50 Beautifully-Designed Vertical Gardens

Kenneth Wilson

An inexpensive and easy way to bring color and life to your outdoor area is a garden. Adding plants and flowers can help enhance the beauty of your patio and work as a natural air-freshener. Aside from aesthetics, you can also have a vegetable garden to supply healthy ingredients for your next home-cooked meal.

This is perfect for those who have an area for a garden but what if you have limited space? Great news! If you have a small outdoor area or don't have space anymore, you can do vertical gardens. It saves you space and adds some charm to your yard or patio. Instead of having plants spread out on a huge flowerbed, you can have beautifully-designed vertical gardens.

Here are 50 enchanting hanging gardens you can recreate or buy to accentuate and add some greenery to your outdoor space. You can view the tutorial or guide by clicking the link, visiting the source page, or playing the video.

1. Mason Jar Garden

With a couple of mason jars and a wooden board, you can create a simple vertical garden. You can build one by following this 10-minute video tutorial.

2. Pocket Wall Planter

This is a 100%-recycled eco-friendly plastic pocket wall planter with a soft fabric. It is water- and fade-resistant, which ensures that the water will not leak on the walls. It also supports plants, flowers, and vegetables.

Note: Frame not included.

Source: Amazon

3. Ceramic Wall Planters

This vertical garden looks modern and beautiful, and you think it would take a lot of time to install. But Inspired By Charm was able to do it under 30 minutes - you will just need ceramic wall planters and screws, and that's it!

4. Chicken Wire Vertical Garden

You can now have a vertical wall garden without blocking the view by recreating this design. This garden uses inexpensive chicken wire attached to a wooden structure. You can easily hang and move pots around with a metal hook. Here's a tutorial on how you can install this in your outdoor area.

Source: Home Made Lovely

5. Garden Tower

Check out this beautiful garden tower. It swivels and can hold up to 50 plants, but Tania Marie has already planted 96 plants. All you need is an area of 2 feet by 2 feet for this garden.

You can buy them here.

Source: Tania Marie

6. Iron Frame Vertical Wall Garden

Another vertical wall garden that won't block the view is this design. With an iron frame, some wood, and hardware cloth, you can recreate this trellis for crawling plants or vegetables such as tomatoes.

7. Ladder Plant Stand

Here's a portable ladder plant stand you can add to your patio. It's durable and waterproof so you can leave it outdoors and not worry about ruining it when watering your plants. This product can be easily stored, just fold it and then you can use the space it occupies.

Source: Amazon

8. Ladder Plant Shelf

If you don't want to buy your ladder plant stand, you can create one with an old ladder and some tools. Here's a guide on how to create the vertical garden design shown below.

9.Stackable Vertical Garden

Save space, water, and time with this stackable vertical garden. You only need to water the plants on the top and the water will drip down to water the bottom plants. It's also designed to be stored efficiently as if you're just stacking cups.

Source: Amazon

10. Tin Can Fence Garden

If you have some unused or empty tin cans in your home, you can use them as planters! With some spray paint, you can recycle these cans and create a beautiful vertical garden. Here's a tutorial on how to create this hanging garden.

Source: Ciera Design

11. Plastic Bottle Hanging Garden

Recycle old plastic bottles and turn them into this beautiful hanging garden. You will need plastic bottles, paint, PVC pipe, and coir rope. Follow the video guide to recreate this design.

12. Hanging Pocket Vertical Garden

Aside from holding your shoes, you can repurpose a pocket shoe organizer into a vertical garden. You can learn how to recreate this design here​​​.

13. Colander Planters

Recycle old colanders and turn them into a beautiful planter. You will need some twine and sheet moss to hang and hold the plants in place. Here's how you can recreate this design.

14. DIY Hanging Garden

This looks like a store-bought vertical garden but you can build this design! You will need some pine boards, rope, zip ties, and flower pots. Watch the tutorial below to achieve this beautiful hanging garden.

15. Plant Hangers

Check out this vintage-inspired macrame plant hanger. This 5-set product is hand-crafted and will look amazing indoors or in your patio area. It can fit a variety of flower pot shapes and you can hang them on the ceiling or against the wall.

Source: Amazon

16. Hanging Succulent Garden

If you prefer not buying plant hangers, you can create one and it even looks store-bought. You will need two square terracotta pots, 50-feet of cotton clothesline cord, and a brass snap hook to build this hanging garden.

Source: Design Sponge

17. Modern Vertical Vegetable Garden

This is a modular hanging garden can be customized to fit any space. You only need a fence or wall to attach this structure. Here's how you can build it.

Source: ManMade

18. Gutter Gardens

You can transform old gutters into hanging gardens by attaching them to fences or walls. Check out this video showing the results of this DIY gutter garden.

19. Plywood Hanging Planter

Doesn't this planter look lovey and store-bought? Good news, it's not! You can build these beautiful hanging planters with some birch plywood, white chalk spray paint, white decorator chain, white hooks, and terra-cotta pot.

20. Pallet Wall Planter

Turn a wooden pallet into a walled garden, just attach old wooden crates to hold the plants. Use iron brackets if you want to hang pots on the side.

