50 Landscaping Design Inspirations For Your Outdoor Area

Kenneth Wilson

Whether you've just moved into your new home or have been living there for years, there are days when you look at your yard and wish for a different look. 

But why shouldn't you have your dream outdoor area? It's time to give it an upgrade or makeover!

If you're lost on what to do with your yard, there are dozens of designs you can find online. You don't have to copy it down to the color, furniture, and arrangement. There's nothing wrong with recreating the look of some features, design, or furniture you feel would be perfect for your home.

It also doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. You can look for DIY tutorials to copy a certain look, lighting, or whatever you find appealing. So here are some beautiful landscaping designs that may inspire and help you create your dream yard.

1. A Place To Entertain

From a bland patio area into a place where you can entertain, this newly renovated outdoor area looks amazing! It provides shade, plenty of seats for guests, a fire pit to keep you warm, and beautiful lighting during the evening.

2. Cozy Fireplace

If you love to eat S'mores or feel warm during cool evenings, you should get a fireplace. Place a couch nearby and you have a spot for your next get-together.

3. White Couches and Hanging Lights

A risky but beautiful addition to your backyard is white-colored furniture. It looks amazing, but imagine the maintenance! If you don't mind cleaning it regularly, then you can try this look for your backyard.

4. Fire Pit Table By The Pool

After swimming and drying yourself, it would be great if you have a place to warm up while enjoying a quick snack. You can easily do this by adding a fire pit table and surrounding it with comfy seating.

Source: Overstock

5. A Mix of Modern and Rustic

This patio looks great! Its white and sleek look mixed with a rustic touch makes an amazing combination. 

6. Rustic Vibe

There's something about stone and wood that makes a yard look like a secret garden escape. Doesn't this outdoor area look amazing?

7. Simple Pergola

Give structure to your yard by placing garden edging and designating the pathway properly. Installing a pergola will also offer some shade from the harsh sun.

Source: The Spruce

8. Making Use Of Pallets

Check out this simple but wonderful-looking backyard. It took a long time to finish, but the result was worth it!

9. Elegant With Blue And Green

This outdoor area looks elegant and cozy with the green leaves surrounding the space, lights hanging above, and blue-themed decoration. 

Source: Clue Decor

10. Pillows, Throws, and Baskets

Aside from furniture, accessories can bring your yard a long way - just like this outdoor area. It looks great even if it doesn't have a lot of furniture.

Source: Honestly WTF

11. Stripes And Patterns

Even if you have a small outdoor area, you can still turn it into a nice backyard oasis. Install a simple vertical garden, use some colorful decorations, and keep your lawn well-manicured.

Source:​ I Spy DIY

12. Minimalist Design

Your patio doesn't need a lot of furniture and decoration to make it look beautiful. The deck below contains a few plants and a couple of chairs, but it still looks elegant and cozy.

Source: Durham House

13. Cozy Wonderland

You don't have to spend a lot to create a beautiful patio - just check out this one! From a cluttered outdoor area into an elegant-looking space, it's an easy makeover project that you can also do.

14. Install An Outdoor Kitchen

By properly arranging your furniture, you can still add an outdoor kitchen in a small yard. Just make sure you and your guests have enough space to move from the kitchen area to the seating area.

15. Pea Gravel Makes A Difference

If you have enough foliage around your outdoor area, replacing the grass with pea gravel will change the way your yard looks. This space looks amazing even if it doesn't have a lot of furniture.

16. Installing A Privacy Screen

Not only does a screen give you more privacy, but it also helps define and decorate your patio. You can hang lights and place a small garden beside it.

17. Lay A Pathway

Breaking that green space with a pathway can change how your outdoor space looks. Check out this simple yard, doesn't it look simple and elegant?

Source: Home Bunch

18. Perfect For Small Get-Togethers

If you have a small yard, you can still host small get-togethers by making sure that it is cozy and has enough seating. Take a look at how this empty outdoor area was transformed into a place to entertain. 

19. Focusing On Trees And Plants

A huge yard doesn't have to be filled with furniture, you can make it more beautiful by adding more trees or plants. Even a yard with just chairs and a fire pit table would look great if it is surrounded by beautiful greenery.

20. Stone Steps

Even before they get to your outdoor seating area, make your guests fall in love with a beautiful pathway - similar to this one. It feels as if you're walking through a forest wonderland.

21. Coastal Colors

When I look at this patio, it feels as if I'm headed to the beach. The white and blue combined with the wood reminds me of the sky, sea, and sand.

22. Seamless Look

When your paving, seating, and other furniture have the same color and finish, the area looks clean and seamless - just like this yard!

23. Tiny Paradise

Turn your yard into a small paradise by getting tiki torches, a fireplace, and beautiful hanging lights. The warmth and yellow light can make any yard feel cozy.

