11 Different Styles You Can Use For Your Bathroom Remodel

Kenneth Wilson

11 Different Styles You Can Use For Your Bathroom Remodel

Some people see their bathroom as just a functional space where they can get ready and clean themselves. That’s why when it comes to remodeling a bathroom, the design is often overlooked.

If you think that it’s not important to design the interior of a bathroom, remember that it is one of the most used rooms in your home. It’s where most people would often go to when they wake up as well as the room they would likely use before they go to bed.

Bathrooms are also more than just a washroom. It can be your spa-like sanctuary, where you can relax and refresh after a long, tiring day. Doesn’t a cold shower feel great after spending the afternoon under the sun? How about warm bubble baths before going to bed? There’s so much to a bathroom than just cleaning yourself.

Whether you realized it before or not, now you understand that it’s not just any room. That’s why it should also be tastefully designed with colors, textures, materials, decorations, and ornaments that you prefer. After all, wouldn’t it be great to wake up and use a beautifully decorated bathroom?

If you check online for bathroom design inspirations, you might be surprised to find that there are different styles available. Whether you’re curious to know what design you saw or you are looking for design ideas, here are 11 different bathroom styles you can do for your remodel.

Traditional Bathroom

You would never go wrong with this classic and simple design. Traditional bathrooms have a clean look that shows functionality and makes one feel comfortable. 

When it comes to this timeless style, think about neutral colors such as white and pastel, often a blue or green shade. But it’s not going to be bland as it is often complemented with the colors of the cabinetry, countertops, and fixtures. These often come in rich wood tones or darker shades of gray and blue.

Aside from polished wood, it often uses classic bathroom materials such as tile, marble, or glass. For the decorations, you will find that they are simple and elegant. Combining all these, you’ll have an inviting space with a relaxing ambiance. 

Contemporary Bathroom

A contemporary bathroom is the opposite of a traditional bathroom. It doesn’t use the same classic and timeless style that has been around for decades. The aesthetic is newer and trending, emphasizing clean lines and angular design. 

If you check out this bathroom, it’s simple and sleek, without too many ornaments and decorations. It’s suitable for those who prefer the minimalist look and have limited space. This style focuses on maximizing efficiency and saving space by having less clutter. It gives the room an airy ambiance, making the room feel more open and visually larger.

The flooring and fixtures are often made out of plastic or synthetic materials. This means you won’t see the usual tile, marble, stone, or hardwood material here. For the colors, expect metal accents and neutral palettes - commonly black and white. 

Modern Bathroom

While often confused with contemporary bathrooms, the main difference between modern and contemporary is that the latter introduces brighter accent colors in the decoration and accessories such as plants and towels. 

But when it comes to the overall style, it’s almost the same. Modern bathrooms emphasize a similar clean, streamlined, and angular design. It also has a minimalist aesthetic, clutter-free and simple. You’ll often find straight lines, which are exhibited in the flooring, walls, sinks, vanity, countertops, and artwork. Take a look at the photo below, which shows a basket weave pattern for the wall.

For the materials, modern bathrooms use porcelain, marble, teak, and stone. The colors are usually in gray tones with a similar-colored base as well as black and white. But unlike contemporary, you’ll also find different shades of brown. On the other hand, the fixtures such as faucets, drain, frame are often in matte black or chromatic colors.

Transitional Bathroom

Now, if you can’t decide between the classic and timeless look and the sleek and modern style, then why not combine both? With transitional bathrooms, you get the best of both worlds!

This design blends new and old elements, combining angular lines and patterns. It combines traditional and contemporary, which gives it a minimalist aesthetic yet has a warm and homey ambiance.

For the materials, it utilizes exotic and contemporary finishes. The walls, flooring, and countertops are often made out of glass, stone, marble, quartz, or granite. In the photo above, you’ll see that it has a simple patterned floor combined with an artisan rug and a marble countertop.

If you notice the colors, it is a mixture of cool or warm tones. The simple and clean white look is complemented with brown, gray, and blue accents. It has a soft and subtle look, which is why it doesn’t use dark or black tones.

This is very suitable for those who prefer a personalized bathroom since the design is flexible. You can choose from a wide array of features of your preference, making unique combinations to express your personality. 

Rustic Bathroom

You probably already know what a rustic bathroom looks like. As expected, it utilizes wood, stone, copper, and natural materials. It has raw and organic finishes, creating an outdoor and rugged vibe. For the fixtures, it commonly uses brass, copper, or bronze. Since the roughness is combined with tailored touches, it still creates a welcoming and comfortable space. 

If you love to give old furniture and decorations a new life, repurposed pieces are commonly used in rustic bathrooms. Vintage wooden vanities and cabinets will go well with this style. Adding some plants and greenery increases tranquility and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Given that the materials are made out of wood and natural, the color palette will be warm brown tones and grey hues. The neutral earth and wooden accents combined with natural lighting will give this space a soothing ambiance.

