed, you can also get this pool tube water slide for children. It's lightweight and probably less expensive than a thousand-dollar slide structure.

44. Squirt Gun Obstacle Course

Aside from blasting each other with a squirt gun, you can use these toys in a fun racing game. It's not a swimming race, but a race to see who can get the cup to the other side faster using a squirt gun.

45. Pool Storage Bin

After a fun day in the pool, you need a place to hang and store all your pool toys, accessories, and equipment. It's best to get a mesh storage bin so your things can quickly air dry.

Source: Amazon

46. Outdoor Theatre

You can now watch a movie while swimming by setting up an outdoor theatre in your yard. Don't forget to bring speakers so you can hear the movie over the splashing of water.

Source: Pinterest

47. Floating Table Tennis

Another sport you can play in the pool is table tennis. Since this table is floating, it would be more difficult to play on a moving platform, which also makes it more fun!

Source: Amazon

48. Balloon Garland

Add some color to your pool by recreating these balloon garlands. It's a simple yet elegant decoration that will make pools look like an oasis.

49. DIY Terra-Cotta Bins

When you're hosting a swimming party, your guests should have a place for their phones, wallet, and other things they want to stay dry. Here are simple terra-cotta bins that have storage space inside. Check out the tutorial here.

Source: Buzzfeed

50. Portable Poolside Shower

If you don't have an outdoor shower, you can get this portable one. It needs to be attached to a garden hose, and you can also detach the shower-head for a flexible hosing.

Source: Amazon

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February 6, 2020
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