Source: 1001 Pallets

21. Rain-Gutter Planters

You can also turn your old gutters into hanging planters. Designer Kenneth Wingard created this planter using gutters, chains, and s-hooks. HuffPost shares a video of how he created these.

Source: HuffPost

22. Drawer-Turned Porch Planters

Before you throw out that old dresser, maybe you can turn it into a planter, similar to the design below. Here's a tutorial on how you can recreate this garden.

23. Vertical Wall Garden

Here's a simple store-bought vertical garden. It can grow flowers, succulents, and kitchen herbs. You can even customize where to clip the pots on the grid.

Vertical Wall Garden

Source: Houzz

24. DIY Herb Garden

To create this vertical garden, you can get all the supplies from The Home Depot - this includes the parts for the structure and the garden itself. Here's the tutorial on how you can build this design.

25. Easy Bottle Vertical Garden

Don't throw away your 2-liter soda bottles because you can repurpose them as planters for your vertical garden. With some clothesline rope (or twine or wire) and washers, you can recreate this bottle garden.

Source: The Dirt

26. Wall Planter

This vertical garden looks amazing. You will need poplar wood, terra cotta pots, pot hangers, white paint, and screws to recreate this garden.

27. Succulent Frame

Surprisingly, this is not a store-bought garden but you can easily recreate this design by following this tutorial. It looks like a painting but it's a real garden.

28. Vertical Garden Planter

Check out this 100% western red unfinished cedar. You can buy this structure as is - no assembly needed. It even includes a drip irrigation kit.

Source: Amazon

29. Wood Bead Planter

You don't have to spend a lot to create this planter as it can be DIY-ed. Here's a video on how you can recreate this beautiful hanging planter.

30. DIY Vertical Planter

Here's a vertical garden structure perfect for those who have small outdoor areas. You will need 6 different sized pots and a wooden stake or rod (rebar). Here's a tutorial with the sizing details for the terra cotta pots.

Source: Grace & Good Eats​​​

31. Vertical Garden Cylinder System

If you don't have the time to recreate cylinder system vertical gardens, here is a unique and artful vertical garden structure you can purchase

Source: Amazon

32. Hanging Gutter Garden

If you do have the time, here's a tutorial on how to recreate these gutter planters. You'll get a nice vertical garden and save space and recycle old gutters.

33. Brass Ring Hanging Planters

I couldn't believe that these planters are DIY-ed. You can recreate this design by following this guide.

34. DIY Living Wall

Attach some trellises to a wall and you can recreate this vertical garden. Buy some hooks and you can securely hang the planters.

35. Double Frame Vertical Garden

Check out this portable double frame vertical garden. It comes with a fully-functional irrigation system and can be relocated anywhere in your home. It's freestanding and doesn't need to be supported by a wall or other structures.

Source: Amazon

36. Vertical Clay Pot Garden

Doesn't this vertical garden look amazing? It saves space, too! Here's the complete guide on how you can recreate this design.

37. Stylish Ladder Shelf

Here's another guide on how you can turn an old wooden ladder into a vertical garden and shelf. You can share the space with books and other knick-knacks to enhance your patio's look.

38. Tipsy Plant Tower

Your patio would look like a wonderland with this crazy design. Recreate this cute vertical garden for your outdoor area by following this guide

39. Ammunition Can Vertical Garden

If you can get access to some empty ammunition cans, you can easily recreate this vertical garden. Here's a guide on how you can turn them into planters.

Source: The Horticult

40. Vertical Herb Planter

If you love cooking, you should build this vertical herb planter. The shelves are removable so you can easily fit taller plants.

41. Stepped Planter

It looks like a complicated vertical garden to build but you can recreate it in 8 steps. Here's the guide to building this beautiful design.

42. Leather and Wood Trellis Plant Wall

This trellis wall garden looks lovely and, surprisingly, it can be DIY-ed. Here's the tutorial on how you can build this beautiful vertical garden.

43. Vertical Garden Headboard

This lovely headboard is not store-bought but DIY-ed. Check out the full guide on recreating this design here.

44. Vertical Gardening Pipe

A vertical gardening tube that's great for small patios or outdoor areas. You can recreate this design using a PVC and some spray paint. Here's the guide to building this design.

45. Hanging Herb Garden

This lovely vertical garden looks like something you can only buy but it's actually DIY-ed. Here's the guide on how to recreate this beautiful structure.

46. Wall Planter

Check out this beautiful vertical garden! The video will show you what you need to recreate this lovely garden.

47. DIY Vertical Garden

Doesn't this trellis garden look amazing? You can also build this structure by following this tutorial.

48. Vertical Chicken Wire Planter

Here's another way of using chicken wire for vertical gardens. This lovely cone-shaped planter looks like a hanging bouquet! Check out the guide on how to build this planter.

49. Kitchen Spice Rack Vertical Garden

Who knew that you could turn kitchen spice racks into a vertical garden? With a roll of burlap, you can recreate this structure with ease.

50. PVC Pipe Vertical Garden

If you don't have space for a garden and have some PVC pipes lying around, then this is the perfect vertical garden for you. Here's a guide on how to build this adorable vertical garden.

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November 22, 2019
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