30 DIY Pathways For Your Backyard

Kenneth Wilson

After decorating your outdoor area, you might think you're done but you probably forgot to add an important detail - a walkway.

Make it easier and safer for you and your guests to traverse to your beautiful yard or home by installing a pathway. Not only does it protect your guests and grass, but it also helps accentuate your backyard or outdoor space. It defines certain aspects of your house and visually connects your home and outdoor area.

You also don't have to drain your bank account or hire a contractor to install one in your home as there are many DIY tutorials online. You can choose from materials such as stones, pavers, pallets, bricks, plain much, and more - there's a perfect material and design that will match your backyard's theme.

Here are 30 beautiful garden pathways you can recreate for your home. Each one comes with a tutorial (click the link or source page) or a video guide.

1. Recycled Counter Top Granite Scrap Walkway

Who knew you could turn leftover granite from a counter top company into a beautiful pathway? Check out how to do it here.

2. Gravel Path

Go simple with a gravel walkway! It costs around $100 for 10 feet and takes two to four hours of your time to build. Follow this tutorial to create your own gravel path.

3. Cobblestone-Like Walkway

Add a regal touch to your backyard by building a cobblestone-styled pathway. It takes around 5 hours to do 10 meters and here's a video guide on how to do it.

4. Glow in the Dark Lace Stepping Stones

Check out this beautiful pathway! You don't have to buy these stepping stones as you can create them on your own. These can also glow in the dark, perfect for evening walks.

5. Cedar Stepping Stones and Wood Path

Perfect for rustic-themed yards, this pathway uses cedar as stepping stones. You can build this in your yard by following this tutorial.

6. Crushed Rock Pathway

Find out how you can install a simple crushed rock walkway in your home with this video tutorial. It also guides you on doing the layout, removing sod, using landscape cloth, and installing flagstones.

7. Wood Slice Garden Pathway

If you have unused wood logs lying around, you can turn them into a walkway - similar to this one. You can find the tutorial here.

8. Flagstone Garden Path

For those who have a big budget for their walkway, this beautiful garden path will cost more than $500 to build. If you're willing to spend and work on it, see the tutorial here.

9. Natural Wood Log Outdoor Pathway

Here's another walkway you can create using logs. You'll need different-sized logs as stepping stones and certain tools, which will be discussed in the video below.

10. Stenciled Garden Stepping Stones

Check out these stepping stones! It looks store-bought but you can recreate this. You'll just need some concrete pavers and art supplies. 

11. Stable Pea Gravel Path

If you want a gravel path that doesn't wash away with heavy rain or feels too loose and deep to walk in, you can try following this tutorial on creating a stable gravel walkway. It's tried-and-tested as more than 500 people walked on it but it still looks great - as seen in the photo below.

12. Paver Walkway

Here's a pathway you can build for less than $400. It would take a lot of effort but the results would look as if you hired a professional to install it. Check out the video guide below.

13. Wood Mulch Path

You can also opt for a wood mulch path instead of a gravel walkway. It works on its own but it can also accommodate stepping stones. Here's how you can add this pathway to your home.

Source: D'oh!-I-Y

14. Painted Patio Pavers

Add color to plain patio stones by using chalk paint and stencil. You don't even need to add a sealer! Find out how and how much it costs to create these.

15. Dollar Stone Garden Walkway

Create a durable pathway with dollar stone pavers by placing them deeper. You will need a rake, hoe, hand cultivator, spade, around $11, and 4 hours of your time. 

16. Stone Walkway

Here's another flagstone path you can install in your outdoor area. It would take two days but it's worth it! Check out the step-by-step guide here.

Source: DIY Network

17. Stone and Mulch Path

Here's a DIY project that doesn't require a lot of digging. You can buy the edging materials and easily use them to lay out the path. See the tutorial here.

18. DIY Concrete Walkway

An affordable material to use for your foot paths or walkways is concrete. With walk maker molds and concrete mix, you can also build a great looking pathway.

19. DIY Stepping Stones

These look store-bought but you can easily create these stepping stones. Here's the guide on how to recreate this design.

20. Slate Path

Check out this beautiful walkway! The different tones and colors give off a luxe-like effect, similar to a bluestone pathway. See the tutorial here.

21. Pallet Walkway

You can install this simple pallet pathway in your outdoor area with some pallets and stakes. You will also need a circular saw, reciprocating saw, a drill, and to watch the video below to build this walkway.

22. Paver Garden Path

Here's an easy walkway you can install in four to five hours. It would also cost you less than $400! Here's a step-by-step guide you can follow.

23. DIY Garden Stones

If you have broken plates in your home, you can turn them into a design for your stepping stones! With a cake pan and concrete mix, you can recreate the stepping stone shown below.

24. Wood Chip Garden Path

With some wood chips and landscaping fabric, you can build a simple non-slip walkway for your outdoor area. It also prevents perennial weeds from growing. See the tutorial here or you can watch the video below.

25. Pine Wood Sleepers Pathway

Build this simple but beautiful walkway using hardwood sleepers or treated pine. All the tools you will need can be found in this guide.

26. Brick Path

Here's a brick path you can install for $2 to $15 per square foot. It will also require 16 hours of your time. If you have some hours to spare to build one, follow their tutorial here.

27. Simple Garden Path

Check out this simple walkway! Instead of stepping stones, you can use logs. Watch the video below to see how to install this pathway.

28. Cement Stepping Stones

If you have a shell or rock collection, you can turn some of the extra ones into a stepping stone. Mix in some large river rocks and you can recreate this walkway.

Source: Alisa Burke

29. Pebble Mosaic Stepping Stone

Check out these beautiful stepping stones! It has colored pebbles on top which also match the pathway. Find out how to recreate these in this guide.

30. Wooden Boardwalk

Here's a great-looking pathway you can create for around $400. It's great for rustic-themed outdoor areas and simpler to build than concrete or stone garden paths. This type is great for wet or sloping areas. Interested? See the tutorial here.

Kenneth Wilson
December 2, 2019
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