11 Best Pool Tools That You Will Need

Kenneth Wilson

You’ve finally settled into your new home and can’t wait to take a break and lounge in the pool. But before you do, you should know that you have to clean it before jumping in it. Owning a pool isn’t just all fun and relaxation since you will need to properly maintain and clean it before, during, and after the swimming season.

Whether it’s your first time to own a pool or you’ve owned one for years now, it’s necessary to know what equipment you should use to make taking care of a pool less troublesome. Before you go on a shopping spree in a hardware store for tools with the word ‘pool’ beside it, find out which ones you will need.

Here are some of the best tools so you can be well-equipped to clean and keep your pool in good condition.

Start-up Kit

It’s now easier to clean pools with a pool start-up kit. It contains most of the chemicals you will need to clean, maintain, and prepare your pool for a summer of swimming.

Swimming Pool Spring Start-Up Chemical Opening Kit

This kit comes with a pool shock to sanitize the water, a clarifier to make the water less cloudy, a metal control to prevent stains, an absorbent sponge to attract oils, and test strips. Water testing is important because the effectiveness of these chemicals rely on the overall water chemistry of your pool and the environment that you are in.

If you want to learn more about pool chemicals, you can find them here.


Algaecides are used to prevent your pool from growing unattractive and annoying algae. Algae usually grow in water with ammonia that turned into nitrate. This form of plant thrives in this environment because nitrate is their food.

Rx Clear Swimming Pool Algaecide 60 Plus

If you don’t use algaecides, your pool water will turn green and cloudy and the algae will clog up your filtration systems. Chlorine can usually kill algae but algaecides can tame their growth, especially when chlorine levels are low.

Surface Cleaner

Bacteria and algae thrive in pools especially when it has warm water, exposed to sunlight, and contains body oils left by swimmers. Aside from the usual chemicals, you will also need a mild surface cleaner which is specifically used for the pool surface, waterline, and ladder.

Kelly Technical Prep Magic Pool Surface Cleaner

If you’re getting a surface cleaner, it should be mild and less harsh than the other chemicals. This one is safe to use on bare fiberglass, concrete, plaster, paint, gunite, and marcite surfaces. Always check the label before using any product or else you’d be damaging your pool and its finish.

Filter Cleaner

Filter cleaners are needed to ensure that your filter operates properly. Maintaining the cleanliness of your pool water highly depends on how your filter functions. Even if you continuously clean your pool – manually or with chemicals – it’s unavoidable for debris to build up in your filter.

GLB Pool & Spa Products Fresh Pool Filter Cleaner

This can be used to remove grime from cartridge filters. You need to soak your filter in this solution overnight and then rinse it in the morning. This product is also compatible with different types of sanitizers.

Algae Brush

If you’re chlorine and algaecides weren’t enough to tame the algae, and your surface cleaner couldn’t remove it, you can use an algae brush to scrub it off the surface.

Poolmaster Aluminum-Back Swimming Pool Algae Brush with Stainless Steel Bristles

This brush has stainless steel bristles to easily remove tough algae stains. They’re perfect on gunite pools with a hard finish. If you have fiberglass surface or vinyl liners, you should get a brush that doesn’t have stainless bristles.

Telescopic Pole

To help you easily skim, vacuum, and brush your pool, you will need a telescopic pool. Also called tele poles, this tool comes in different materials and lengths. It has two to three nested poles that can be made out of fiberglass or aluminum. You can extend the pole to reach the deepest part of your pool or shorten it for storage and to gain more control.

HydroTools by Swimline Adjustable Blue Anodized Step-Up Telescopic Pool Pole

This one can fold to 6 feet or extend to 12 feet. It has a blue anodized finish and an external locking cam.

Manual Vacuum

To remove the algae in the water or at the bottom, you will need a manual vacuum to remove it. Aside from algae, you can also use this tool to remove debris and ensure that smaller pieces won’t get back in the water.

Swimline Weighted Flex Vacuum Head

You’ll need to use a telescopic pole to clean hard to reach places. This product comes with a weighted head so you don’t have to put in any extra effort to hold it down.

Pool Skimmer

A pool skimmer is the most common and handiest tool you will need. It’s a flat mesh net that can have its own handle or be attached to a telescopic pole. This tool can easily remove loose and light debris, leaves, and bugs floating on the water before it stinks to the bottom.

Evob Leaf Skimmer Net Swinging Pool Skimmer Above Ground Pool Maintenance – Fine Mesh Net

If you already have a telescopic pole, then it’s cheaper to get a pool skimmer attachment, just like this one. It’s durable and light-weight so you can effortlessly use it.

Leaf Canister

A leaf canister or leaf trap is an accessory that is placed between the pool skimmer and vacuum line. The canister contains a large basket that will prevent leaves and other debris from clogging the skimmer basket. This will also lessen the chances of getting clogged pumps and filters.

U.S. Pool Supply Professional In-line Pool Leaf Canister with Large Mesh Bag

This leaf canister has a transparent body so you can easily see if it’s time to empty the strainer bag. You can just open the lid and then remove the leaves and debris.

Leaf Bagger

If you don’t have a vacuum, you can get a leaf bagger to remove the leaves that sank to the bottom of your pool. This tool uses water pressure from your garden hose to vacuum a floor full of leaves and dirt. It uses the pressure to pull the debris into the leaf bag or you can use this tool to clean a certain spot.

Poolmaster Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

This product can pick up large leaves and small debris. The bag is a fine mesh that is reusable and can easily contain smaller particles.

Pool Cover

When you’re not going to use your pool for a long time, you will need a pool cover (especially if you don’t like to exert more effort in vacuuming or skimming your pool). It’s an effortless way to keep debris and leaves out of your pool. You also need to put in chemicals to keep your water clear and prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. Having a cover will lessen the chances of the water getting contaminated.

Robelle Super Winter Pool Cover for In-Ground Swimming Pools

This UV-resistant polyethylene cover comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It’s a solid cover so the water level won’t change during the time it’s not being used.

Kenneth Wilson
September 25, 2019

Kenneth Wilson

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