15 Luxury Bathroom Ideas That Will Help Transform Your Bathroom To Your ‘Favorite Room’

Kenneth Wilson

Luxury bathrooms are remarkably lush and sophisticated, giving off the feeling that it’s designed for royals. Though the space is decorated beautifully, it doesn’t compromise the bathroom’s functionality.

So if you want to turn your existing bathroom into a spa-like retreat, we’ve got you covered with some of the trendiest design ideas today– from rich colors and high-quality materials to stunning bathroom fixtures.

15 Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Here we go...

1. Add Pops of Color

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If you’re looking to transform your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary, one of the easiest ways is to add pops of color into the space. Choose trendy paint colors of the year and look into the latest tile trends. The striking colors make it stand out, far from a bland, boring bathroom.

It also makes your luxury bathroom worth a feature in lifestyle and home renovation magazines.

2. Leverage the Warmth of Wood

Natural timber, in particular, offers your luxury bathroom a strong sense of warmth. It also gives a spa-bathroom relaxation feel. Today, more homeowners are choosing wooden cabinetry and pieces of furniture for their bathrooms– primarily because of their natural beauty. Wood makes it easier for you to conjure the luxury of a spa.

You may opt to add wood cladding timber walls to reduce the echo in your bathroom. But you’re not limited to that option. There are other ways to incorporate timber into the bathroom, such as a simple stool to a timber vanity. Although rare, there are also wood baths available today (which resemble Japanese soaking tubs).

3. Be One with Nature

(Source: Aquabella)

There’s nothing quite as calming as choosing earth tones for your luxury bathroom decor. If your budget permits, opt for a curvaceous moon-shaped bath that adds elegance to the space. You may also decorate using tones of pale stone, soft green, and meadow yellow for a relaxing backdrop.

To complete the natural spa look– use textured materials such as bamboo accessories, jagged stone effect tiles, and wooden floors.

4. Rain Shower and Tub

For a fun, whimsical experience– add a rain shower and tub to your luxury bathroom. This will remind you of childhood fun and exciting rain showers as you indulge in a nice, warm bath. Trust us; it will elevate your bathing experience like never before. The wood theme will also give a warm feel to your minimalist room.

5. Use Rounded Fixtures to Soften the Design

Curved shapes and rounded fixtures can visually impact your luxury bathroom. If the space is filled with complex areas, this will also add softness and luxury to the room. We are also avid fans of the natural decor hints, including smooth pebbles and flowers in bloom. You’ll find that the latest bathroom trends often include bringing a sense of nature.

Expert Tip: The best way to incorporate rounded shapes in the bathroom is by using them for vital focal points in the basin area and the bath. If not, use curved accessories instead to soften the scheme (tables and mirrors).

6. Install a Luxury Shower

(Source: Davide Lovatti / Future)

What better way to maximize the therapeutic benefits of water than to splurge on a luxury shower installation? Adding showers in the bathroom serves as a more personalized experience. You can transform your bathroom into a sensory-filled, luxurious sanctuary where you can freely relax at the end of a long day.

Today, more manufacturers have invested in shower technology, allowing us to enjoy hydrotherapy at home. A sports-style directional shower head can relieve muscle pain, while a plate-style head drenches your skin and relaxes your state of mind. Some luxury shower panels measure 1,000 to 1,200mm in length and will need high water pressure to operate seamlessly.

7. Layer the Lighting

(Source: Mereway)

If you’re stuck with a lackluster bathroom, installing the right lighting fixtures may just be a total game changer! Consult an electrician and ask for a layered lighting approach– with spotlights to keep the bathroom bright and convenient controls with dimmer switches if you want some mood lighting.

You may also opt to include safe sconces for use in your bathroom to highlight specific areas such as the bath. Meanwhile, under-cabinet downlights will provide you with the relaxation you need as you soak in a tub at the end of the day.

8. Introduce Textural Elements

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Note that tactile finishes do not only improve the visual aesthetic of your bathroom. If anything, it also pleases the senses. Gone are the days luxury bathroom designs were solely limited to practical brassware, smooth surfaces, and tiles.