24. Forest Sanctuary

It feels as if you're inside a treehouse when you step inside this beautiful patio. The wooden flooring, walls, and furniture are perfect for those who want a rustic-looking space.

25. Private Park

This bench is a perfect spot to read a book or chat with a friend. You may not have enough seating for a party, but this is perfect for those who want to take a quick break outdoors.

Source: Worthminer

26. Modern With A Hint Of Color

Make a modern-looking area more beautiful by adding some plants. When you don't have an outdoor kitchen, you can find a way to connect your outdoor area to your indoor one.

27. Get Creative

To achieve your dream patio, despite having a small space, one must get creative. Check out how this outdoor area made us of a wicker hanging chair and turned it into a table.

28. Less Clutter

Another huge outdoor area that doesn't have a lot going on. This yard has a few chairs, a bench, a fire pit table, and some decorations, but it still looks fantastic!

29. Dine Outdoors

Even a small outdoor can host an outdoor dining party, as long as you utilize the space properly. This yard has a coffee table, dining table, and a beverage bar - everything you need for your next party.

30. Purple Haven

This garden looks amazing, especially if you're a fan of the color purple. Match your furniture with your plants or flower's color, giving your yard a seamless look.

Source: Susan Rushton

31. It's A Colorful World

Don't be afraid of using a lot of colors when decorating your backyard. I've never heard of someone saying that the rainbow looks ugly.

32. Chic Design

Who knew that white bricks can make a patio look chic? Check out this beautiful outdoor space, complete with a white brick fire pit and seating.

Source: Decor Pad

33. Private Dreamland

From grey and bland backyard to a light-filled dreamland, check out this wonderful transformation! You can turn your empty outdoor spaces into a private oasis.

34. Relax In A Hot Tub

Have extra space or an empty yard that you can use? Install a hot tub so you can unwind after a stressful day with your family or friends.

35. Brick Patio With A Fireplace

This yard looks like it came out from a fairytale book! The beautiful brick pavement is perfectly complemented by the fireplace. I would love to just relax by the fire with a book and a glass of wine.

Source: HGTV

36. Enchanting Space

You'll feel as if you're in a forest surrounded by trees, log stumps, and climbing plants in your yard. Make it more enchanting by hanging lights and some wooden furniture.

37. Combine Shapes

Mixing circles, rectangles, and squares makes an outdoor area look geometrically beautiful. Check out this amazing circle-shaped seating, making the yard symmetrical as well.

Source: Contemporist

38. Crazy Playground

When you have children, turn your yard into a fun place for them as well. Check out how this outdoor space was transformed into a fun and stylish area.

39. Modern Boho

Check out this modern boho patio! Don't be afraid to mix designs and patterns, making your space look unique and beautiful.

Source: The DIY Mommy

40. Bold Colors

With just an orange couch and red pillows, this pool area looks vibrant! Make your outdoor space look alive with flashy colors.

41. Painted Patio Tiles

You can change your patio's overall look by replacing the pavement with beautifully painted tiles. Check out this modern-looking space with black and white tiles and matching furniture.

42. Doesn't Need To Be Expensive

Can you believe this outdoor space was designed for a hundred dollars? You can also decorate your yard even on a budget. 

Source: Home Talk

43. Modern Paradise

This modern yard looks like a paradise, combining neutral colors and wooden furniture. The arrangement even makes this small space looks huge.

44. Summer Oasis

The pool, green plants, and rustic furniture will make you feel you're on a summer break. This yard looks wonderful even if it doesn't have a lot of space.

45. Vintage Hideaway

With some antique pieces, it feels as if you went back in time stepping in this outdoor space. Check out the beautiful furniture and decorations of this vintage-designed yard.

Source: Design Rulz

46. Simply Beautiful

Nothing's more relaxing than swinging in a white hammock while looking at sparkling lights above. Grab a book or take a nap in this private oasis.

47. Floral And Fragrant

Being surrounded by beautiful flowers and their fragrance makes this a great place to unwind or hang out with family or friends. Check out this gorgeous floral wonderland.

Source: Bolgehaber

48. Paver Patio

One way to make your fire pit look subtle is by matching the furniture, pavement, and decoration with it. Check out this seamless and clean-looking patio!

49. Wood And Steel

You may think that wood and steel won't go together, but there is a creative way to mix these two. Take a look at this beautiful outdoor area - just the perfect combination of modern and vintage.

Source: Home Talk

50. Colorful Retreat

Sometimes having too many colors or patterns can be annoying to the eyes, but this outdoor area was able to combine everything perfectly. The spot looks lively and a great place to have small get-togethers.


Kenneth Wilson
February 6, 2020
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