50 Hot Tub Installation Designs For Your Backyard

Kenneth Wilson

Besides being a place for small gatherings, hosting BBQ parties, or playing fun activities with the family, the backyard is also a place to relax and escape from the outside world.

It's a private home retreat to unwind after a long and tiring day. You can even turn it into an outdoor spa when you install a hot tub. Not only will you be able to drown your worries away, but a hot tub is an aesthetic addition that also adds value to your home.

If you have limited space, don't worry! There are dozens of designs that can work on both small and big yards. You just need to find the right style that will fit your backyard and match your preference. It's important to find a hot tub that will properly integrate into your landscape design so that it won't stand out like a sore thumb.

You may also want to consider the location in the yard so you have enough privacy when entering and leaving the hot tub. There's also the roof, enclosure, and cover since you may want to protect the hot tub from the sun and rain.

There are many things to consider and it can be overwhelming, so to help you out, here are 50 hot tub design inspirations to help you create the perfect oasis in your backyard.

1. Hot tub in a small luxurious space

This design will work well for a yard with limited space. Even if it doesn't cover a huge area, it has almost everything you will need. There's a wall for privacy, an arbor that provides some shade, and a deck so that you can easily get in and out the tub.

2. With accessories and some color

Here's a cozy spot that would work well in most yards. It has a wall for privacy and the color is just lovely. There are even some plants and lamps to bring some more color to the area.

3. Hexagonal hot tub

Check out this hot tub's unique shape: it's a hexagonal tub! Compared to the usual square, circle, or rectangle hot tubs, this style is different and even provides more corners for people's backs.

4. With a mini deck

To make it easier getting in and out of your hot tub, install a deck around it. This style also has more room for people to sit on as well as drawers for any hot tub equipment you may need.

5. Under a pergola

For those who want ample shade and privacy, you can install a pergola on top of your hot tub. This design looks amazing with the planters, and there are even lounge chairs and a sofa nearby.

Source: Net Luxury

6. Pool with spa

If you have a pool, you can install an in-ground hot tub beside it. Here's a design you could try. With the hut and flaming pots, it creates a tiki or tropical vibe in your home.

Source: HGTV

7. Simple hot tub with cover

The hot tub area doesn't have to be extravagant. This one just has a cover to keep the sun out of people's eyes or if there's a sudden downpour. They probably don't need curtains since the trees block the view.

8. With half wall for privacy

You can place a hot tub at one corner of your lawn and then surround it with a half wall - just like this one. A simple wooden wall already separates the area, and you can even make the wall go higher if you want more coverage.

9. Inside an enclosure

There are pool enclosures and cages, then there are also hot tub enclosures. Check out this small enclosure for a hot tub that can fit even in a small yard.

10. Enclosed in trellis walls

If you are worried that the tress or fence is not enough to make your hot tub area private, you can install a structure with a roof and trellis walls around your hot tub for maximum privacy.

11. In-ground hot tub

Keep your hot tub low and in-ground so it doesn't stick out on your deck. Here's a design you may want to try. Just be careful not to fall inside when walking near the hot tub.

12. Within the pool

Check out this unique hot tub design. Instead of an overflowing hot tub into the pool, it's a small area separated within the pool. You can make the deck smaller so that the hot tub will be bigger.

Source: Next Luxury

13. Inside a garden room

If you have space, you can also place a hot tub inside an outdoor shade structure such as a garden room. For garden rooms that have extra space, you can even turn it into a mini-gym area.

14. Rock hot tub

For those who have stone designs all over their yard, here's a hot tub style that will integrate amazingly in your yard. It even has a water feature, making the hot tub look more aesthetic.

15. Tropical-themed hot tub and pool area

Surround your hot tub with accents of brown and green to have a tropical-themed hot tub area. Doesn't this look like you're not in your backyard but some faraway paradise?

16. Pallet hot tub

Whether you have limited space or a big yard, a pallet hot tub is a simple yet beautiful addition to your home. You can customize it to be bigger if you're worried about the size.

17. Hot tub with an outdoor bar

Enjoy relaxing in your tub while having snacks and drinks by getting a hot tub with an outdoor bar. You can safely place the dishes and glasses on the bar without worrying about spilling them.

Source: Mahi Haberm

18. Hot tub enclosure

Here's another enclosure you can install for your hot tub. Compared to the first one, this is more enclosed and is more private because of the tinted glass and sliding doors.

19. Hot tub with a wall fountain

Make your yard and hot tub area look more regal by installing a wall fountain near it. I suggest placing the fountain higher or using one that doesn't protrude as much since someone can hit their head.

20. Modern-themed hot tub area

For those who prefer a more contemporary look, you might like this style. The light and simple colors along with the wooden finish gives it a nice modern design with a touch of rustic.

21. Uniquely-shaped in-ground hot tub

If you don't like the usual square, rectangle, or circle hot tub, check out this irregular-shaped hot tub. It's an in-ground tub with curvy edges; which would probably lessen the areas you can lay your back on.

Source: My Coffeepot

22. Stone bar and steps

Here's another style of a hot tub with an outdoor bar. But instead of wood, it's made out of stone and there are steps for the hot tub. If you also want to cover it, you can use a patio umbrella or shade sail.