Now, trends are straying away from pure functionality to blend practicality, comfort, and style. Paying importance to the tactile prowess of your bathroom is now more critical than ever! The bathroom is where we are at our most vulnerable state, so having surfaces that are pleasing to touch can make us more comfortable.

9. Shine with a Copper Bath

(Source: BC Designs)

There’s nothing quite as fancy as adding a metal bath to your bathroom. Think of opulent copper or gold finish bathtubs– it quickly adds a dash of royalty to the space! However, it would be best not to go overboard with the accessories to complement such an excellent bathroom fixture. The last thing you’d want is a luxury bathroom that looks relatively cheap or tacky.

This bathroom design inspo combines it with neutral and matte finishes to blend with the striking copper tones.

10. Choose Colorful Sanitaryware

(Source: Davey Lighting)

Today, more homeowners are adding colors of deep mustards, teal blues, and heritage greens in their bathrooms. Color pop brassware in fiery oranges and zingy lines is also a crowd favorite. Since these are permanent fixtures in the bathroom, keep in mind that choosing colorful sanitaryware is a commitment.

If you’re not into the idea of having bold colors in your luxury bathroom, this may not be the best decor inspo for you. You may be better off choosing white sanitaryware and opt to have its exteriors painted over, such as cast-iron baths and retro basins.

11. Choose the Right Bath Angle

(Source: Aquabella)

Many high-end hotels avoid traditional bath placements to install them at an angle. Since all the furniture doesn’t seem to be pushed to the edge and takes up valuable spaces, the room looks expensive.

12. Include Colorful Stone

(Source: Bathroom Design Studio)

Onyx and Marinace are two of the exotic stones stealing the show in a luxury bathroom. These rarefied stones, known for their jewel-like colors and crystalline shine, are used to create stunning backsplashes and shower backgrounds.

Many designers recommend artificial alternatives in places that benefit from minimal maintenance, such as this sink specially constructed from 6mm-thick porcelain tiles in a striking natural Agate pattern. Thanks to various developments in surface technology, porcelains inspired by precious stones are now astonishingly realistic while also considerably easier to clean and require no aftercare.

13. Luxury Gold and Marble

Marble is a popular choice for luxurious bathroom ideas and decorations in traditional and contemporary settings. This stunning bathroom enhances beautiful white marble flooring with white walls, efficient lighting, oversized mirrors, and gold accents. Simply stunning!

14. Bay Window Bath

Soak in your favorite bathtub while delighting in the beautiful view from your bay window bath! A vintage chandelier, marble floors, and worn wood columns complement this rustic bathroom. The sunken tub provides a better perspective position and easier access to the faucets and other bath accessories.

15. Perfect your Bathroom Lighting Game

(Source: Davide Lovatti / Future)

Good bathroom lighting ideas can help create the right ambiance in a luxury space, whether you're taking an energizing shower in the morning or a soothing bath in the evening, and it's best-planned right at the start of the project.

Think about three types of light: a task for a specific function, ambient to light the space, and accent to provide the magic.

The key to having a luxurious bathroom that feels as indulgent as your favorite spa is strategically placed mood lighting. Focus on atmospheric bathroom lighting to create ambiance near the bath if you're a bath lover. Waterproof light fixtures may be fitted to create a fantastic spa appearance as they shimmer through the water inside the bath and shower.

Final Thoughts

Creating a luxurious master bathroom can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being. As such, it is a significant investment to consider. The thing with luxury bathroom decor ideas is that it doesn’t require you to spend big. With careful and smart planning, you can still achieve a luxe look while on a budget. (Related: How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Master Bathroom?)

But if you want the fastest route to a sophisticated space– we recommend splurging on marble or gorgeous brassware! With plenty of decors and design approaches you can go for, there’s endless inspo that will suit every taste! Hopefully, at this point, you already have plenty of inspiration to bring your dream washroom to life.

Kenneth Wilson
April 7, 2022
Bathroom Remodeling, Ideas & Inspiration

Kenneth Wilson

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