15 Guest Bathroom Ideas To Inspire Your Next Project

Kenneth Wilson

When it comes to your bathroom, it is widely considered one of your safe havens at home. It is always good to ensure all your bathrooms, including the guest bathroom, provide comfort when guests are visiting. This helps them feel more at home.

Many homeowners often overlook the guest bathroom, so we’re here to help you with some beautiful guest bathroom ideas if you want to transform the space to make your visitors feel welcomed and well taken care of.

This includes maximizing the limited space with built-in shelves and storage solutions, installing bold tile floors, and adding pops of color throughout.

15 Guest Bathroom Design Ideas

Here we go!

1. Classic Black and White


Black and white style combinations offer a more classic and timeless appeal than most color designs. And if you consider one for your guest bathroom, it proves to be a foolproof way to offer a strong sense of timeless beauty.

This guest bathroom idea also combines black lighting, hardware, and trim to give a more dramatic contrast and depth.

2. Add Space-saving, Built-in Shelves

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Built-in shelves are always a welcome addition to any bathroom, including guest bathrooms. Adding recessed shelves allows for a more effortless storage experience. You will have a convenient space to put in extra towels and other bathroom essentials. Any guests staying over would surely love the thoughtfulness of it all!

3. Incorporate Plants

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Note that plants aren’t just for living spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms. If anything, adding plants to your bathroom will add a comfortable, one-with-nature feel to the area. However, choosing the right plants that thrive in a guest bathroom can be rather tricky. The best way to do this is to understand the humidity level and the amount of sunlight in your bathroom.

Some of the choices you may consider are cast iron plants, ferns, Chinese evergreens, and begonias. These plants thrive in fluctuating environments. Bathrooms that do not get too cold at night allow you to choose Orchids, adding a dash of color and elegance to your guest bathroom.

4. Create a Statement Wall

(Source: Mike Garten)

The key to standing out from monotonous, standard guest bathroom designs is to go with unique additions– such as a statement wall. In this example, two-tone wall designs add dimension to your guest bathroom space.

Keep the wall’s bottom half in a solid color before adding a patterned wallpaper (of your preference) on top. You may choose to do this if there’s a particular section you want to emphasize.

5. Use Baskets for Decoration

(Source: Parachute Home)

Baskets are another easy way to decorate different rooms in your home, such as the guest bathroom. Aside from serving an aesthetic purpose, it also works as creative storage. Most homeowners stack baskets of various sizes under the vanity to store towels and extra toiletries. You may also place a few baskets atop floating shelves or cabinets if you’re working with limited space.

Handwoven jute baskets prove to be an absolute crowd favorite, which add an artisanal, cozy vibe to your space. Not to mention, it also provides character to your guest bathroom.

6. Leverage Natural Light as much as Possible

(Source: Reveal my DIY)

You don't have to look far and wide for guest bathroom inspo. In fact, you can stick with your current bathroom layout to determine a way to filter in as much natural light as possible.

You can do this by using airy details that evoke a sense of lightness or altering your bathroom windows' placement to allow more lighting inside. This gives your bathroom an open-air vibe with a continuous flow within each space. As the natural light fills your bathroom– you'll be able to unlock bright and fresh, rejuvenating energy.

7. Incorporate More Storage Space

We're digging this inspo simply because one cannot get enough storage spaces– especially in bathrooms! Baskets aside, there are many different ways to get creative with your bathroom storage ideas.

You may opt to add a freestanding bathroom cabinet or a solo cabinet to improve the space's storage capacity. It will also add a touch of elegance to your guest bathroom experience.

Anyone visiting will have adequate space to put in their belongings and arrange toiletries. Some homeowners also opt to add ladders as a chic way to add instant shelf space to their bathrooms. That is if you don't have the budget to cover the costs of customized cabinetry.

Pro Tip: Stop ignoring the free space just above the toilet seat. You may install a floating shelf to hold toilet rolls, towels, or plants.

8. Use Floral Wallpapers

(Source: Jessica Bordner)

Nothing gives off sophisticated appeal like that of a detailed floral wallpaper. If you want your guest bathroom to be unique, choose a beautiful floral wallpaper and pair it with herringbone tiles. Just make sure the coordinating hues complement each other well. Homeowners who want to give their guest bathroom a relaxing feel may want to consider medium or deep blue.

9. Add a Bathroom Rug

(Source: Parachute Home)

Even the smallest detail matters a lot if you want to design a comfortable guest bathroom. That said, you may want to use a plush bathroom rug to offer your guests a soft and inviting surface to step on.

Using a bathroom rug will also protect the floors from mildew and possible water damage. Not to mention, it freshens up the space and adds a specific style.

10. Practice Minimalism

(Source: Dreamon Design)

Nowadays, it is trendy to embrace minimalism. This includes choosing warm halogen lights and subtle decor items to complement the minimalist vibes of your guest bathroom. In that sense, less is more. Even if you use just several bathroom fixtures and decor– your guests will be taken aback to observe every detail that matters, and there’s a strong sense of place in the space.

If you recently stayed in a hotel for a staycation, think of creative ways to emulate what you liked in your guest bathroom. This pertains to the lighting and the amenities.

11. Add Some Bathroom Wall Decor

If you think of a great addition to your bathroom, then wall decorations are a good choice. Some excellent wall decor ideas include printed canvases, photographs, and other hanging works of art. It adds personality, but it also makes the place more welcoming.

Use vibrant wallpaper in a geometric or nature-inspired design to create an accent wall behind the vanity. Alternatively, create a mosaic of various tiles on the wall behind the bathtub.

Also, you can hang a macrame piece (here is a step-by-step tutorial for a DIY wall hanging) or a favorite photograph. Metal prints are ideal for bathroom wall art since they can endure high humidity levels. A lovely wall mirror, of course, is necessary.

12. One Color? No Problem!

If you want to keep the rest of your bathroom in one color, choose an intense cobalt blue for a welcome splash of paint on the vanity.

13. Stock Up on Shower Necessities

For the ultimate spa-like experience, present your visitors with a complete package of shower toiletries. The must-haves are hand cream, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and hydrating shower gel.

If the guest bathroom has a soaking tub, set a container of sleep time bath salts next to it and a bottle of scented lavender oil. Your guests will appreciate the soothing addition to their bedtime routine.

14. Get Rid of all Signs of Clutter

(Source: Dreamon Design)

Make sure to maintain everything tidy and clutter-free in your guest bathroom. Take some time to put away loose items and dust your space before the visitors arrive. Simple actions like this will make your room look neat and give the guests an area to settle in and store their necessities. Uncluttered space will make the guests feel that your guestroom is their home sweet home!

15. Use Art Pieces that Reflect your Personality

Even if the guest's bathroom is meant to be used by visitors, it should still reflect the host's personality through hanging pictures of their favorite places, classical art display, etc. You wouldn't want the room to feel bland or generic, but instead, thoughtfully incorporate the decor with the rest of the home and reflect personal aesthetic and taste.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, many homeowners often overlook the importance of a guest bathroom. But, it would be best if you kept in mind that a cozy, inviting guest bathroom will make your guests more comfortable at home.

Adding a simple basin off the wall won’t be enough. You will be better off adding a cupboard or drawer where your visitors can conveniently store their items. If you’re ready to level up your guest bathroom experience, consider the trendy ideas listed above. We’re sure your guests will be impressed the next time they’re over. (Related: 11 Different Styles You Can Use For Your Bathroom Remodel)

Kenneth Wilson
April 7, 2022
Bathroom Remodeling, Ideas & Inspiration

Kenneth Wilson

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