23. Concrete hot tub

This concrete hot tub will make you feel that you're in a stone cave with a hot spring. It's a unique-looking hot tub that would probably amaze your family and friends.

24. Above ground hot tub with shower

This hot tub doesn't stand out as much because it matches the overall style of the yard. It even has a shower so that you can easily rinse yourself before getting in the hot tub.

25. Patterned surface

A hot tub doesn't always need to have a plain design! Check out this hot tub with a patterned surface. Just make sure that it fits with your overall yard-theme.

26. Corner hot tub

For those who have a small patio or yard, you can install a similar hot tub. It has a triangular shape so it would fit in the corner without taking up too much space.

Source: Silmeriaplus

27. Secret oasis

Surround the hot tub with a garden to make the area look like a secret oasis. It even adds privacy, blocking the view of outsiders as you relax in your tub. Personally, it is also refreshing to be surrounded by greenery.

28. Sparkly spa-land

If you like using your hot tub in the evenings, adding some hanging lights will help brighten up the area. You can even use the pergola to hang a lamp or other patio lights.

29. Hot tub in curved deck

Not only will this save space, but it is also a unique hot tub design that would look great if you have stairs like these. You probably won't need the whole area for steps anyways.

30. Under a pergola

Get ample sunlight without experiencing the harsh sun by getting a pergola. Check out this design! It has a wooden pergola and stone steps, perfect for those who have a rustic-themed yard.

Source: Master Spas

31. With a mini-bamboo wall

Make the hot tub area look seamless by using the same material for the hot tub and wall. Here is a hot tub with a wooden surface and a mini-bamboo wall that provides more privacy.

32. Water feature and planter privacy screen

Besides screens and walls, you can also use a planter to make your hot tub area more private. This design even has a water feature, which would make the are more relaxing since it can drown out noises from the outside.

33. Retractable deck

If you don't want to display your hot tub every time, you can get one with a retractable deck. Not only will it store the hot tub, but it prevents people from accidentally falling into the tub.

34. Hot tub with stairs and planters

Here's a simple design that would fit in a small yard or for those who have limited space. It has stairs to make it easier to get in and out of the tub as well as planters for decoration.

35. Right at the center

Most designs place the hot tub in the corner or near the fences and walls. Make yours different by placing it right at the center of your patio, yard, or deck. 

36. With a warm and cozy fireplace

Keep yourself warmer by installing a fireplace near the hot tub. Even if you don't need one, you can also check out the overflowing feature of this hot tub design​​​.

Source: Aufloria

37. Stone surface and railings

Check out this style! It has a stone surface and railings to prevent people from accidentally falling out of the hot tub. This would look great if your yard has a similar regal design.

Source: DigsDigs

38. Hot tub in folding deck

Another way you can cover and store your hot tub is with a folding deck. It's similar to the first one, but when this deck closes, it would be seamless. The cover has the same height as the surrounding deck.

39. Hot tub sanctuary with shower

You can make your hot tub area more private by enclosing it in a wooden sanctuary. So even if there are other people in your home, you can still enjoy the hot tub.

40. Tiny tropical paradise

With the blue hot tub, wooden deck, and surrounding greenery, this looks like another tropical paradise. This style smaller than the first one, but it also has screens for privacy.

41. Using the outdoor bar as screen

Here's another hot tub with an outdoor bar setup you might want to try. This style uses the outdoor bar as a screen or half wall for privacy. Just make sure to not drop the things on the table into the hot tub.

Source: Patio Jaelyn

42. Wooden hot tub

For a more rustic-looking hot tub, a wooden one will look great in most yards. It would match with a wooden deck or patio. Surround it with some greenery and turn the area into an oasis.

43. More privacy with frosted glass walls

Another wall you can use is frosted glass for more privacy. You can use it for two or three sides, then have curtains for the open spaces. It's up to you if you prefer a more enclosed or more open space.

44. Round cedar hot tub

If you have an above ground hot tub, you can use a small deck with wooden steps just like this one. It doesn't take up a lot of space, and the hot tub's location is not limited near the fence or on the patio.

45. Cozy retreat

Here's a design that looks like a cozy retreat with the warm fireplace and built-in bench with pillows. You can opt to place the pergola over the hot tub if you want more shade and privacy.

46. Wooden steps and glass walls

Prevent people from falling into the hot tub with glass walls like this one. It may not add privacy, but it still looks great. It even has a door so that the whole area is enclosed.

Source: L'essenziale

47. Beside the fire pit area

Another way to warm up your hot tub area is to have it near the fire pit. This would be great, especially in the evenings, since the fire pit will also brighten up the place.

48. Cedar hot tub with stone steps

Check out this cedar hot tub with stone steps! The combination of stone and wood give it a unique look. Make the area look more refreshing by planting around it.

49. Lower level with stone wall

One way to make your hot tub area private is by installing it at a lower level. This design has stone walls with steps leading down to the hot tub. Even if you don't have a fence, outsiders won't be able to see your hot tub.

Source: Gib San

50. Under a gazebo

Keep your hot tub safe from the harsh outdoor elements by placing a gazebo over it. You can even place a television, so you can unwind and watch television after a long day.

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March 30, 2020
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