Farmhouse Bathroom

A farmhouse bathroom combines the rustic look with the country vibe. But compared to rustic bathrooms, which use dark wood and stone, this style has a more light color palette, commonly white with brown accents. 

If you notice the photo above, the white walls have a simple pattern, which gives the space a clean look. But to make sure that it doesn’t become bland, there are contrasting accents such as polished wood, greenery, and decoration such as the woven basket light fixture. With natural colors and a high ceiling, it creates a spa-like space.

Similar to rustic bathrooms, this style is also suitable for those who like to use repurposed items. A recycled ladder for shelf storage and an old vanity would go well with the design.

Beach Bathroom

Whether it’s for your home in the city or a vacation house, a beach bathroom is a great way to create a calm and relaxing space. Using designs and colors from the ocean and coastline, it feels like you’re in paradise.

The color palette is composed of white, beige, green hues, and cool shades of blue. For the decoration and accessories, anything ocean-themed goes. The pops of colors from the seashells, greenery, and decorative rugs and curtains add some life to the neutral-colored space. 

You can go for a clean and simple finish or add texture using wood, pearls, and pebble tiles. (Related: Expert Insight On Pebble Shower Flooring (Pros, Cons & Cost)) Incorporating anything that reminds you of the sky, sea, and sand, which will make the space feel more light and airy.

Tropical Bathroom 

If you’re not a fan of the beach look, another nature-inspired design you can try is a tropical bathroom. It creates an exotic and lush vibe with its green foliage and natural elements. Compared to the coastal and bright colors of beach bathrooms, this design utilizes neutral hues and muted tones. It has a color palette of grey, white, and brown, just like the rainforest.

For the pattern, it utilizes sleek lines and smooth finishes, giving it a clean look. The design is very minimalistic, so there’s also less clutter. Tropical bathrooms also often use an open layout with plenty of natural lighting. If there are not enough windows, recessed lighting or simple fixtures are preferred over eye-catching and huge ones.

With its stone and wood finishes combined, this design will make you feel like you’re in a tropical resort or private oasis, where you can rest and de-stress. To complete the space, you can add a rain shower showerhead to create the perfect tropical paradise.

Industrial Bathroom

For an urban look, industrial bathrooms have a modern style with unique features. With its rough yet sophisticated look, it creates a visually-appealing space inspired by warehouses and factories.

The aesthetic of industrial bathrooms focuses on geometry. You’ll commonly find exposed pipes and gear-like fixtures, which creates clean lines and a sleek look. To combat the sharp angles and tough finishes, it is often complemented with round and curved fixtures as seen in the bathtub and pendant light below.

What’s great about industrial bathrooms is it utilizes the original plumbing and raw materials of the walls and flooring. The unfinished look of the exposed brick or concrete walls and wooden floors accentuates the architecture and charm of the home.

The finish of the wall, floor, plumbing, and foundation dictates the color palette of an industrial bathroom. The wooden tones, grey concrete, and reddish bricks can be complemented with black and saturated colors to create a sharp contrast. You will often find that black is used as an accent, usually in the mirror frame, vanity, and decoration. Black exposed plumbing will also modernize the space, but the stainless steel and metal hues from plumbing and fixtures will give you the traditional industrial look. 

Victorian Bathroom

For an elegant and luxurious style, Victorian bathrooms utilize unique elements and intricate designs such as porcelain finishes, floral prints, and ornamental accessories. 

This bathroom style inspired by the Victorian era brings a timeless and classic look with its claw-foot bathtubs and pedestal sinks. Other staples in this design are tiles shaped like a circle, hexagon, or rectangle. You will also find the use of heavy yet soft fabrics such as the shower curtain, window curtains, and other linen.

The color palette of Victorian bathrooms is often neutral and soft colors rather than striking and bold. The walls and floors are predominantly white or pastel colors such as blue, pink, green, and light yellow with beautiful and ornamental designs. For the accent, the fixtures such as the sink and bathtub will have porcelain finishes with gold trim. 

Shabby Chic Bathroom

If you like floral patterns, lacy materials, ribbons, and other romantic elements, shabby chic bathrooms have an elegant yet comfortable ambiance. Similar to Victorian bathrooms, it has a clean look with pastel colors making the space inviting and relaxing.

The difference is that shabby chic focuses more on being cozy rather than being luxurious. Instead of porcelain finishes and gold trimmings, it utilizes brushed metal and rustic furniture. This is another design suitable for those who want to repurpose their vanity, cabinets, and other decorations. 

You can also mix and match different accessories, creating a unique space. If you check the photo above, it has an intricately-designed rug combined with modern-looking flooring. The traditional marble countertop is paired with a pastel vanity and white baskets for storage. It all pairs perfectly with the floral linen and pops of color from the round rug and plant.

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January 24, 2021
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